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  • K
    paul : abbreviated explanation: When a stock is shorted, it's a bet that a stock price is going lower. When the short trade is on the level the trader borrows shares and then sells those shares at existing market price. When the trader thinks the stock has fallen far enough, they buy the shares back at the lower price, and then returns said shares to the lender. (The lender could be anyone with shares to lend, but generally is your broker.) The trader pockets the difference.

    Where the problem can occur is when the short transaction happens and there were never any real shares lent to the trader by the 3 day settlement period. This is called failure to deliver...I.e in this case, a naked short. The first question is how can this be allowed! Well, it shouldn't, but like I've always said, wall street can be a crooked road. The idea behind naked shorting is to drive the share price to zero. Once the latter occurs, the short position can't be covered and the holder keeps the money from selling fake shares.

    On the level naked short sales are almost always done only by options market makers ( they have an exemption) because they allegedly need to do so in order to maintain liquidity in the options markets. The truth is that these options market makers are often brokers or large hedge funds who abuse the options market maker exemption. Life as it is I suppose. At any rate, the process is much more in depth than this explaination.
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    Nobody really commenting on the 5/28/21 short interest??...Actually went up a bit to 179.5 million shares short....so this is still likely going to be an issue that will have to play out.

    Also we did move up recently on fairly high volume and the pullback seems to be on lighter volume so maybe the stock can consolidate into a new higher range before moving higher.....Time will tell.
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    How the hell can this stock frantically trade up to $7.12 on Tuesday with over 56M share volume of buys, and turn around the next day with heavy sales. What, nobody held those buys on Tuesday? They were all day traders?
    I understand that back and forth momentum happens all the time with trading stocks but trading SiriusXM is quite different. We know that 3.2B share are (supposedly) held in escrow as collateral used specifically to finance the trackers. We also know that the institutions aren't trading their entire inventory every week of the month, otherwise their holdings would shrink drastically from buyers holding their positions, at least that's what the law of averages say. And retails are still .likely holding strong, so something nefarious has been, and continues to infiltrate the trading patterns of SIRI. I admit I dont know much about the shorting strategy, nor do want to learn, but from what I read, once the person "covers", doesn't that mean that person has to (buy) the stock despite either a loss or gain ?
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    $6.60. $7.09. $6.85. $6.72. Over the last four days, the dog’s still chasing its tail under the SiriusXM share price suppression program.

    Seems the terms “SiriusXM share price program” and “Mephistopheles squeeze” are alive and well. Thought for a minute the day before yesterday that I might be able to give it a rest above $7. That didn’t last too long under the horribly oppressive SiriusXM share price suppression program!
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    Everyone go look at the 5 year chart. We’re back to pre Pandora acquisition and pre pandemic levels respectively. Third major (potential) top on the long term chart. If ever we needed a major run, it’s from the area we’re approaching now. We have some momentum here. We have the 50 day ma about to cross over the 200 day ma on the two year chart (golden cross) bullish. Things are looking up, so I expect some severely negativity slanted news any hour now concerning the Pandora royalty rate increase or the broken satellite. They surely have an “ace in the hole” or two to see them to the 80% ownership. One more reason that it’s now or never concerning Malone’s 80% ownership. Remember, we’ve entered the territory above $7 where SiriusXM said they’d be reluctant to buy. Let’s see what forces have the power here. Should be interesting. Congrats on today my fellow longs!
  • m
    I am a diamond hand long with 50% of my retirement savings in SIRI. Crazy? Certainly, but it's a 10-bagger in company 401k stock and it's stuck there until I can yank it on favorable tax terms, which happens to require a full liquidation. I suppose I could just repurchase the shares in a taxable brokerage account, but risk management requires that I bring my portfolio share down to a reasonable level.

    I need to understand the bull case for this stock, summarized. My reading through this board leaves me confused. I don't need to know how Pandora will improve the long-term outlook or most fundamentals, I need to understand the impact of Liberty's involvement as it relates to the share price. It seems to me that Liberty and shorts are what's in control, not fundamentals, but feel free to explain why I am wrong.

    I understand Liberty has an incentive to keep the share price low so they can quietly accumulate stock to 80%. What I'm not clear on is why that's important to them and why that will have an impact on the retail share price. Is Liberty actively accumulating or are they forced into a passive dividend/buyback role? I'm also curious about HOW people think Liberty is suppressing the share price?

    I understand that the float is small and the float short is high, giving us significant leverage to catapult higher. I understand that a small reddit scare could force the shorts to dump and rocket the price. What I'm not clear on is what could be the catalyst? Sure a /r stampede would do it, but let's say that doesn't happen. A quick look over there indicates SIRI is not on their radar. It appears to me that SIRI has been manipulating their earnings using one-time charges such as lost satellites and the pandora write-down. The bad news is in, so going forward it should be all gravy.

    I've read predictions on this board that its only a matter of months before this thing rockets. Why? Has anyone calculated (not guessed) about what a realistic price and date might be?

