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Skechers U.S.A., Inc. (SKX)

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28.12-0.38 (-1.33%)
At close: 4:02PM EDT
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  • Add back the $s that they are spending on global growth and they'll be earning close to $3/share annually.
  • This stock is schizophrenic. It was down almost 10% after earnings release, then it got to a positive 5% gain after they said on conference call that operating margins would be 12-13% next year. Now it is basically back to flat. I get the move from down 10 to up 5, because the earnings miss is purely growth costs (and South Korea) which are not recurring next year. I don't get from up 5 to flat. It's like they can never have one good all around quarter where revenue is good, earnings are good, and guidance is good. That would be nice.
    And why did not one analyst ask about what they are doing with their $750M in cash. That is an insane amount for the company to continually be sitting on. Stock buy back or special one time dividend needs to be announced.
  • The battle rages. Shorts trying to trash the product, longs pointing at consistent market growth and balance sheet. Good, well-managed company but victim of options trading. Stock price does not reflect quality of company and product.
  • Agree 33 to 35
  • Insiders buy for one reason and one reason only they know there stock is going HIGHER. TY GOD willing he was RIGHT because I'm in and so is my dad. I bought him some to make money beings me LUCK if my dad also owns some.
  • 36 all the way
  • 15% of SKX is CASH but cost money for that growth plan opening new stores 47% oversea (good thing). They are closing a few SKX or moving locations for customers (good thing). Then flip to the other side closing stores and not opening any new stores==== SKX is best of breed my two cents. SKX and CALM have both done me well over the yrs so I might be byes and support both. GO SWKS,SWIR,RCL,TER,NVDA,AXL,USG,LGIH, CRUS,AAL, and CLF which will double soon and very fast. IBM I'm going to give them time to put WATSON to work and use WASTON to trade stocks=== MONEY.
  • Let's do the math.

    First half of 2017 = $2.1B revenue
    Q3 Forecast = $1.06B revenue
    Q4 Guesstimate = $850M (very conservative)
    FY Revenue = $4B revenue

    On call yesterday he said he expects 2018 to have operating income between 12-13%

    Taking the conservative 12% gets us $480M of operating income. Add in $10M for interest income brings us to $490M and then they said taxes would be in the 12-17% range I think so let's say 15% would bring us down to $417M of Net Income. The market cap as this moment is 4.34B which gives us a P/E of 10.4M. If we wanted to back out cash since they have no debt that would bring the market cap down to $3.6B and give us a P/E of 8.63.

    P/Es of competition: Nike 24, Deckers 380, Crox is negative, Under Armor 47, Adidas 32

    A private equity firm could pay double the stock price and still be getting a significant discount compared to peers. No reason this stock is at this level other then people's perception of Skechers and it is not cool like Nike/Adidas/Under Armor.
  • 2 roundtrip ER plays on this low tech shoe company:
    last night ER from $27.58 to $29.85 AH
    today from $26.67 to $28.14 - that's it ---> gone with moola $$$
  • This quarterly report is good enough. Miss on profits, beat on revenue. Obviously, company gained market share. Revenue guidance is in-line with estimates, while profit guidance is lighter.
    In total, it is quite acceptable numbers, esp. taking into account generally unfavorable retail environment.
  • Anyone else notice a ton of put options for July and August have been purchased the past few days? Other then someone having insider info I can't think of an negativity around this earnings release that would cause someone to invest so much money in puts (which are basically going to be worthless unless there's a big miss in the earnings).
  • I really think this quarter will deliver. A long wait
  • They beat on the high end. Billion Dollar quarter to go along the Billion in the first Q. Domestic sales are up which is a big concern
  • Skechers (NYSE: SKX) Shares Have Potential For 20% Upside From Here
    Skechers USA Inc (NYSE: SKX)'s mixed earnings report on Thursday and greater than 2-percent decline in the stock isn't reason enough for Buckingham Research Group's Scott Krasik...
  • Hold your shares, this thing is going to $40 by Q1-2018
  • Rev good
  • RECORD QTR SWEET and trading down buy buy buy it happens, never pass up a great deal.
  • close to showtime
  • A I
  • witch the company said hurt results the last year or so which has reversed course this last quarter or more