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Sify Technologies Limited (SIFY)

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    For a second day in a row, this stock is going down but it is a good signal. Remember, We are long-term investors so our next step is buying more shares. If you review its financial statements, you can check a 5 past years growth and it has a huge future. If you need money sell the stock but if you have patience, you will have a huge return. Share and comment. Franz Salazar
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    $SIFY World Leadership Congress recognises Kamal Nath as ‘CEO of the Year’!!
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    I was expecting some profit taking, just not to this extent. Let’s hope we recover some of today’s losses by the end of the session.

    We had a nice run since earnings last quarter. A new (and higher) base is forming. Then onto the next run up leading into the next earnings session.

    I plan on holding till then.
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    For people that are new to this stock: 38:17:20 operating model, Reinvests all it's profits into MW datacenter still yielding 9% EBIT. Low valuation due to number of factors, USD/INR, Gordon gekko age style of reporting. Company doesn't report modern age non GAAP, GAAP, operating margin, doesn't give any guidance in CCs doesn't highlight any MW additions. 20-25% organic growth based on MW addition, roadmap of 50% growth rate but that would require decent multiple, Sidoti analyst doesn't do this company any favor, by over expecting $ revenue and only mention net profit (did Amazon ever report net profit?). Chairman Vegesna owns 80% of shares (after re-investing from successful buyout of Server works to broadcom). Former US administration set in motion move of supply chain from China, resulting in billions of dollars of investments by Apple suppliers, Tesla might build factory. India 4G is at 47%: growth for cloud data storage. Most knowledge "veterans" here on this board @Jack Campbell, @Ed. I recommend that renewable retail investors that get little bit dizzy on valuations in solar and hydrogen, taking a look at this.
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    Found this nugget of a story written in January of 2021 recommending hot stocks in India. The line I really found interesting is how investors in India view SIFY....like MSFT and AMZN.

    Sify Technologies (SIFY)

    Source: Shutterstock
    On Jan. 11, Sify Technologies gave prospective buyers of Indian stocks something to think about, closing up over 79% against the prior session. If you’re familiar with this market, it may not come as a surprise. The way we look at Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) or Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is how many India-based investors view SIFY stock.

    For one thing, Sify has a history of delivering technological innovations to its home nation. According to its website, “In 1998, we were the first Indian private ISP. Millions experienced the Internet for the first time on the Sify network. We pioneered the Internet café and voice and data services for international call centers.” Today, Sify is a leader in India’s information and communications technology (ICT) market.

    That’s a great sector to serve, considering that the country’s ICT spending has significantly increased from 2013 to 2019. True, the pandemic disrupted spending in 2020. However, the IT portion of the ICT market should recover noticeably by the end of this year.
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    A little perspective on today’s profit taking.

    Week Ending
    1/4 - up 25%
    1/11 - up 52%
    1/18 - down 2%
    1/25 - down 11%
    2/1 - up 40%
    2/8 - up 60%
    This week - down around 12% depending on where we end up.

    Not bad, right? Many more gains ahead. Fundamentals and growth prospects of company have not changed. Stay long!
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    SIFYs biz are going to expand heavily in the next month and years. The outstanding mgmt team has done a great work in the past and steadily reduced costs to be more profitable from q/q. EBITDA with record highs each quarter as well as growth. Covid is one driver and working from home will steadily increase. Another driver is that India will be the new China. U.S. companies are investing heavily in India like never before. Another big factor is the low cost level in India to expand DC and cloud capacities. This Co. is in the right biz at the right time and at the right place! I´m in for the long haul.
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    The usual scalpers/shorters of the day in action?
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    I have been holding this stock for last 15 years. This has been the most undervalued stock in my portfolio and I could not understand the reason why. This has one of the best business model particularly in the current environment when data centers and cloud computing is booming.
    My only concern is about the ownership structure. My understanding is Raju Vagesna, who is the Chairman and majority owner of this company, holds so many shares that perhaps institutional investors did not take interest. He made his millions by selling his company about 20 years back, so, one would think he would be shareholder friendly.
    Now as retail investors have become active, Sify's share price is getting attention. I only hope that the momentum continues. I believe after a certain threshold, like $10 share price, it may be attractive to large money managers and Sify may realize its true value.
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    A new ERA for SIFY has begun! SIFY has nearly unlimited potential in India and the whole subcontinent. They are on the way to be the next Equinix or the TTD in asia which have Price/Sales ratio´s of 10.22 and 55.75 respectively!! SIFY combines both biz models DCs, cloud, IT and much more in just one company. We have a long way to go...
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    First Sify Technologies joins the top 500 of Fortune India Ranking and now CEO of the Year. Growth + Leadership = Success!!
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    Longs, be happy it is not popping up as others! You have some time to sell other shares and transfer to this one! I moved some today at 4.70! What a pleasant feel since morning!
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    imo, this company is in the right businesses, right country (emerging middle class, using more data at a faster clip than almost anywhere). I've been in the stock for 10 years due to the big picture. but disappointed annual revenue growth has been around 5% for the last two years, not 25-40% we see from other data storage companies or EM tech companies. hope to see they start really growing the top line.
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    Many of the shares were owned by Asians but last night an Asian influencer said with no proof that the stock price will drop, which led to people panick selling. That was the reason for today’s plunge. I think this stock should be known by more westerners to skyrocket.
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    If you're looking for a complete Digital Transformation of your IT, we need to look into Sify.

    We were the first Indian private ISP in 1998. Millions of people have experienced the Internet for the first time on the Sify network. We pioneered Internet cafes and voice and data services for international call centers.

    Twenty years later and a smart change in job positioning, Sify is now an inevitable bridge of convergence that companies in India are looking for.

    Today, Sify has become India's largest Digital transformation company, bringing a unified ICT eco-system of India's largest MPLS Network, world-class Data Centers and Cloud-Managed services to Businesses in India.

    About Sify Technologies

    Sify Technologies, a Fortune 500 India company, is India's most comprehensive ICT service and solution provider. With Cloud at the center of our solution portfolio, Sify focuses on the changing ICT requirements of the emerging Digital economy and the demands arising from large, medium and small businesses.

    Sify's largest MPLS network, infrastructure of 10 top-tier Concurrent Managed DCs, partnerships with global tech experts, broad expertise in cloud-modeled business transformation solutions, it's startups, inbound Companies and even large companies on the brink of innovation.

    More than 10000 businesses across multiple industries have benefited from our indisputable Data Centers, Networks and Security services and are running their business smoothly from over 1600 cities in India. Internationally, Sify has a presence in North America, the UK and Singapore.
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    Do you all understand that earnings are in rupees?? This company makes 1 penny of profit a quarter (and 2 pennies in a good quarter). It’s pe is sky high, and the stock is currently wildly overvalued. Should be around 1.5. Don’t listen to posters on this board - they know nothing.
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    any life left in this thing?... maybe it will rebound today... loading up
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    3.08 by end of week (if not sooner). Look how it's trading in Europe (3.08-3.12)
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    Hello Traders, I am holding SIFY long and strong as most of you. Unfortunately I couldn't find enough information of price predictions, do you have any TP set for this 2021?¿ Thanks in advance
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    Vincent Ricciardi
    Hello I'm new to this board and have made a recent small investment / position into SIFY according to my analysis the noted stock is greatly under-valued especially as the global economy for American industry focuses now on India and this tech stock will be a giant my expectations are growing everyday and I'm watching the Volume more then the Stock Price I believe this will be a great indicator of the things to come as the stock begins to climb ... I believe this has great multitude potential and is one of the most under-valued stock in this very hot sector ... any thoughts or advice is appreciated ... God Bless.