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  • I know that environmental testing on any coating or laminates can take months. Salt spray, UV and all sorts of nifty test that they have done to accelerate the effects of the elements, after that, you have to move into the actual testing on a copy of the product you want to be introduced on. When I heard the last CC, I was stunned at the lack of progress this team has made. I believe Mask and a few others are correct in their assessment of the current progress of the company. I bought in because, like I said I watched this company back in the late 90s when I was a stock broker. I also sold it at my profit back a bit, and now I"m just watching it. Watching for some glimmer to see if there is something with the new patent, the new vacuum technology. It is interesting. But either way, I believe Mask is right again, that they are going to have additional capital coming up around the new year to keep going, and this time, I don't know if they'll get it.
  • Well one thing I am wondering about is that granted we are still waiting upon report from our prime SFCL customer who according to the a recent CC would tie up all our capacity and provide enough rev (and profit) to take our stock to double digits.

    However, there are still the other 4 or so potential customers who are presumably doing some testing. I think at least one of them should be able to provide some feedback by now, but given that we have not heard anything since the last CC then any sign of activity at this point would be a "material event" for many of us. So it would be nice to hear something before the next CC.
  • News coming, IMO
  • Feb 1, 2011 PR, "... has successfully produced second generation (2G) HTS wire samples that meet requirements specified by customers for HTS AC power cable, superconducting fault current limiter (SFCL) and HTS wind turbine applications. Delivery of the samples for customer testing is expected to begin shortly."

    Over SIX YEARS later, "customer testing is expected to begin shortly".

    "Selling, general and administrative" is over half of the s(CON)'s "Total costs and expenses", as the s(CON) has to keep on paying device manufactures to test it's useless HTS wire, which has a 100% failure rate.

    The s(CON) knows its wire is useless, but to keep stringing the retail marks along, test shipments or promises are needed.
  • Take a look at AMSC. SP plunged last Friday on now news. Why? Could it be the Rooskies are manipulating SP down in reaction to further sanctions just approved?
  • Lots of SP manipulation going on. Is it the market maker or shorters? Both? Could be a rouse to squeeze shares out of nervous longs.
  • Can we just get JQ to come out of his cave and just say anything, anything?!
  • Trading volatility band restraint now employed. No manipulation funny business today.
  • Heavy price manipulation. MM and/or shorter. And all the while STI's management says NOTHING.
  • Looks like MM is washing trades to drive share price down. Then buys on the cheap when holders get nervous or when stops deploy. I highly doubt STI's legit trading volume is anywhere near these levels over the last couple of days. IMO, if you want a deal, put in an order at 1.35 or 1.40.
  • you're🌱not🌱going🌱to🌱make🌱it. http://dataunion.tistory.com/3174

    Superconductor Technologies NASDAQ : SCON Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is -0.7 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stoc
  • The only trading in the s(CON) are the washed and matched trades of the boilerroom scam operations. They are hoping they can spin the lack of news on the delamination testing as good news in the attempt to raise the price of their unregistered warrants enough to convert and unload on the retail investors marks.

    The lack of news on the delamination testing is bad news, as the SEC requires material events to be reported.

    Either the device manufacturers haven't bothered to waste time testing the s(CON)'s wire due to its previous failures, or if it got enough upfront fees to test and subsequently fail the s(CON) spaghetti wire, the s(CON) will be analyzing why it failed and report to the stockholders another failure during the Aug EC, as it has been doing for 30 years.

    The s(CON) will need another capital raise (dilution) around the EoY/BoY, so it will need at least to pass delamination testing to have a chance to raise cash to try produce qualification wire.

    If it passes delamination testing, the dilution will still drive the SP below a $1, but a delamination failure will finally put a stake thru the heart of this over $300m vampire of stock holders money.

    Stockholders will either lose most of or all of their investment, which is why there are no major institutional investors and only boilerroom operations pumping the s(CON)
  • Mask..... "Carl" is "johnnyspears" on stocktwits.com spewing his endless lies. Keep up the good fight with HIV+ r2d2 and his rear ender Carl.
  • Warren Buffett and others are now investing tens of billions on electricity and infrastructure security. STI technology is finally coming of age.
  • So why the tight trading range today? The POS manipulator got caught by FINRA/SEC. Collar imposed! AAAAAAAHaHaHaHaHaHaHaHawwwww!!!!!
  • Whoa! Mask posts another rant! Follow the money - Warren Buffett is investing in electricity.
  • Another observation about why I believe Mask is withdrawing being so totally disheartened that evidence, lacking in the past, has now come forth that reveals so many of his lies. That observation is this:

    In the past Mask would post practically 24/7 and anywhere from 4/5 such posts would be made....many of which required hours of research on old posts of mine or others. Recently (since the March CC) he has significantly cut back, almost eliminating any posts on weekends, copying many of his old posts and reposting them several times over several days. Almost nothing new emerges on his side, except occasionally (and inadvertently) he provides links with evidence that help disprove his lying statements. Yep, Mask has certainly lost his heart in his war against STI, and perhaps he has lost his job as even his employer recognizes the futility after STI's recent progress. Time will tell! (But Mask certainly won't!) LOL! LOL! LOL!
  • Someone call the company, see if they even show up.
  • It is very clear that Mask is worn out! It used to be that we could expect 1/2 dozen or more diatribes replete with lies about STI, now we only see one pathetic lame post, which often times is a simple copy/paste of an older post. Did mask get fired from his STI bashing and slamming job or has STI's recent successes simple overwhelmed masks mental ability to recover?