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  • D
    Obviously a wide range of “opinions” on this board, I’m not usually one to comment but I’m getting so sick of guys like Frankie on here ( thank God for the MUTE button) the ones that try to stoke fear, uncertainty and doubt.

    I work in healthcare as a provider and in case anyone isn’t aware Diabetes is by far the single largest disease in terms of number of people with it and I would argue that it’s the costliest disease due to the fact of it leading to many other conditions. As a result there is a HUGE market for diabetes care and SENS is clearly superior to its competitors. For the love of God stay patient, we are coming off of the heels of a pandemic which literally cause all elective procedures to be cancelled/ rescheduled. As things return to “normal” I anticipate a much higher presence of device reps in doctors offices- this is where the rubber meets the road for things like this- and hopefully encouraging news from the FDA as well this summer. I’m BULLISH AF about this stock and going to HODL
  • J
    J. K.
    So I learned something new and it is just more GOOD NEWS about the 180 day device. The new sensor is also upgrades with newer algorithms to increase accuracy AND REDUCE CALIBRATIONS TO ONCE PER DAY!!! The current 90 day (and 180 in Europe) still require the 2 day calibration.

  • T
    ❤THIS stock is to be #1 leader in Diabetes industries very soon in terms of the strongest marketing advantages of 👉#1 accuracy in Diabetes management quality controls and its cost competitiveness!!! FDA 180-DAYS approval device is just around corner and there will be good news updates available via Share holders meeting this week. As for me, Long term holder with very small volumes shares by 23,355 till minimum $100.00 or more ❤ and I am also planning to keep on adding the shares onwards!!
    Good Lucks to you all!!
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    Wherever i check on chat forums I see similar reasons for selling out. "I just couldn't take it any longer" This is very emotional charged statements.

    Yes, if stock is causing you or mental anguish then you should be out of the market. It means you're not mentally suitable to be in the stock market. Investing shouldn't be Never be emotional decisions. This also means you didn't do your homework or through research on disruptive company.

    If you understand what the Company is where it is heading over the next 3 to 5 years, then there is nothing to get nervous.

    If you need the money to pay your rent or pay mortgages or child support next 1 to 2 years, then i would understand.

    Invest for long term. Unless you want to be momentum traders like Frankie, Seven or A1.
  • B
    SENS will be double digits at the end of the year. Hopefully in the next 3 to 5 years we will see triple digits. All SENS has to do after they complete FDA approval in the US for the 180 day sensor is market it. I?m confident in its ability to change lives and make things better in the day to day for diabetic individuals. Compared to its competitors Dexcom, Abbott, and Medtronic, it is completely undervalued.The only reason the stock price has been going down recently is because of short selling. The proof is there. The short interest has been climbing and there is so many people here trying to bash the stock. If you short a stock that?s trying to better the health and lives of individuals around the world you are a real #$%$
  • G
    Wow SENS has so many haters now, not sure why though and i really dont get the “i told you so and follow my advice” BS why would anyone advice anyone if there is nothing to gain??
  • T
    $SENS :
    👉This stock can just ride up to 👉$6-7 with any news. People who have already done their research already knows what they are investing In. Which I called “Gem or Gold mine! ”. And everybody is just worried about what if they don’t get approved by the FDA. if you really have done your research than you shouldn’t even be worried because a lot of their device prior to 180 days sensor device has already been approved. also their 180 day device is already in use in Europe. Now if you use your 2 sense. If their 180 day device is already used in Europe and prior device has been already been approved. Then what makes you think that their 180 device will not be approved by the FDA. Senseonic fully understand what FDA will be looking forward for their device to get that approval per 99.99% it will get approved. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this stock at least 👉$50-70 by the end of 2021.
    👉"Super Strong Buy and Hold tightly and Do not give any single share to any Shorters per FREE of Charge and sell it WHEN YOU are much satisfied!!!" Sincerely,
  • N
    Nio Man
    Buying 100 shares every dip last 2 weeks, holding 11500 shares long and strong
  • a
    Shorts are betting announcement on 180 device is a long ways off! (3-6 months) If it happens sooner that 20 % short interest should rocket the shares many times higher! I know expectations are that the decision will not be made till summer or fall! If it happens sooner it could be like GME the mother of all short coverings!
  • k
    kenyatta s
    the water is warm and time to pick up another load from my reserve...who doesn't love bargain shopping...this was $5 not to long ago...
  • c
    Just bought 338 shares to meet my goal of an even 1000. Hurray for the little guy's future nest egg! In other words, pre-heat oven with SENS stock and Bake for 5 years then serve to my wallet!
  • M
    Holding over 6000 shares and buying another 4000 shares tomorrow. I don't care about this up and down, because guess what, that's what the stock market does. Long term I'll have 50x as much. Who's joining me in Barbados in 5 years. 💪🍻
  • a
    Who will join me with Strong Hands?
  • A
    Never know.. I bought zom last year for 0,17 and nerver expected to go down to 0,06$ ( more than 70% lose).. I knew it will go up as soon as they lunch truforma but I was afraid to average down. And as you all know Zom went from 0,06 to 3$ in 3-4 months. I sold my stocks at 1.14$ ( 1.14 $ for zom like 10$ for sens) .. I regreated that didn't average down and regreated that I sold all my shares with about 600%.. I could sell them with 1800% if I waited one more month.

