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Six Flags Entertainment Corporation (SIX)

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  • W
    No taking the up grade! Inflation will keep us happy at home! We live in Tx!
  • R
    Doing pretty well today, wondering what caused the rise in stock price, other than a new appointment?
  • H
    Hoop there it is
    six flags is woke now.
  • J
    Is it possible to find a stock that has eroded Share holder Equity more than ZERO flags?
  • T
    Never would consider myself the panic selling type, but I unloaded my entire position today. I can second guess myself for not selling a portion yesterday as I intended, however I do not see any reason to continuing to hold at the time for a measly dividend. This seems to be dead money for some time unless there is news in the mix that is currently unavailable to retail investors. I may buy back in later but with the market in a strong upward movement I believe there are better options out there where I can recoup some of the losses in a quicker manner. GL to all holders!
  • S
    Several things to pay attention to:

    1. Very heavy Insider buying of SIX shares. Directors and CEO bought around 50 million dollars worth of shares just now.
    2. The decrease in profit from 2018 to 2019 was due to a 1 time occurence of additional expenses, it was not operational profit decrease. Revenue actually went up.
    3. Dividend getting cut by new management is actually a GOOD thing. Why? Because now all that profit is going to go into growing the business. The new dividend rate of 4%+ is extremely sustainable.
    4. Will people go to Six Flags? Guess what folks - Wait time both forecasted and live in Six Flags is checable online! There is a website that shows Six Flags Magic Mountain wait times by ride. Guess what - "Full Throtle" had a wait time of 60 minutes today in line. People are going to Six Flags.
  • J
    Where will people go for fun when things start improving? When I started thinking about this, there are a lot of risky places out there. I don't feel comfortable with indoor settings - bars, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. all have risks via contact and ventilation systems.

    I think outdoor venues will recover first, where there should be less risk. I think this makes SIX a good play, and yes, I have invested in it.
  • G
    SIX has $2.5B in debt, far in excess of its market cap. It is slated to continue to lose money, most likely through next year. All those foreging expansion projects? Not happening any time soon. So what is there to be excited about?
  • K
    Had a great day at Six Flags today! They checked our temperatures, cleaned the rides between turns & had plenty of sanitizer available stationed throughout the park. Everyone wore masks, but you were able to take them off on the rides...most including I... just pulled them down under our chins during the ride. Lines weren't long...the longest was Thunder River at a 40 min wait. They had the 6 foot stickers to control the 6 foot rule for all lines to a ride. All-in-all, well worth the visit & I have already made 2 more reservations for upcoming dates. Our Six Flag water park opens July 10th & I made reservations to visit it too. I believe if you visit Six Flags once this summer, you will feel safe & happy enough to visit again.
  • m
    The Dividend is now "really" 6.26% (SIX shares @ $52.39)

    That is the highest yield for SIX shares in over 5 years.

    And, the CEO left no doubt that the payout was solid and secure.

