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SharpSpring, Inc. (SHSP)

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  • M
    Midas 1965
    Really solid report from SHSP.
    32% Revenue growth
    Outlook at 32% Rev growth for 2020
    Cost cutting initiatives will help in the short term.
  • a
    a b
    im buying 5 shares
  • J
    Ho hum earnings. Just good steady growth. Big thing for me is they seem to be navigating well through the pandemic.
  • T
    Cash is running out!! Looks like they only have enough cash to operate for less than another 12 months. What are they going to do?
  • P
    going nuclear
  • S
    For what's it worth: Companies may want to outsource lead generation if the $ to lead conversion through a third party works out better.
    Three things to consider:
    1. Time
    2. Money
    3. Effort
    Imagine they want to grow quickly:
    In order to quickly grow, they need to scale their internal headcount, it makes more sense to outsource this part.
    Once they have tipped demand into a surplus, (meaning their sales team's are pipelined with prospects) they can't just turn off the tap and reduce headcount. Similarly they can't just scale the sales team to handle the growing book of business. It's about intelligent growth. In a partnership with lead generators, they can tone down the requirements more easily.
  • S
    Can someone smarter than me tell tell us how this company is doing? They say with this quarters new customer numbers that they are up 47% compared to last year. At the same time though, last year, when they "secured 223 new customers" they also said that they had "1,414 agency partners and more than 6,950 businesses using its marketing automation platform". Now they say, that they have "1,804 agency partners" and on their website they say that they "We've reached a new milestone with 7,000 businesses using our flagship marketing automation platform." So, the number of retained customers is much much lower than the number of new customers. A 47% increase is great but not as meaningful if they are not able to hold on to their clients.
  • I
    looks like this company is finally geting its act together. could be the beginning of a bull run for SHSP.
  • M
    Ron here has clearly never used the product nor works in the industry of digital media. This is an absolute gem and will return to $20 eventually and $100+ by 2025. Enjoy the ride noobies. You sound like the ppl telling me off when I was buying AMD at $16 saying it would go back over $20 and to $50+ by this year. LOL
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    How about someone start sharing their opinion about this company. Very silent here.
  • d
    It's not surprising that Evercel is selling their position. Evercel has about $80 million in assets and their Sharpspring investment was about 25% of their NAV. A company the size of Evercel should not have 25% of their assets tied up in a small unrelated company. Evercel made money on their SHSP investment but it made no sense for EVRC to tie up their funds in SHSP.
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    Up 30% since start of the month and this place is just crickets. Crazy. Just thought I'd mention that I had a demo the other day. Product is legitimate. One tool alone is like HootSuite x100. There's many more tools where that came from too. They're also adding more to it constantly and it's literally built off client recommendations. So you have agencies saying: "would be cool if it could do this and that!" and then SHSP responds a couple months later with: "hey guess what, we listened and now it does this and that!". That's been how it developed since the very start. I'm not just spewing #$%$ either, this is what the story is right from the company's mouth - not mine. As skeptical as I was, this is actually really great and the cost is wayyyy undervalued (the price you pay as an agency to get a license for yourself and then have 3 client licenses to dole out for free*) *The whole thing is based on how you can charge your clients whatever you want and more or less label the product with your own branding and delegate access to any and all tools each client account will need. To be transparent, the price for agencies is $600/mo for that license + 3 client licenses..if you can sign up 3 clients at $200/mo (insanely easy to do with a product this valuable) you've just covered your cost and added an invaluable tool to your agency that you can use yourself to track and tackle leads for your agency so you can get even more new business and probably add more to the platform too (cost is an extra $200/mo for extra client licenses, so again - sign them up for $200+ and you've broke even and it's a no-brainer).The only question is whether they can gain traction and be the #1 in market. If they can, this could be $100+ by 2020. Easily.
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    Is their growth rate slowing?
  • w
    No one on the board of such a wonderful stock? SHSP is gonna double in a month.
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    Evercel is doing well on its SharpSpring investment. Their convertible bonds are already in the money. Evercel is a small company going through its second or third iteration. Originally, a spin off from Fuel Cell, it traded as high as $35 a share when it looked like the military was going to use its batteries. Didn't happen and it ended up with a Zipcar investment that panned out and now has a printing company investment. The current management is legit and it looks like the SharpSpring investment will work out fine.
  • F
    whole bunch of insider sells
    Date Name-Position Transaction Shares Price Range ($) Shares Held Mkt Value
    3/20/20 Whitton Travis
    Chief Technology Officer Sale 25,381 6.50 – 6.94 161,707 $167.1 K
    3/18/20 Carlson Richard Ala...
    Chief Executive Officer Sale 25,000 6.22 – 7.44 438,115 $168.3 K
    3/13/20 Cat Rock Capital Ma...
    Beneficial Owner of more ... Sale 1,385 8.54 – 8.54 1,355,095 $11.8 K
    3/6/20 Cat Rock Capital Ma...
    Beneficial Owner of more ... Sale 7,500 11.25 – 11.25 1,356,480 $84.4 K
    3/5/20 Cat Rock Capital Ma...
    Beneficial Owner of more ... Sale 3,103 11.68 – 11.68 1,363,980 $36.2 K
    2/27/20 Cat Rock Capital Ma...
    Beneficial Owner of more ... Sale 20,298 12.08 – 12.08 1,367,083 $245.1 K
    2/21/20 Carlson Richard Ala...
  • M
    what just happened? Down 12%?
  • M
    3.5% on a green day....Great. Let's wait for the next red day and ABC news about corona to lose maybe another 5%.
  • d
    Nice news release today......would expect another nice pop today with Sharpspring and also a nice pop on their financing partner Evercel, the hedge fund that trades like a stock on the pink sheets.
  • S
    So major holders are telling us they want to sell about their share which amounts to almost 20% of the outstanding share. The share price is not going up any time soon:(.