    Getting this grossly wrong will have an outsized impact on my portfolio so some help with knowing what to look for or potential warning signs is greatly appreciated.
  • N
    Sirius-XM Investor relations silence/refusal to communicate with retail shareholders speaks volumes! Hooper Stevens, what a great team you got there, you must be so proud!
  • B
    Since the Sirius XM satellite constellation has been a hot topic on this forum, here is some information about all the satellites launched for SDARS in North America.

    Sirius FM-1 : Launched June 2000, Decommissioned 2016 - Tundra Orbit
    Sirius FM-2 : Launched September 2000, Decommissioned 2016 - Tundra Orbit
    Sirius FM-3 : Launched November 2000, Decommissioned 2016 - Tundra Orbit
    Sirius FM-4 : Not Launched - Donated to Air and Space Museum, Washington D.C.
    Sirius FM-5 : Launched June 2009, Currently in use - Geostationary Orbit 86.2° West
    Sirius FM-6 with XM support: Launched October 2013, Currently in use - Geostationary Orbit 116.15° West

    XM-1 : Launched May 2001, Decommissioned 2016 - Geostationary Orbit
    XM-2 : Launched March 2001, FCC License Expired 2014 - Geostationary Orbit
    XM-3 : Launched February 2005, Currently in use - Geostationary Orbit 85° West
    XM-4 : Launched October 2006, Currently in use - Geostationary Orbit 115° West
    XM-5 : Launched October 2010, Currently in use - Geostationary Orbit 85.2° West

    SXM-7 : Launched December 2020, Failed January 2021 - Meant to Replace XM-3 - Geostationary Orbit
    SXM-8 : Launched june 2021, Status unknown - Meant to Replace XM-4 - Geostationary Orbit
  • g
    down 3% in an up market ... soooo much experience in manipulation ... Malone must have algorithms as to how much to sell, how fast and in what delineations ...
  • t
    From Simply Wallstreet: “What's the opportunity in Sirius XM Holdings?

    Good news, investors! Sirius XM Holdings is still a bargain right now. My valuation model shows that the intrinsic value for the stock is $10.23, but it is currently trading at US$6.60 on the share market, meaning that there is still an opportunity to buy now.”
  • S
    Either Mephistopheles is starting to ease the squeeze or the Reddit have decided to bet it! In any case, SOMETHING is getting behind this stock! Sympathy for the meme movement or fearful shorts. SOMETHING’S up. We’re blowing straight through several long term points of resistance like it’s nothing. Whatever the moving force…I like it! Continue onward and upward please.
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    And it is not that the Reddit crowd or WSB or Robinhooders are going to save SiriusXM from its suppression. The point is, the Reddit’s and company have changed the dynamic of the risk associated with a “short” position. No one really knows who they target next. When they show up, they control the game. No shorts are nearly as safe as they use to be. Fund managers and analyst alike have referred to the movement concerning short sellers, a “game changer.”

    It’s just and only this simple: Shorts, you have been warned.
  • J
    John C
    The SXM-8 satellite lifted off in a dazzling nighttime launch.
    The SXM-8 satellite lifted off in a dazzling nighttime launch.
  • j
    Good news!!! SiriusXM is refinancing its August 2022 $1.5B in full. The senior notes will be due in 2028. No more worries.
  • L
    I have always believed in Sirius XM, I've held since $ 1.66.

    Thank you very much Sirius XM !!!!!
  • P
    Does this mean somebody doesn't know something after all?
  • j
    Here is my reply to lonerangercards stating that,

    "I have never heard my 21 year old son talk about SIRI whatsoever but he talked me into getting a Robinhood acct so he could get a free share of stock. I have a whole $50 in Ethereum just for fun."

    You are correct that most of the younger folks don't take siriusxm radio service seriously. Look at the reddit crowd. A lot of their comments about siriuxm's service are outright derogatory. They are either spotify or apple users. It is a long story why this is happening but a lot is based on perceptions. On top of that, most of them do not want either to pay or at least do their own research.

    FYI, spotify, when it came to this country, got a lot of investment from the Silicon valley guys, including Musk. The perception is such that spotify is for young "gadget well versed guys" whereas siriusxm is an old outdated service (which is complete nonsense) for those after 40.

    The mistake they are all making is confusing a service with a business. There are a lot of businesses that seem hardly attractive or exciting but they make a ton of money because their business model is rock solid. The reddit crowd talks about siriusxm as a radio having no idea that this radio company is mega cash profitable for its size and is having a new lease on life with he acquisition of pandora. If they figure out one day the difference, they stand to make serious money off a high value company.
  • B
    Where’s all the people who were screaming $8 only 2 days ago?? Fair-weather investors LOL.
  • p
    Best one month chart we have seen in ages. Feels good to start waking up with excitement again. It's been lost for quite a while.
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    Fired off an email to the IR dept. Let's see if they respond. I didn't get an acknowledgement that they received the email but when I tried before (it's been awhile) I couldn't even get past entering the numerical caption, and the site just didnt do anything, as though it was deliberately unmanned so as to not take any questions from PO'd shareholders.