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Synergy Pharmaceuticals Inc. (SGYP)

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  • What a hatchet-job Kevin Carter wrote about IRWD on social media today! Really not sure why, or how, their GERD drug has any relevance to SGYP or Trulance. Anyway, while I'm still in the long position; I sure hope we see a major PPS spike with SGYP. Kevin Carter is going to need it, after today's article, he's going to need to afford an even better lawyer in his case against IRWD!
  • I believe Lawrence asked a question about a PR firm. If you any amount of TV you will see multiple adds for LINZESS in a single evening!!! I have yet to see any of the poop emoji's in any adds be it print or TV. Management needs to get their collective poop together. I am long and have patience!!! Sell this company to enable marketing of a superior product, a few thousand scripts won't even pay for 1 prime time marketing slot.
  • Sales up over 30% last week....what a relief....
  • According to Bloomberg numbers, at week 7 after intro, Linzess and Trulance numbers were about equal. At week 10, Linzess scripts were 2X Trulance numbers. At week 13, Linzess scripts were 3X Trulance. At week 18, Linzess scripts were 4X Trualnce.
  • Hey J IRWD down 1.50 today I hate that when that happens. lol
  • Wow, what a lifeless dud. I've been patient for quite some time and certainly up this point haven't been rewarded at all. No matter how you sum this one up it hasn't been positive. Just plain tired of it.
  • Should have known this turd was going down when recently all there has been is fluff pieces of news like analyst liking the outlook, billionaire investors liking it and so on. What a crock. This junk can't get out of it's own way. Maybe there is merit to the lawsuit against management.
  • question to anyone , did this company not hire a PR firm with in the last year,if so who ?
  • We are back in the money!
  • At this rate the secondary will be $4 bucks. Jacobs needs to e fired, this company needs to be sold!!! If none of this happens soon then wait until March of 18 to hit the target price.
  • Got out for now, should've gotten at at 4.5, what a relief anyway. Little stake, little loss. If dilution happens, will buy back. Othwerwise Good luck to all with this one!
  • Did Blackrock dump or add shares in July...unless I was looking at an old piece of info, they had 17MM and now have 12MM and dumped another 19K on Monday? I am holding this stock...simply an observation?
  • With a steady drip drip this stock is hard to hold, hoping for something positive every day, maybe some day I will be surprised.
  • Impressive list of institutions loading up on sgyp.


    Synergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SGYP) Ownership Summary
    Synergy Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (SGYP) ownership summary provides a high level overview of up-to-date institutional holdings and insider trades
  • Utter garbage!! Market up, SGYP Down, Market down SGYP down, no wonder there are so many short positions. #$%$ this
  • I think I saw where some moron said IRWD was up nicely today....nuff said bout the Ticks here.
  • irwd up nicely pre market. too bad sgyp wasn't like irwd the far superior run company. with garbage management like Jacob this will never have the potential I once thought. this will never ever be a double digit stock without a reverse split. Jacob will make sure of that.
  • Well now most of my screen of my holdings is green now except for the largest turd sgyp. Never fails
  • Why is there absolutely no support on this thing? I'm about to cry uncle and move on. Just plain tired of being patient.
  • I have been long for quite sometime, not much action on this board or with this stock, need some positive news.