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Ruth's Hospitality Group, Inc. (RUTH)

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    went there last night with my wife . food was excellent and the place was pretty busy
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  • N
    Congrats to the team on a strong quarter!
  • R
    hard to fathom the beating the restaurant sector has been taking. I understand inflation being a major contributor, but Ruth is an upscale dining chain and I would expect that its clientele would be fairly insulated from the effects.
  • P
    With a current p/e ratio of around 9, and a future growth estimate of 14, this is an undervalued stock. Peter Lynch looks for stocks just like this, where the p/e is less than the growth rate. With close to 50% of existing restaurants going out of business, I'm sure they will just open up more steak houses. I went to this restaurant one time 5 years ago, and I can still remember my first bite into their steak, it was the best steak I ever had by far. ( a beautifully marbled ribeye steak) I'm getting hungry just typing this. The only concern I have here is the debt level is a bit high.
  • J
    I don't think we can qualify this as a dumpster fire nor a nuclear disaster, just a result of something called Covid-19, it doesn't necessarily turn a good or great company into a bad company, it can hurt companies and industries, possible even bankrupt ones that were already on thin ice, but I believe the good ones will weather the storm, I choose to believe solid restaurants will be around, people like to go out to eat. You probably have to go back almost 10 years to get RUTH at these prices. I believe this stock will recover and I am ALL IN Long, I suggest to all to BUY on a dip and HOLD (do your own research)
  • g
    Take a look at the map of locations. Florida has quite a few, Corona. New York, Corona. Vegas, Corona. When the dust settles and Ruth gets back to business, The climb to normal levels will occur. At this point it's time to accumulate little by little. Still think after next earning this will drop again and the buy some more.
  • n
    Ruth is my favorite restaurant, hope they expand more and take advantage of the restaurant that are closing, great management and a strong company going forward
  • L
    Live forever
    No new news for those that have been following except noting the sector os heating up. Hold on for a nice payoff...
    Steakhouse operator Ruths Hospitality Group (NASDAQ: RUTH) shares are starting to turn the corner on the monthly charts as restart narratives take shape.
    Steakhouse operator Ruths Hospitality Group (NASDAQ: RUTH) shares are starting to turn the corner on the monthly charts as restart narratives take shape.
  • L
    Live forever
    929 job postings for Ruth's Chris in the past 30 days on LinkedIn. Think that is an indicator????
  • K
    Upscale steak house $RUTH reported Q2 earnings with per store sales $19k April, $30k June, $60k July for sit in dining. $PLAY will see a similar if not even better Q2 recovery in sales I think!
  • B
    B B
    Play (dave busters) United air, and carnival cruises only 3 stocks i see still above -70%...anyone else following something can share?
  • j
    I’ve been in the business for along time. Ruth Chris is the class in fine dining and is worth every dollar you invest . This is a steal here all the way to 12-15.then it will consolidate for a bit before moving higher.
    Very steady and a great stimulus play.
  • T
    The CEO compensation was $6.1 million ? Great gig.

    had $42.2 million in profits last year, spent $5.2M buying its own stock, and pays its CEO $6.1M

    It has $86M in cash reserves

    It just received $20M in taxpayer money from a fund meant to keep "small businesses" afloat

    But it gets worse
  • j
    Ruth is one of my recovery stocks for 2021
    Just holding on for a year & see what happens.
    Stay Healthy everyone & b safe. 😁🤑
  • J
    For those that care (and whoever does not, no worries just block me)
    I am long and strong 💪🏼 as everyone (on the message board) knows. That said I sold some also to buy other stocks, cruises 🚢, airlines, a big chain restaurant (RUTH) and e-tailer (OSTK), a home cooking delivery 📦 company (APRN), a depressed retailer (Nordstrom) I continue(d) to buy on dips, but I did choose to sell some ERI, why the heck not, it was almost a 4x for me and was my largest holding, I still own a larger position in ERI and actually bought another casino today (MGM), a rather large play. Although today doesn’t look very pretty, it’s nothing I am worried about and I love my position. I mean honestly ask yourself where you think 🤔 these stocks will be 3-12 months from now. I see nothing but a rosy outlook.
    BTW, Miami opened their beaches today, how long you think before people fly in from New York on JetBlue ✈️ and soon after (August 1) fly to Miami to hop on a RCL, CCL, or NCLH cruise 🚢 line?
    Don’t panic sell
    Turn your computer off and go outside and enjoy the best in class / best country in the World 🌍 USA 🇺🇸!
    We will be back!
    Invest now
    Don’t sleep 😴 on this one ☝️
    Don't bet against the USA!
    We will be back better than before, no matter who is President, Trump MAGA or Biden having his shot at it, either way, AMERICA WILL BE BACK AND THE STOCK MARKET WILL WIN.
  • t
    With a current $827 million market cap the stock in effect is hovering near its all time high enterprise value. There were some 29.3 million shares outstanding pre covid and they issued some 5.6 million additional shares in a secondary offering in 2020 to stay solvent. A $827 million market cap with 29.3 million shares outstanding = $28.22 a share.