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Sun Life Financial Inc. (SLF.TO)

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  • To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved. http://dataunion.tistory.com/11680

    Sun Life Financial Inc_ NYSE $SLF Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks Sep-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 4,338 NYSE Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks is
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  • What is going on here? A friend of mine told me to look at this stock, what's the scoop? I see no activity on the message board.
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  • Lots of analyst with strong buy in Sun Life. I guess it's Asia expansion is the highest growth area and should do well for years to come.
  • Very difficult to see SLF not making a big run north now that it's pulled back this much. forward (P/E) is now 11.29. Yo you should really check out awe-someSTOCKS, they seem on point with their stocks.
  • The upside potential for SLF just got a whole lot more interesting thanks to an enticing long term annual growth estimate for 5 years of 4.91%. the other week awesomeS-TOCKS alerted this company i think. google them .
  • MARCH 1, 2017

    In an absolutely astonishing finale of multifaceted fake news about Sun Life Financial, all of it propounded and propagated to affect and make a profit from a systematic short selling frenzy coordinated by a criminal group of institutional short sellers, one fake news outlet had the gall to report yesterday, February 28, 2017 the following: "SUN LIFE FINANCIAL INC : ex-dividend day, 03/01/2017 EST, A dividend is removed today from Sun Life Financial Inc's share. © Factset 2017"

    SLF has been bombed, strafed, poisoned and gutted by these institutional short sellers for a total of two weeks leading up to this ex-dividend day, today. The false, misleading, often repeated and vastly exaggerated bad news has cost many small investors loads of money.

    That, my friends is how the market works. It is corrupt through and through. When a company decides to go public with a public offering, it has made a pact with the devil. I hope everyone has learned from this experience. I hope everyone is ashamed of just how crooked the country as a whole has become. Because we can do much better than this.
  • Next quarter earning is upgraded!
  • Sun life is a bargain now. Comparing to US insurance, it will catch up as 1/3 of its business is from US.
  • Start accumulating Sun Life, its last report shows increases in sales in most categories and was not that bad. The US tax reduction will boost its return, increase rate increase will reduce its reserve and increase bond returns. Now, the expansion to Indian with local expert is the kicker for secular growth. Oligopoly business in Canada provides steady profits and aging boomers will need wealth management more and more. At this price , it will provide very decent dividend return that will be increased over time.
  • Oh! I almost forgot. Today is the day to buy back in to SLF. In fact, buy back in this morning before it gets away from you.
  • Way over-sold, NYSE SLF short-squeeze is ongoing. March 1st ex-dividend now pressures shorts, 32 cents a share. Yesterday, Fool-Canada said accumulate SLF.TO because the company's future is most assuredly strong. If NYSE SLF breaks $38 today, it'll rocket almost immediately to $39, because the short-sale window is closing fast, 2/23/2017 Short sale panic is in the works now, after yesterday's recovery.
  • Here's the plan of the scoundrels that have seized control of SLF stock. They are going to continue working SLF down straight through ex-dividend day, March 1st, when a whole new crowd will want to get out. It will be under $34 before then, and they'll cover their $40 short positions with a great big greedy grin. Just ignore them, is the best advice. Don't even look at the SLF stock price until about March 9 or 10. How's that for an "Investors' Day" special provided by SLF? Trust me. The whole think won't tank before then. Daylight is coming. but not for more than a week more of this well planned destruction of the share price.
  • I sold mine today, at a tidy loss I'm honest enough to add. Investor Day, on March 9th! Who cares. This stock has been taken over by a major stakeholder who is divesting by shorting at the top, and who is now selling it down as hard as they can, in order to cover the short positions they took back when SLF was trading at $40. If the Sun Life Financial had the interests of its investors in mind, they'd have announced a share buy-back today, not some ##$%$ing Investor Day two weeks from today! ##$%$ this thing! And ##$%$ Sun Life Financial too. SLF shorts are at 4 million+, eight days to cover! And they'll do it too, right at the bottom. So stop buying and selling this thing now, and let them eat their positions until the whole market crashes and burns.
  • RSI hitting the bottom and is a great entry point, and Trump imminent announcement will lift all financial stocks. Large volume buyers are coming in for the dividend.
  • Fool said -buy-and-hold today. Short-squeeze imminent. LOL!