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Resverlogix Corp. (RVX.TO)

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At close: 3:59PM EDT
  • Share Price Trading
    Like it is pegged to a deal coming soon
    Roll loan and issue 25-40 Million shares ?
  • wow, a nice 9% drop based on what? I guess someone knows something somewhere.
  • Thomas, just spent some time on Agora. Pretty informative and interesting 'blue sky' views. Those guys take turns writing long soliloquies to eat other. Pretty good forum all round with rules that expect adult behavior, at least compared to some of these yahoo forums.
  • World Has Ended
    On Agora
    We need to raise a Billion in 20 minutes or its lights out
    Same moronic comments
  • Eternal Angst
    On Agora, boring beyond
    Anomalous trading reeks of jockeying among all the players involved
    Guess... Zenth buying us for paper ?
    MPC data that good so J&J or PFE wants the whole ball ?
  • Deal Coming ?
    Warrants are thru the roof
    Volume good in common and up also
    Interesting to see if the warrant price holds
  • Meanwhile over on Agora the sky is falling as usual
    Same poster has half the posts and last post on every subject and eternal hand wringing on misguided opinions
    Another sign of time to buy when the panic is gospel and securities mispriced due to financing faux pas
  • Units came at 1.80
    Now at 2.02
    Were they given to only those who will guarantee the new loan ? The one DM showed at Bio and qiuckly " corrected" ?
    Could be
  • Unit Holders have a profit
    Warrant holders have a profit
    The other 90% fully dilutrd shareholder have lost 40% of market price
    Mispriced and trading as thought there was a warrant for every outstanding share
    Absurd and temporary pricing
  • Price Drop isnt Shorts
    Its reallocation of Enterprise value
    The additional 50 Million debt equals the decrease in equity component ot total " takeover" price of equity and assumption of debt that a buyer woild pay
    The Bio prrsentation wasnt any typo; just disclsure of new debt deal in the works.
    Much less dilution of shareholders this way but at a price short term
    Good move KD and Hepa showing how jealous of their equity they are to back more dabt
  • Jeez, what gives? Ppl just losing faith I guess. Wimps.
  • Turns out it wasn't shareholders bailing out on the financing news, which was really a non event in any case. Instead it was a massive short attack, the updated short number current to Jun 15th just came out and the number of shares borrowed from shareholders and dumped back into the market hit 841,500 up from 229,700 for an increase of 611,800 shares. Obviously that kind of dumping by short players is going to have an impact on a stock like RVX which trades so thinly.....Now that the update is out the question is will bulls step up to defend against the attack that took place? If they do I don't expect the players behind the shorting to go quietly though.
  • thomas, do you know if they had the buyer lined up for that $10m ? Definitely favoring the new money at the detriment to longterm supporters. Hope to see some developments before they burn through the cash.
  • Primary Takeaway
    The 2 largest shareholders added to their positions
    This is master buy signal
    All the rest is noise
    SP is artificially depressed by stripping of units represnting a small fraction of fully diluted shares outstanding
  • TORONTO, June 20, 2017 /CNW/ - The following issues have been halted by IIROC:

    Company: Resverlogix Corp.

    TSX Symbol: RVX.WT

    Reason: Pending Closing

    Halt Time (ET): 7:58 AM ET

    IIROC can make a decision to impose a temporary suspension (halt) of trading in a security of a publicly-listed company. Trading halts are implemented to ensure a fair and orderly market. IIROC is the national self-regulatory organization which oversees all investment dealers and trading activity on debt and equity marketplaces in Canada.
  • OK, so $10m new shares bought by insiders. So they got their $ and those closest to the facts put new dollars in.
  • New blog post on the short attack: http://www.avoidthebag.com/2017/06/short-attack-on-resverlogix-rvxto-rvxcf.html

    Short attack on Resverlogix (RVX.TO - RVXCF) But did they overplay their hand?
    stocks investments wall street manipulation contrarian avoidthebag
  • 1400 ?
    700 at 12% = 84
    700 at 8% average (6% Crestor and 10% Lipitor plus 208) = 56
    Gives us 130 more or less ? No?
  • Thomas, sorry but my knowledge on the trials isn't great. your math looks good though. I'll have to do some more reading
  • Sorry
    Its too late for me to add
    = 140 not 130