    I believe that sens will definitely over perform zom.. there is no doubt for me that we will see 10$ and more this year
  • T
    $SENS : ❤Eversense vs $DXCM G6 :

    $SENS Eversense ❤twice a year per FDA 180-day approval device to come is much better than having a needle insert to your tummy DIY 36x(36 times) a year. Even FDA 90-day approval device could also confidently compete with current Competitors and it requires much more PR and advertisements in USA aggressively by Ascensia from now on.

    ❤The transmitter is cheaper and is all you need when you travel. The sticker is also change out everyday instead of 10 days so it will stay on. G6 downside is sensor always fall off and $SENS ❤solves that problem.

    If you read all the complaint with G6 calibration free you will know it still need calibration and it is more than you think. $SENS offers the most ❤accurate reading compare to all the other machine.

    $SENS 90 days is the first generation and they are making rapid improvement to the next generation product. Compare technology to technology in the long term, $SENS will win. Even when G10 comes out, it will just be longer battery, smaller transmitter, better calibration free... etc, but the root is the same. When $SENS ❤4th generation comes out, it would be FDA❤ 365 days sensor, calibration free and transmitter free. Such big ❤differences in technology at $SENS against any Competitions!! Please be prepared in advance per Longs and step by step!!
    AT THIS JUNCTURE, something more important and interesting is, "Please do not forget that even current FDA ❤90-day approval device and coming FDA ❤180-DAY approval device could also righteously and confidently compete with current Competitors with no doubt in terms of the proven and demonstrated #1 levels of Accuracy and unprecedented Diabetes management systems(implantable) plus such innovative and adaptive Freedom for Diabetes patients in all aspects of even ❤swimming, any sport or sweating and so forth while the Competitions are just 10 to 14 days, and further while the Competitions are currently sitting around $100 to $350 levels.

    Such pullback and real BooM BooM BooM time is starting VERY soonest and Do not miss your chance!!! "Strong Buy and Hold tightly"and Do not give any single share to any Shorters per FREE of Charge and sell it when YOU are fully satisfied!!! ❤Good Lucks to you all !!!
  • B
    This should at minimum be $30
  • T
    The Luna  ☾   🔭𖨆♡
    The 90 day device was also the longest on the market. Why haven't enough people bought it? The stock was under $ 1. Why would people prefer the 180 day device when the company working on the 360 day device now? This stock can see its real value in 2025 with a 360 day device. Not now. Of course, during this time, their competitors will not sit and wait.
  • C
    Everyone really needs to calm down hahaha anyone that's selling your just loosing future profits, you think once the fda approval comes through it'll be under $2? You only lose when you sell. This is a hella strong stock going through a normal dip. I picked up another 1000 at 1.85 and Will get another 1000 if it goes under 1.60. By August I'll enjoy all the profits I took off you lockdown traders so thankyou hahah peace
  • T
    $SENS 👉"Good News updates" :
    👉Senseonics has had a large win via the Ascensia Diabetes collaboration structure, that creates shareholder value with long-tailed returns. The first return update is to be available at 2nd quarter in June. 2021.
    The Eversense device will benefit from Ascensia's large footprint in Medicare, and allow them to do the heavy lifting on Senseonic's behalf.
    We will continue to scrutinise operating leverage which should see a large lift off of pressure, via the reduction in execution risk in this deal.
    The company intends to bring a 180 day and 365 version of the device to market over the coming year, which are key inflection points for shareholders.
    👉We are bullish on the company over the coming 12-24 months, and hold that view for the long-term also.❤
  • G
    We are going to do great 😊- just need patience 👏👏🚀🚀