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South Jersey Industries, Inc. (SJI)

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  • R
    Common Stock offering is what the $4.00 drop in the share price is about!
  • S
    $SJI new shares issued are 10% of total outstanding so 10% dilution yet it's down 20%, so it's at a 10% bargain discount price
  • C
    Yes, I read the proxy. Fat bonus and huge salary increases. Where is the fiduciary responsibility?
  • Y
    SJI trades at 12X 2021 EPS. NJR trades at over 20X. The other public natural gas LDCs trade at 16 to 19X, not that there are many public natural gas LDCs left. PEG, a logical acquirer if SJI ever wants to sell, trades at 17X. While it is discouraging that SJI was a willing seller of stock at what looks like a depressed valuation, which tells you what management thinks the stock is worth, I think that if the stock continues to trade at by far the lowest multiple in the peer group, somebody is going to take it out. NJR or PEG could buy SJI, the purchase would be accretive to EPS, and the cost saves would be enormous. Only a matter of time and you get paid almost 6% to wait.
  • M
    10.4 million shares being offered at $22.25 by SJI. At least Renna's authorization for future offerings is now down to about 115 million shares... lol.
  • A
    I think what is most telling is the interest rate on the equity shares, nearly 8%!!! In an environment where even the crapiest companies are getting access to capital at 3%, kind of tells you the story for SJI.
    the rule of thumb on share offerings in wait for it to drop 10-15% from the set price. I'll maybe revisit at 20 but no more. I expect a dividend cut somewhere this year. The investor day presentation should be most entertaining......good luck all!
  • t
    For all you people predicting $30. Your dreams were just stolen. Maybe we can spend another 250mil on the thieving contractors running throttle full open, over billing, making deals with people overseeing construction for extra pipe, time and material and down time. Someone needs to sweep the broom and open their eyes what’s going on at this place. Loading their pockets leaving stock holders holding the bag.
  • t
    great jump up on double the average volume, Feels good after getting crushed on all my tech stocks the last few days. Great solid company with good dividend wish I had more....
  • g
    Thumbs up to the poster 3 weeks ago that posted back to $24..took awhile.. but correct..
  • B
    Let’s do this. Grabbed some at $22.50. Beam me up (whatever/wherever you are).....
  • J
    Lordy, South Joisey has been on a roll all year long...
  • M
    What’s up with raising capital?
    I decided to close out my position, good luck longs
  • C
    Look at the Proxy now! FAT BONUS and Salaries.

    The equity offering started at $300 mill and ended up at $587.1 mill. Unbelievable.

    The Company intends to use the proceeds from these offerings, which are expected to be approximately $510.5 million in the aggregate or approximately $587.1 million in the aggregate if the options to purchase additional shares of Common Stock and Equity Units are exercised in full .
  • C
    Not long ago South Jersey Ind. and New Jersey Natural gas companies market cap were just about the same. NJR would maybe be 500 million and at the max750 million higher than SJI. There was one time SJI surpassed NJR market cap approximately 5 years ago. Now NJR market cap almost 2 Billion more, quit spending money and giving fat bonus’s!!
  • A
    With more potential dilution on the horizon as was mentioned in these posts, this is alarming. I think we could see fresh new 52 week low‘s. It seems to me that if they cannot cover their capital expenditures, they will have a difficult time maintaining the dividend with the additional shares that were issued. I’m glad I did not buy in the last week. I will continue to sit on the sidelines and monitor this one.
  • f
    one of the best stocks to buy right now. i see the utility sector being the next in the rotation. this gets up to 30 in 6 months
  • T
    This is holding up better than I thought and going to run today or tomorrow. It is oversold. Buy
  • M
    bought in at 23.04 23.06 and some at 23.10
    I will bet we get a dead cat bounce to 24 or more tommorow. Im already making money 💰 🤪
  • F
    I would just like to take a moment to thank those people running this company for giving their shareholders a royal screwing. Mismanagement at its finest.
  • J
    So the offering will price at $20. lol