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  • " Bossert, however, said that the administration plans to give “full-throated support” to the Global Health Security Agenda, a partnership of more than 50 nations and international organizations that works to build countries’ capacities to prevent and fight infectious diseases." "

    " “That’s (horsepox) not going to kill any of us, but that suggests that somebody might now in the future possess the ability to produce synthetic small pox without a live virus and that scares me to death,” he said. "
    White House developing comprehensive biosecurity strategy: official
    The Trump administration is developing the first comprehensive strategy to defend the United States against disease pandemics and biological attacks by terrorists, the top White House homeland security official said on Thursday.
  • Really One Stink'in share ONE as in UnO well there is a new one even for Siga. So any takers on my Relisting prediction time line now?????? (I say Min 1.5yrs or as much as 4yrs until they even Qualify) could see this trading for $$$$ and not being interested in leaving the OTC.....
  • As the company continues to look for business opportunities to help with its expansion plan, Havey said more deals could come soon.

    “We’re still very acquisitive,” he said. “We’re definitely not done. We have active deals in our pipeline. That’s not going to stop or slow down.”
    Why a biodefense firm is going on a spending spree
    Emergent wants to step up its international business.
  • WOW!! All of this fantastic news posted by the Queen of SIGA, nicehedges, and his jester Sally....yet the stock is down over 8%. What a stock, what a company!!! Impressive display of not giving a turd by this management team! You're all going to be rich in no time!!
  • no trades as of noon
    good or bad sign??
  • Has anyone heard from Dickey? I am worried aboutour short little friend. Maybe getting hair implants.Actual volume today. Well volume for SIGA anyway..
  • The story about the Canadian researchers who synthesized horsepox is circulating. This is exactly why BARDA has and will continue to purchase $100m's worth of 246.
  • Experience🌱is🌱a🌱hard🌱teacher.🌱 http://dataunion.tistory.com/3219

    SIGA Technologies NASDAQ : SIGA Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.8 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stock
  • no volume yesterday?
  • http://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2017/07/panels-smallpox-sample-probe-yields-policy-recommendations-lingering

    Panel's smallpox sample probe yields policy recommendations, lingering questions
    Panel finds overall response was thorough, but notes policy gaps and some missteps after the samples were found.
  • That mentally unstable fellow david shows up posting like a pansy for every downtick. I figure we should let him know about the uptick whenever possible. Management is doing an amazing job today. Look at the price rip up, you loser!!!
  • https://www.fda.gov/AboutFDA/PartnershipsCollaborations/MemorandaofUnderstandingMOUs/OtherMOUs/ucm565122.htm

    regulatory science, regulatory capacity building, global health
  • GET READY!!! You're going to have yet AGAIN ANOTHER incredible buying opportunity in the 2s! How many times is that now, that there have been buying opportunities? Got to be well into the 100s....
  • AWFULLY CLOSE to the 2s!!
  • Up 4.26%. Back up the truck.
    Great management.
    We are expecting a possible break below 2
    Before it breaks out to the 5.76-8.12 range.
    With FDA approval and multiple government contracts we would see new highs. Foreign contracts (Israel) will take this to high teens.
    Short term movement means nothing. To all longs. Please giggle with every surge
  • PRV voucher worth $100M?.... reading through the investor presentation again and stumbled on the PRV language in the powerpoint. Researching this further, an FDA voucher will be given out for development of drugs for certain national priorities - like smallpox. The vouchers can be sold in the open market. The sale prices have ranged from $67M to $300M. The purchaser of the voucher can use it to expedite delivery of any drug review being submitted to the FDA. Does anyone have any insight into the PRV market? Could SIGA actually pick up $100M from selling this to one of the larger drug companies?
  • Up almost 2% today. Dickey giggle
  • DING#$%$. Someone go see who's at the door.....nevermind, it's the 2s knocking.....
  • If there is anyone in this stock that doesn't know the history of it, I will enlighten you as to the extreme amount of political
    and(would be) competitor attempts to undermine it's success. At the moment , Chimerix is STILL trying to compete for that very large BARDA contract for a second antiviral. ANY success that SIGA has...i.e. re-listing, FDA approval. new contracts with other gov'ts etc. would diminish Chimerix's worthless smallpox anti-viral future chances at success. This is a cutthroat Biotech that would stop at nothing to sabotage/impede SIGA's success. Be aware as we go forward. You WILL realize all this as we go forward ,once again, towards the success that has been denied this fledgeling bio-tech.
  • Big Volume today. Any thoughts?