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SiTime Corporation (SITM)

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    Blueprint Trader
    Semiconductor Stocks Great Discount Due To Chip Shortage!!
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    Fantastic earnings, showing great growth and improvement.
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    Why this drop pre market?
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    Analysts and Investors in SITM appear to be clueless. I guarantee none of them could clearly articulate what SITM actually does, how their technology is positioned and value proposition, what type of valuation they deserve, and ultimately how SITM will gain market share versus the competition. As an example, what is the product is driving the $3M quarterly revenue increase? 5G related?? No, they don't even have a specific product for 5G handsets. It can only be their 32kXO, which is used in 3G, 4G and all other handsets. The only problem is they have gobs of huge competition with this product, including the biggest name in the business - Epson! Yes, Seiko Epson who makes millions of high accuracy watches for cheap. I guess that simple Marketing 101 stuff doesn't apply anymore with momentum investors. SITM has a market valuation of over $1B on only $80M in sales, and in over 15yrs have never turned a profit. (Afterall, their main competitors are quartz companies who have similar products and quickly drop prices to lessen any existential threat. Their are literally 1000's of these quartz companies who all operate consistently on 20-30% GROSS margins (yes, gross margin) while still turning a small profit!!!) SITM's last 3yrs revenue show big negative growth, and most of their earlier growth came as the result of one big consumer customer. But consumer isn't their future, if you listen to their strategy. It can't be, because it's too price competitive and there is no way they could promise a 50% or higher GM. Their CEO has told us that their 'Elite precision device' is going to be big in the future, even though after 2-3 years of being released it continues to be a revenue number hardly worth mentioning. Yes, it takes time to get designed-in at customers, but there is a reason why the adoption isn't high. Their largest high-precision timing device competitor (from New Zealand) claims their new quartz xMEMS technology is preferred by their customers over silicon solutions (ie SITM), and they should know - they have been serving the high-precision market for over 30yrs and sell successfully into all of the Tier1 telecom (ie 5G), space and defense companies. Those Tier1 engineers don't like to changesuppliers and technologies, especially when quartz has been proven to work tremendously well and reliably for over 5 decades. There appears to be truth of the NZ companies claims, since their sales trends, actually show positive growth over the past 4 years, unlike SITM. Just look at the NZ companies latest presentations. BTW- the NZ companies market cap is <$50M vs $1B and their sales are over $100M and have been growing the last 4 yrs!! It's clear that timing is not highly valued!! Why would an engineer take the risk of a small unknown supplier like SITM when the quartz they've used for 50yrs works fine?? An engineer can get fired for using SITM if it doesn't work in the field, but there is no risk with using good 'ole reliable quartz. If it aint broke, don't fix it! Now, SITM thinks getting into the clock IC market is the way to grow, but little do they say about who they will compete with in that market. It won't be quartz companies, which are mostly smaller and unknown. They will now be competing with TI, ADI, Microchip, SiLabs, Renesas, STM and Dialog who are entrenched and 'sticky' with their customers and who can offer them more than just a timing clock. Good luck with that! There isn't a more overvalued company in the Semi sector than SITM. Just look at this weeks insider selling. The 'automatic' selling to avoid scrutiny is a fallacy. The selling is because the stock is grossly overvalued and all the insiders know it.
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    Something is going on with this. It rarely trades in the AH.
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    Interesting company here...
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    Is there anyone out there that has an opinion on this stock? Opinion on upcoming earnings? Opinion on company being able to gain market share? I’m in and like the company and looking for an earnings beat!
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    Just curious about ISS-EVA analyst who gave sell rating compared to Refinitive/Verus who has buy rating. Anybody has an opinion on this?
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    Bought this stock
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    SiTime reached an all time high at 87.54
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    SiTime reached an all time high at 149.32
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    SiTime is up 18.18% to 26.81
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    Your friend!
    Glad to see today’s up in line with other semiconductors. Looking forward $110 breakthrough soon!
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    Ouch. Harsh
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    SiTime reached an all time high at 52.17
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    SiTime is up 9.28% to 92.40
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    SiTime is down 10.18% to 126.00
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    SiTime reached an all time high at 92.73
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    can't believe this forum is so dead.