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    In a better world, SAVA wouldn't close due to a buyout: This is my understanding of what is "supposed" to happen. Remi said that he doesn't know how to market or sell a drug, so he intends to hand simufilam and over to big biopharma. He brought on Richard Barry to the BOD for this purpose. IMO, I disagree with Remi, as I view simufliam as a drug that will sell itself and the sales/marketing operations could be achieved thru out-sourcing (or at most, a partnership).

    Why do I want SAVA to stay away from big biopharma? Well, SAVA has done what big biopharma couldn't. SAVA has solved a problem that money couldn't solve. SAVA stood up the doubters and haters and persevered. This isn't a prediction, this is reality. SAVA is Tom Brady, drafted in the 6th round, pick 199. Not the biggest, not the strongest, not respected (out of college), but ultimately, the GOAT.

    Big Biopharma is Jamarcus Russel. Drafted in the 1st round, pick 1. The biggest, the strongest, the most respected (coming out of college). Yet, his performance is the worst of all. Spent 2+ decades pursuing Amyloid Drugs to treat AD. After a 99.9% failure rate (99 INTs) and 1 FDA approved drug (1 TD), Biopharma is ecstatic!

    We, the owners of SAVA, are like the team's coach. We have Tom Brady. Yet, some of the assistant coaches are talking about getting Jamarcus Russel (big biopharma) in our lives - I am screaming "NO, don't do it"! Do you really want big biopharma to get credit for simufilam, to say they cured AD after pumping the amyloid hypothesis for years. I want SAVA to stay the course, innovative thinking which gets results!

    Up - Tom Brady
    Down - Jamarcus Russel
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    With option pinning now in the rear view mirror until next month, I expect SAVA to close above $100 before July.
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    SavaDx is being used in phase 2 OL and CMS trial according CT.gov. SAVADX IN DA HOUSE!! Start revising those price targets upwards 😳
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    @Alex Great catch/post about CT.Gov and SavaDx! Quick Tip (for those that may not know this): You can use the ClinicalTrials.gov website to compare latest version of a clinical trial’s text against any previously submitted version of the same trial. This can be very helpful when trying to determine "what descriptive changes have been made" between (say) Simufilam's Version 4 (submitted on 1/20/21) and Version 5 (submitted on 6/12/21) for Open Label Trial.

    You can do this by performing the following steps:

    1. Navigate to the Clinical Trial webpage for the Simufilam Open Label trial
    2. Select the “Tubular View” tab located above the “Study Description”
    3. Scroll down approx. 8 rows in the table to “Change History”
    4. Click on Link to “Complete list of historical versions of study…”
    5. Select the “A” radio button for Version 4 (1/20/21)
    6. Select the “B” radio button for Version 5 (6/12/21)
    7. Select the “Compare” Button (with Comparison Format set to “Merged”

    The combined table report will delineate study edits or deletions (displayed in red) and additions (displayed in green) and will clearly outline all the changes at-a-glance.

    FYI: There are numerous/substantial additions incorporated to the Version 5 (6/12/21) submission that you may find very interesting.
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    I have the feeling that Remi is not done yet with suprises. He was just overly confident in the first interview and now the news of savadx successful validation has started filtering out.......oh my! Guys this makes me too giddy to even comprehend what is ahead of us right now. Pkease say silent prayer guys !
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    PPS going up next week. Big time
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    Well, there went my Cup & Handle theory...unless this is just a really BIG handle! 😂 Otherwise, it's just your average SAVA roller coaster day! Regardless, I think we'll see a nice rise after lunch is over for the East Coasties.
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    Dow drops 532 points or 1.6% and itty-bitty SAVA was up $1.05.

    This was a fine day, Indeed!
    Big week coming up, I like beans in my chili, please.
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    The goal of SavaDx is to make the detection of Alzheimer’s disease as simple as getting a blood test, possibly years before the appearance of any overt clinical symptoms.

    We are developing SavaDx as a simple, accurate and quantitative blood-based diagnostic to detect and monitor Alzheimer's disease. If successful, we believe SavaDx has potential to make obsolete many of the current approaches for diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease.
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    If they pitch the stock to Raymond James there is only one place for RJ to get shares and that's from us retail holders. The question is at what price do you sell them yours? 2/3rds of the shares are in retail hands the way it looks. I have a price point in my mind for mine and it ain't under $150.00.
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    the classic W chart forming here...

    for WINNERS 🏆
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    AUSTIN, Texas, June 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cassava Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:SAVA), a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on Alzheimer's disease, today announced that it has been invited to present at the Raymond James 2021 Human Health Innovation Conference, a virtual event taking place on June 21-23, 2021.

    Remi Barbier, President & CEO, and Eric Schoen, Chief Financial Officer, will present a corporate overview on Tuesday, June 22nd at 3:20pm Eastern time. Management will also host meetings with institutional investors during this conference. A webcast of management's presentation will be available for replay through September 20, 2021, on the Company's website, www.CassavaSciences.com, under the ‘Investors' tab.
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    Just feel like saying this....I FREAKING LOVE SAVA!
    It may change so many lives for the better and I want to know that I am a tiny part of that.
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    I like slow growth. Like 5% a week.
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    Back in the late 70's, working my way through Pharmacology school, as a hospital orderly, I helped to care for so many people who suffered from this terrible disease. I liked to think back then that I was able to make a difference, once in a while, a little bit. Ultimately, I walked away from the pharma business and joined the Air Force to see the world and have adventures. Fortunately, I am still alive, and in pretty good health for my age but that doesn't mean that I don't still care for all of those patients and their families. Unfortunately, I still remember... It was a nightmare. Because of the experiences I had and the perspective that I gained from it all, I am profoundly glad to be here today, invested in Cassava Sciences... It's a dream come true. GLTA!
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    Consider 2 scenarios for the 9 month results. A) the results are similar to the 6 month data or stabilization at least up to 9 months. (I doubt this is the case). B) the results are significantly better. To a patient B is of course infinitely better to their quality of life. But how different are the 2 scenarios in terms of market cap? Even with the A result isn’t Sava still the best option for patients and they capture the market. If B is the result then they still capture the market. Perhaps B allows them to charge more money and B buys them more security against future competition, which would have value to a buyer. But how much more, if any, is the market cap for B over A and why?
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    humble opinion here, but looks like we maybe forming a new trend line here. if u look at 2 day-1minute time frame, draw a dot at yesterdays $76, then another dot at todays $79. connect the 2 points, and our current price action seems to be following this roughly. Seems like we're still trying to break through $80 resistance, and from there $86ish. Support seems to be comfortable between $74-$76. lets go SAVA! GLTA
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    I know that no one really knows the answer to to this but I’ll ask. What are the guesstimates on what all this could be worth, the test and the drug, in dollars if they are bought out? I don’t know how to value something that, if works, saves a lot of people from heart ache. Not even the patie RS, but the families of them as the patient doesn’t remember. It’s priceless to me if someone in my family needs it. Thanks
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    Not what I was anticipating would happen this morning but I'll happily take it. Big jump forthcoming I reckon.
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    With AD being hot currently mostly because of Sava 6 month and upcoming 9 month data read out, and Biib’s controversial conditional approval, I see a lot of discussion around other bio plays being good buys. Not for me as none of these other plays have the consistent quality of data that Sava possess. When you are risking significant money, you need to find best in breed and that is Sava for AD. There’s a reason why Sava garners highest valuation of the AD plays and Sava is still way undervalued for the amount of de-risking data Sava has collected to date. The next 1-2 months will be very intersting as the market realizes how de-risked sava currently is.