    At&T has a similar yield, but may not have the same growth prospects.
  • D
    Sold all of it. I could handle stock falling to 25, but not such a drastic dividend cut. there is next to no redeeming reason to hold this company with low dividend payout and declining forecasts.
  • K
    There had to be some good reason that insiders bought close to a million dollars worth of the shares at market when share price was approximately $49---that's when I started to accumulate
  • D
    Der T Sanchez
    Humorous....stock is higher than it was pre-COVID when no one is at the park and the debt level (which was the reason for the drop from 60 to sub 40's in 2019) is more than
  • R
    Maybe I'm just not very intelligent but I don't understand why SIX is still going up. I opened a small short position today at $17 but I wouldn't be surprised if SIX hit $20 by the end of the week. Are people betting on a fast return to normal and full revenues over summer? I just don't see that happening.
  • B
    I believe that an investor with patience buy between $50-$52 will be rewarded greatly. Just buy it and put it away.
    Collect your 6.6% dividend while you wait. This stock is way out of favor so will take some time to gain momentum, but should start up just before next quarters earnings are released.
    Only thing that can hurt this company is if oil jumps over $80.
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    I picked up 500 shares this morning. Good dividend. Growth will continue.
  • S
    I am going to interject here though I do not a position either way, have played a little with the stock, made a few bucks on the rebound, but here are my thoughts after having endured a very good and harsh year with retail stocks, which i believe this is copying pretty much here. They attack the stock based on what really amount to insignificant and non-accretive events. Six Flags has not lost any money, nor have they made any money from this arrangement prior to this event, there was obviously some positive expectations that this new park(s) would create new revenue streams, well it didn't happen, so at the end of the day, it is really a non-event for a stock that has already been beaten down badly though it does have a new CEO who actually raised the dividend. The P/E is very reasonable both for the overall markets and the sector, it has all of the makings of a value play. Do I believe this is at the bottom, who knows, the market makers have used very little news or slightly negative news to tank stocks only to blow them up over several sessions or several weeks. Case in point Children's Place, bad numbers, weak guidance, stock tanked, the huge short position made huge money, then they ran the price up over the past month, so the shorts who then became longs profited both on the drop and the comeback. The markets are so rigged right now, there is no telling what the big money will drive this stock to. I don't feel for a second this is at the bottom, though also would not be surprised if this is 50 by the beginning of February. If I was long, I would hold, since I do not own, I won't touch it.
  • A
    I've been going to Six Flags Magic Mountain in California since I was a teenager, I'm in my 30s now and I still go. Every time I'm there, park is packed, lines are long, and I spend a lot of money on food there. Most importantly, the patrons are having fun. I feel good about SIX and it's future. Just my 2c.
  • g
    g k Boston ma
    It appears this will be the stocks direction for the next little while.....
    a lot can happen.. but I think when this is all over share holders will be wiped out again....i don't see saving a roller coaster as part of any aid packages ....the company already on shaky ground before all this, will fall under the weight of its own debt....There is so much uncertainty and lack of confidence in our government officials.......even if this ended tomorrow and the parks open....crowds would be sparse. On top of health concerns, there's financial, every day that goes by more damage is being done.....theres a lot of preplanning and steps that need to be taken to get the season started...extra costs ....not to mention biggest factor if schools are closed and the school year is extended into the summer....that will be the biggest factor that impedes crowds and revenue.....The parks aren't going away though it's just that someone else will own them....the odds are not in current stakeholders favor.....
  • m
    from S&P, issued 1 March (Hold, $60), when shares were price at $56---my hunch is that the subsequent 10% decline would make the shares a "BUY" given solid total gains ability over the next 6-12 months


    We project revenue growth of about 8.7% in
    2019 -- with some currency headwinds from
    certain operations in Mexico and Canada. This
    assumes a low- to mid-single-digit increase in
    attendance -- including five domestic parks
    whose operating licenses were acquired in May
    2018 -- aided by continued strong growth in
    the Active Pass membership base (recently
    exceeding more than 60% of total visitation).
    Also, we factor in a low-single-digit increase in
    total guest spending per cap, with targeted
    ticket price increases of 3% to 5% partly offset
    by lower in-park spending. With incremental
    contributions from nascent sponsorship and
    international licensing, we see revenues up
    3.0% in 2020.
    We project 2019 adjusted EBITDA margin of
    37.6% -- little changed versus 37.8% in 2018.
    Results should be partly constrained by
    "significantly lower" margins at the newly
    acquired parks on relatively higher operating
    expenses. Still, we expect a meaningful
    recovery to a 39.0% margin by 2020.
    After depreciation, amortization and stock
    compensation, as well as interest expenses,
    and with reduced taxes (post-tax reform), we
    forecast EPS of $2.79 in 2019 and $3.22 in
    Investment Rationale/Risk
    Despite a relatively healthy 5% increase in
    attendance for the Q4 and 2018 full-year
    results, the company in mid-February struck a
    cautious tone on its near-term outlook.
    Management cited certain delayed park
    openings in China amid a âchallenging
    macroeconomic environmentâ, precipitating a
    sharp Q4 decline in some nascent (and
    otherwise high-growth) revenue streams
    (including international licensing). Still, we see
    some notable bright spots on a continued
    strong growth in the customer loyalty program
    (Active Pass base). A recent multi-year cycle of
    capital spending on new attractions and
    acquisitions could sustain a low- to mid-teens
    returns on invested capital (ROIC).
    Risks to our recommendation include a sharp
    slowdown in U.S. consumer discretionary
    spending, dilutive acquisitions, relatively high
    earnings volatility, and highly disruptive
    weather conditions.
    Our 12-month target price is $60, on
    EV/EBITDA of 12.7x our 2019 estimate, a
    notable premium versus peers, while tracking
    its 10-year average of 12.3x. Also, we note
    almost $6 billion in recent carryforward net
    operating losses (NOLs) and a 5.9% recent
    dividend yield on the stock.