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    Anyone here? What are you thinking about iStar merge?
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    Does anybody have more info on this company/stock? Experience, opinions, etc?
    I'm in real estate, and this model makes a lot of sense to me. this is a brilliant niche to focus solely on. I've seen how land leases work is commercial real estate. Depending on the details of the deal they can be very risk free and make decent money.
    I'm just trying to dig deeper on their future outlook, how they secure them, why the dividend isn't higher, or if/when it might be? This model should produce a very low growth, but very steady, and spit out huge div's.
    My questions:
    - How most of their deals are structured.
    - IF they can continue making sustainable deals yearly for decades.
    - How the debt structure works, lenders who have existing mortgage(s) on these properties.
    - If there is a default on the Building, who gets the property, the main original lender, or SAFE, or both? and vise versa
    - what ratio of deals they do, with either starting with raw land, or existing buildings?
    - How willing are the REITs/landords/owners to forgo the land?
    - The way I read their main selling point on their website, is basically the rate of return on the lease of a BUILDING is much higher than what the rate of return on the lease of LAND is. So, they approach landlords and say hey we'll do a buy-lease-back on your land which enables you to free up more capital to chase more details and ideally put your money into the BUILDINGS which generate a higher rate of return for you capital.
    - Who retains the land when the lease expires?
    - What is the length of lease for most deals?
    Again, I think this is a potential goldmine, for longer term, low risk, high div. BUT in my experience it's all in the details of what happens longer term with the details of the deal, and what happens when a default happens. If it's clear as day they get the building, and land in a default, I'll put my life savings into this thing lol.
    ANY opinions or advise is greatly appreciated. I'd love to share more of my CRE experience as well if anyone wants to chat further on it.
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    La Crémerie
    $LFST.V conversation
    Good evening fellow #Lifeist Brothers and Sisters, this October is a very exciting for us as investors, we have the nutraceutical division that is about to be launch very soon, increase #Roilty SKU, possible legalization in the US with the #SAFE Act and #MORE Act. Being an investor for quite sometime now, I have never been in a company that has so may exciting catalyst on the horizon. Also just want to touch on some possibilities of future growth. These are suggestion I previously touched on in prior posts, which I believe are complimentary to the existing business model and would drive future growth for the company.

    1) Mental Health Division that provides psychiatrist, psychologists, counsellors, and license therapists via a Digital Telehealth platform. Whereby, professional would provide the time they have available (full-time and Part-Time positions), the client would select any of these professional based on their credentials, availability and the client’s preference, they would then connect online through a video conference system. The client can then decide if they want to continue treatment with that specific person, or find someone else that best suited to their needs. These services can be billed by #Lifeist through most insurance plans. If executed properly, this division can become the main pillar of the company and can drive billions of dollars in revenue globally for the company.

    2) #Lifeist_ would need to present the case to provincial control boards, that their system is more cost efficient and effective to run than their own systems. These provincial boards will continue to make their current/existing revenues, but whatever cost (Labour, IT, etc.) these board pay to run their system, Lifeist will be making, we can even run their system under the provincial banner. The benefit to Lifeist is now we could have a monopoly on the recreational market, where we can now advertise the benefits of our medical program (CannMart MD) to customer. The benefits to suppliers/vendors, is that they would get their products to both the recreational and medical market. Let’s say for example a product cost $100, and the provincial board charge 7-10% commission to list it on their site, it would cost the boards around 2-3% just in labour, IT, Etc. This is the revenue Lifeist will be making, on an individual transaction this is pretty minuscule ($2-$3), but let’s say we are able to get additional 3 to 4 province, and are able to process around 3 billion in sales, that would be 60-90 million in revenues, after expense we are making a profit of 40-60 million. The main gold of this is not to make an exorbitant amount of money, but to grab market shares.

    3) Expansion of Vendor Link platform – Vendor link should have a marketplace where it connects, growers, producers, manufactures, packaging, etc., with each other. So that they can source supplies such as Climate control systems, Irrigation, Watering and Fertigation systems, Lighting and heating systems, Pest and Disease Prevention, Hand tools, Timers and Thermostats, Structures and Covering, Parts and services, Labeling, Packaging, Marketing, ETC. #Lifeist_ will have to contact the manufactures of these products and have them list their products on the Vendor link platform and arrange some kind of drop shipping. This will all be IT based and #Lifeist_ will just be the middle man that facilitates the transaction. Currently as it stands Lifeist will not make a huge amount of money, because of the limited suppliers/vendors we have, if we are able to execute the above plan, we should see an increase in suppliers/vendors, and would then make this expansion more viable.

