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Stitch Fix, Inc. (SFIX)

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  • C
    more dilution stock compensation coming up additional lock up expiration or new shelf offering for growth and expansion into Texas probable...
  • b
    how many shares does katrina lake still own?

    i havent followed that number lately

    has she sold 100m yet?

    meanwhile sfix has never reached consistent profits

    isnt our market great?

    you can start a company with other people's money and then sell ur shares before you reach profits meanwhile hyping what a great future you will have

    and all the while people celebrate you as if you accomplished something

    i guess she did

    she sold her shares

    i bet they are looking to sell the company

    i bet they dont have long term faith in it

    they havent had profits or growth for years

    once CAC > $300 it was over
  • j
    To blan2: Happy 3rd Anniversary of SFIX as a public company. Just wondering if maybe, just maybe you'll acknowledge that you might have been wrong about SFIX. Pretty sure you won't but there is hope.
  • F
    I asked my mailman @Usps, what companies do you see packages that you wouldn’t normally see? And without hesitation “Stitch Fix” I’m like who? He said again “Stitch Fix”
    I heard of them before but, he kind of shocked me when he said them.
    Thinking about taking a position. So I read MS say it will go lower, but I own Palantir and MS said it will go lower, well guess what it went way higher.
  • b
    sfix is constantly hyped

    but never delivers

    the problem is that nothing is working and the costs to acquire customers is growing higher as ben thompson of stratechery predicted about sfix

    meanwhile the insiders sell

    and the ceo goes on tv and pats herself on the back

    even that free advertising hasnt helped

    sfix is blaming the pandemic

    but they had no business before the pandemic


    hype does work

    but sooner or later reality comes back

    its been slow to do that

    but it will happen

    sfix will see $10 before it ever sees $50

    want that bet jim?
  • b
    i always said to Jim that sfix would probably be better if they just had losses all the time while finding ways to boost sales.

    they can make the claim they will be profitable later

    my thesis though is that they will never have profits

    but does that even matter?

    maybe they can get a buyout by another company

    does a company need profits?

    sfix's CAC is over $300 and they are not ever able to recover that money.

    back when sfix was a small cute company and had a CAC of $10 it was profitable

    but as Ben Thompson of Stratechery predicted before they went public it would not last and indeed he was right

    but I always thought there was a better way in that they pretend they will one day earn profits instead of constantly disappointing people that they dont now

    yes the company is 10 years old

    but lots of net companies are also pretending they will one day earn profits and are getting away with it

    in matter of fact i suspect if sfix focused less on profits (or never earned any profits in the past) that they could be worth a lot more today

    even if their gross margin went down a bit too so they could get more sales

    jim used to say 2x sales

    and now he is right even though he stopped saying it a year ago

    and i would bang on and on about no profits

    and i still believe sfix will never be profitable

    but that doesnt mean the stock price cant double

    investors are stupid

    or they lure in another sucker

    sfix is only a $4b marketcap

    thats pretty low

    why not $8b

    motley crew has been leading the charge to hype sfix for a long long time

    sure it will work

    i care about profits but the market doesnt

    and you know that old saying

    the market is always right
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Stitch Fix reached a 52 Week high at 39.60
  • M
    Any in deep red? All switching from SFIX to FTCH now? LOL
  • W
    Is SFIX going to get bought out? I think so. Amazon can’t compete, so they will just buy them. $55 a share in all stock deal. I see the tea leaves coming.
  • b
    sfix still isnt real
    but the stock has done nicely anyway

    end of story

    no profits
    never gonna be profits again

    could they get a buyout?
    we have seen that happen lots of times
    companies we believe will die get a buyout that saves them
    i thought fitbit would die
    they did fall from $10 billion to the eventual buyout at $2 billion or so
    but i expected them to really die and they got saved
    so who knows

    what i am pretty sure of is that your not gonna see sfix have any profits
    and its not because they are focused on growth
    thats a lie
    its because they cant make profits
    the fundamentals are not there

    none the less the stock has gone up a lot so thats good

    but i am still more concerned with seeing whether this business model that i dont believe can work will or wont
  • J
    When morgan stanley, or any banksters as a matter of fact, describes any stock price to go down, that means they want to lower the stock price to buy in. It happened to TSLA and numerous number of other companies throughout history. Same tactic used to steal money away from retail investors. Stop falling for it. That’s the only way to teach them a lesson. All banks should go to bankrupt. Let’s make them go bankrupt by investing opposite of what they say. You’ll be rich. When banks get rich, you become poor. Hope everyone understands this.
  • b
    are we still hyping here?

    come on

    sfix going to $8 billion

    lets really hype this no profit ever company

    cac > ltv

    sfix will never have profits
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Stitch Fix reached a 52 Week high at 36.16
  • J
    Months ago 2 investors bought identical $59MM buy ins to Stitch Fix at approximately $14! They made WSJ that day in top trades box. How right they were. SFIX is made to order for the pandemic if there was one in the retail sector!
  • K
    SFIX is on fire, it's up over 150% over the last 6 months. This maybe be the start, 50 plus by eod of year.. Then 2021 take off.. Congrats to all holders hasn't been easy but SFIX is i feel has been a misunderstood stock and it appears the market is finally getting what SFIX is and they have under valued it .. Great management, and tons of cash,I'm bullish going a lot higher imo but I'm a little bias so best to DYOR. Gl to all longs.
  • M
    FTCH 🆚 SFIX in this environment :
    FTCH👉rich ppl consumption will stay.
    SFIX👉working class consumption is collapsing a cliff!
  • M
    Where did Blan go lol
  • B
    investors are starting to realize SFIX is the next LULU, but even greater potential
  • M
    Been a long time investor in SFIX...congrats to all who believed!
  • C
    SELL SFIX now