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Companhia Siderúrgica Nacional (SID)

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  • M
    Did this company really post $0.48/shr profit for 4Q2020?
    That seems very high.
  • J
    CSN posted a net profit of 3.9 billion reais ($717.11 million) in the fourth quarter, more than triple the 1.1 billion reais profit in the same period of 2019.
  • S
    Headed to $9 folks, enjoy the run...
  • C
    Is this companies share gonna continue to rise or fall ?
  • J
    Question about the iron ore and cement spinoff? Does anyone know if current shareholders will receive any special dividends or shares in the assets being spun off???? Thanks....
  • S
    We are on our way back to higher ground. Long and strong for SID.
  • a
    SID Results:
    Steel Sales up 27%
    Iron Ore Sales up 18%
    Net Revenue up 40%
    Gross Profit up 94%
    Adjusted EBITDA up 82%
    Adjusted Net Debt down 8%
    Adjusted Cash and Cash Equivalents up 33%
    Net Debt / Adjusted EBITDA down 1.50x
  • b
    Iron ore Sept futures around 97 bucks cost basis for SID still gives them huge profits!
  • R
    Robert J
    Valor 2day: sid is building new cement factory, 1.5 billion...along with new galavanize site, 1.5 billion. no asset sales, German plant is no touch and Sid has given up for now selling Usiminas shares. Recent sale of 7% bonds to pay off 6% debt. worrisome trend to me
  • S
    Iron ore prices still strong SID has to be making big profits. PPS still so undervalued here.
  • R
    Robert J
    the call: so athird of their steel capacity has been down for now nearly four months. so their steel numbers are bad. they say the blast furnace restart is this weekend. so steel will be better. Iron production was great but revenue depressed because they werent buying for themselves and freight costs skyrocketed. They will start using when the furnace is up and they have negotiated freight down. Now they still can pay their future debt so the desrve a$3. If the furnace is up and running they deserve a $3.5. If the Bovespa is right (record highs) and 2020 economy grows 2%, hence big demand for autos and washing machines, they deserve $4, just mo
  • R
    Robert J
    sid in the Brazilian market hit 52 week high and announces divy to be paid Weds., the 29th
  • r
    SID dividends don't seem to be on a regular schedule but they have special dividend announcements periodically
  • E
    Edward Horton
    Bought 12,567 SID shares this morning at $1.455, this baby heading up as soon as this COVID-19 is addressed, this is a good company and good companies have invested in SID including Black Rock and Goldman Sachs
  • R
    52 week high after hours. I am astonished at the pace of the recent run-up. 4.0 is my first trading target. I am considering reducing my position by 50% and locking in a 90% gain. I would be more confident if the launch higher was more of a slow grind with multiple pullbacks. Any thoughts?
  • S
    Bloomberg suggested top iron ore is going to 100 per ton.
  • d
    I am not going to pump, but I am holding, and I am patient. SID has been in operation since 1941. They have endured. Iron ore in particular is going to continue to be in demand. Construction in Brazil is not over. If you are in at higher prices, wait. The devaluing of fiat alone will raise SID price. Infrastructure projects are coming. And China's hunger for iron ore is returning. Be patient. SID will recover. And what a great time to get in, if you are just finding SID.
  • R
    With Lula out of the election, the big event to watch is the Vota Folha polls that will be released on Thursday. If the PT party candidate has a big lead over the others, you will see the currency drop past 4.5 and the BVSP will tank as will this stock. Earnings, commodity prices etc. are irrelevant until we get past the election. The best case scenario is that Alckmin is elected. However, if a PT (Worker's Party) candidate is elected then prepare for Real at 5.0 to 1 or higher and SID along with the BVSP could get cut in half. This event would be catastrophic for the Brazilian economy.

    I bought a small SID position at 2.03 but will cut and run if it appears the Worker's Party will win the election. If Alckmin is elected it could really help the share price of Brazilian stocks in general and since SID has a high Beta, it could be a big winner.
  • H
    SID reports tomorrow, 05/08/19. Whom among the experts can tell me if this is pre or post market?
    Thank you.
  • R
    Robert J
    Digging into S&P rating, ccc+, everything looks rosey except debt and liquidity. They think the Glencore deal will get SID thru this fall but see $1USD billion shortfall next summer. Or, rather, before next summer SID needs 3 billion in reais asset sales along with the Glencore deal to meet current obligations. Waiting for other rating agencies to weigh in.