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  • C
    A number of metrics quantify how ROKU is doing:

    Number of subscribers
    Average Revenue Per Subscriber(ARPU)
    Total Revenue, and
    Net profit = E

    How these have evolved from Q2 to Q3 will totally determine what happens to the pps.

    So what can we guess shead of novembers ER migjt be happening to these numbers.

    Number of subscribers: Once somebody has ROKU I can't see them ever getting rid of it. And new ROKU sticks and TVs with built in ROKU are being sold. Do I am thinking number of subscribers can only go up; but perhaps modestly - maybe single digits %.

    ARPU has been on a significant upswing. That number includes ad revenue which could well be down by as much as 30% in Q3.
    Other initiatives like on-line Walmart sales could cushion that but I am thinking it could be net down by more than the increase in subscribers, meaning total revenue could be down.

    Net profit before tax is diffetence between total revenue and total expenses. With new top lrvel hires and flashy new real estate I don't see ecoenses being slashed - quite the opposite. Then inflation of costs must be biting too.

    So hold on to your hats during ER as the pps could halve or worse.

    The opposite scenario also deserves expounding.

    Suppose tightening household budgets have accelerated ditching cable for streaming. That could mean a low double-digit increase in subscribers, helped by international expansion which hitherto has not been broken out, like Germany, UK, Brazil...
    ARPU could also increase if the shift from spending ad dollars on cable to streaming continued at a good pace.
    So the product of those two could show a potential double digit increase in revenue.
    Assuming expenses increased slower than revenue, the difference between two such large numbers can move minus to plus very quickly, giving an unexpectedly large net profit. In that case, the pps could double!

    When a large change in pps is expected but you can't predict the direction, a strategy is to buy puts and calls straddling the current pps . If the stock doesn't move, you lose that investment but you win if it moves a lot in either direction.
    I have never tried that strategy.
  • K
    The Brandon blood bath continues
  • C
    Yesterday was bull traps ! Nothing new it alway act like that for the past 2yrs !! This stocks need drop alway back to 30-40 !
  • E
    Careful of market deadcat bounce. But I am buying new Ultra Roku on Prime Day
  • S
    55 today tomorrow 45. Next week in mid 30s.
  • J
    Down almost 90% from its all-time high and still overpriced...
  • R
    Politics is affecting the latest and current recession that we're in.

    Financial news media is denying we're in a recession because of the upcoming midterms.

    This is a recession. This is and an aggressive bumbling Federal Reserve is why Roku and so many growth stocks are getting pounded.

    Roku is at levels right now it shouldn't be and it may go lower not based necessarily on fundamentals but based on sentiment; based on the fact Roku always gets especially hammered compared to his competition because that's the role it has as the underdog ever since it launched its ipo.

    Just be careful don't say the word recession too loud there's a lot of people who are trying to win an election. Keep it hush hush!
  • R
    If you get the timing wrong, you get everything wrong.

    Ever see the movie 'The Big Short'? Get the timing of the housing market crash wrong and you get everything wrong. But he didn't - he got it right.

    From late 2020, this crash was telegraphed but the market kept rising. FOMO had a massive impact. The clueless CNBC pundits kept telling you to buy! Buy RIVN over $100!

    Bond purchases, covid money for everyone, zero percent interest rates, an incoming government hostile to capitalism, and a decade long bull market, what can go wrong??!

    This CRASH, which is going to get worse before it gets better, was obvious, yet all the so-called "experts" didn't stop telling you to buy and hold.

    Roku has crashed to levels that are absurd, but that's what happens in this climate. Roku will do very well whenever the market recovers. Spring 2023? Who knows. If you have money and you don't mind it sitting for several months, it's a buy right now. If or when it goes lower average down because there's no way Roku stays at these levels in a healthy market.

    In a healthy market..... In a healthy market Roku will soar again, but when will the market be healthy again? That's really the focus. At this level, the story isn't Roku it's the market. Much easier to see a path forward but when will the path be clear? You have the right stock, but the timing has to be right.

  • P
    U TURN by me...😄
    After new developments: TODAY I bought a Roku express 4k+. Installation was a breeze, contents are majestic. My forecast is:
    $70_80 near future
    $ 80_100 if there is an upgrade by a financial institution, mid October.
    Collier will do its magic after late October around $120...
  • d
    donald k
    Bottom is not in . This will see 2018 4th qtr low prices , around $30. Ths Tim no way means it cannot go lower than thst. If you wish to purchase any shares now , don’t cry when you lose 50% of that “investment “
  • B
    Blue Fox
    Where’s Jackie??
  • M
    Any ideas how low this goes?
  • n
    Thanks powell. You really are amazing
  • d
    donald k
    John Kelly where you at ?
  • C
    Looking at the 1 year chart on a linear scale you might think it is assymtoting to a bottom. Unfortunately that assymtote is zero! You have to look at the chart on a logarithmic scale to get a clue whether the stock price is showing any sign of assymtoting to a non-zero bottom of 50, 5 or 0.5. Unfortunately on a log scale it's not showing any sign of planing out yet.
  • J
    Just checking in. Bought in April at 126; sold at 98 in June. Too bad I didn't dump all stocks at a loss in June.
  • D
    First lawsuit for taxpayer justice against brandon's student loan vote buying scheme is filed, if they win, that will help solve stagflation by having less money on irresponsible people's hands, also encourage people to work thus raising productivity.
  • B
    ROKU was overpriced for a while, but it's fair value now, very much bottom.
  • j
    purchased another 8930 shares $56, cost avg now 58.5, holding 34,188 shares. wont add any more though. this is the highest i've ever gone only because the company has no debt and strong cash flow, $120 buyout likely any time now
  • B
    ROKU holding up well. Any thoughts that if economy has further to fall and a long recession, investors may look to ROKU for safety a source of cheap entertainment as they did during the pandemic as they try to cut costs, and this could benefit ROKU?