    Anywho, hope this can provide some clarity and hope for the coming weeks, we just need to keep reminding ourselves that we are dealing with a small cap company with limited resources and Rome wasn’t built in a day. #VivaLaLifeist_

    Disclaimer: Not Professional Advice, Not affiliated with Lifeist, As with any investments there is a possibility for profit or loss, Post contains forward looking statement/expansion, that has not been approved by management. Readers invest at your own perils!!!

    #Lifeist #LifeistWellness #CannMart #RoiltyConcentrates #Cannabis #Vapes #Concentrates #Editable #Psychedelics #MentalHealth #Mushrooms #MDMA #Disruptive #Innovative
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    Calling all MSO Investors - join MSOgang on Twitter to get close to these folks:

    Just got the word—Good announcement on the SAFE Amendment coming SOON.. @tomangell and @MarijuanaMoment will be putting our a full report. Onward —inch by inch (gained a few yards today imho). Will discuss in detail tonight on the Spaces with @todd_harrison & @JSchultz44 #SAFE
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    Hmmm I'd like for the price to drop a bit on $SAFE so I can snag up some shares cheapy.

    $STAR set to report next week
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    iStar owns $2.4B worth of SAFE, yet has a market cap of $1.1B. Buy iStar instead of SAFE for twice the number of SAFE Shares.
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    $STAR conversation
    good time to invest in iStar $STAR. Their investment and management holding in Safehold $SAFE is worth more than their current market cap. Also I am following their progress in Asbury Park, NJ. The Asbury Ocean Club is beautiful and well received. They are the master developer of the town and have already had multiple successful developments and more projects planned. Improving their balance sheet. Their P/E will even out soon.
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    Down 99% top tick to bottom tick, i’m bullish, #safe banking. Hadley and Beth will come back pay off GGP and it will go up to all time high guys.
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    As of right now, if you bought $75 of iStar, you would get 1.95 shares of SAFE. 2 for 1 deal!
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    I’m feeling great about INO. In the US, we are known for our robust military program. In regards to health implications, we are positioned to supply the top vaccine in the world once health authorities in each country give the green light.

    Dr. Kim once used the analogy about how Inovio’s DNA vaccine generates T-cells in your body. Dr. Kim noted “you can think of T-cells as the military units in your body combating the bad cells.”

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    $INO conversation
    AZN and PFE most probably will fail because advese reactions.
    #Safe VAccine
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    Goldman price target of $101 was released Jan 27
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    Please, can somebody explain the disconnect between Star and Safe??
    Star owns 62% or 32 Million Shares of Safe with a market Value as of today of $!.4 Billion. Star has a market cap of $ 634 Mill.
    Roughly, for every 2.5 shares of Star you will own 1 share of Safe.
    Star is trading around $8,30 x 2.5 =$20,75 -- while Safe is trading $47+ a share.
    You do the math— if you want to own Safe, buy Star at more than a 50% discount.
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    $safe with the price target upgrade to 70. Great great performance in a difficult environment. If it helps building owners to reduce cost, why not sign up with a ground lease? This environment (COVID in cities) and the demographic shift resulting from COVID which is population leaving the cities, will bring more pressure onto building owners. Big tech in NYC has been buying up swaths of property in Manhattan, but many could benefit from a ground lease to free up capital. Next will look to $star earnings the week after next.
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    SEC should investigate every shareholder that sold today. Market has a historic day, but this trades down 5%. Then after hours, Goldman and BoA announce an offering. Someone knew and was selling all day.

    Last time this happened, SAFE priced this offering aggressively and continued to trade up after after.
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    Do these groundleasese have inflation clauses in the agreements?
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    Both Safehold $SAFE and iStar $STAR have raised their dividends this year.

    Would you want to buy companies who are shareholder friendly and raise their dividends during a recession?

    YES! I would!

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    $VLNS.TO conversation
    On level 2 as of right now the bid is only $2.66 while every other major mj stock is well above yesterday close. If any one sells below $ 2.86 today you should just get out of the markets all together because investing is not for you . They are going to try to steal your money today. Don’t sell just buy what you can. Closer closer closer to huge returns ( #safe Banking act passes )
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    $STAR conversation
    Screen grab from B.Riley Report on $STAR $SAFE
    $STAR More info on the analyst report from this morning.
    $STAR More info on the analyst report from this morning.