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    the best time to convert to pslv is when slv is trading at a premium to pslv, great arbitrage situation currently, pslv has mopped up all available silver in north america and has had to start sourcing silver out of Europe. If you want your dollars to contribute to the rise in silver, make the switch. Join up with our over 120k subscribers on wallstreetsilver and help stop this manipulation game once and for all
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    The Fed announcement regarding an interest rate increase in 2023 after the 2022 mid term elections is designed to keep Powell in his job. Two years is a long time and silver prices should not be effected by this statement as the possibility of rate increases never goes away. In this case 2023!!
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    If you’re a day trader, you should definitely check out (http://Fairstox.com). They send a watchlist covering the top pre-market movers every day before the open. It’s a great way to pick out potential trades for the day.
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    Imagine if you're on social security and you see your purchasing power recede by 10% but then you hear the Fed is going to increase your purchasing power by 1/2% in two years. I can't wait for the to open up that social security lockbox, it will be like Geraldo opening the safe of sunken treasure.
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    Just another chapter of a long story with the same ending. We all know the game is rigged The spot price is based on paper futures contracts, NOT the actual supply and demand of the metal.
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    VIX up TNX Up. We know inflation is up - so why are SLV and gold market down >1.5%?
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    If you’re a day trader, you should definitely check out (http://Fairstox.com). They send a watchlist covering the top pre-market movers every day before the open. It’s a great way to pick out potential trades for the day.
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    How much silver can be left? I would think this first 6 months was the most silver ever bought for the period. I’m not worried about it.
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    If you were buying at $12.00 a year ago this pullback means absolutely nothing.
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    Is anyone here concerned with the effects of Basal lll? Will it help this stock, hurt it, sideways or unknown?
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    #SLV,#PSLV **Check it out, 7:58 AM EST to 8:30 AM Silver COMEX slammed with sell orders to drive down Silver price !!! When will it END !!! Demand regulation, demand enforcement !!!
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    US mint has been out of silver coins for 4 months now !
    While the phony spot paper price of silver is currently 27.92 silver eagles 🦅 are selling for 38.00 each... and silver rounds or bars are selling today for 32.50 each ! Demand by stackers is growing by the day. Redditt has a group called Wallstsilver with over 113,000 members who are stacking large amounts of physical. Eventually the crooks who manipulate and short silver will get squeezed similar to gamestop hedge funds. The mismanagement, debasement and dilution of the US dollar that is occuring today guarantees silver will gain in value over time. Buy physical or pslv for trading accounts check out the reddit Wallstreetsilver group and you will see they mean business !
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    I am buying.
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    sweet, I bought this dip.

    inflation is happening bigly
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    I don’t know how I ever traded without using (http://Stocks-tracker.com)! I look forward to their daily emails each morning that list pre-market movers based on thoroughly researched stock market and world news. I highly recommend anyone who invests in the stock market!
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    The inflation adjusted price of silver in 1980 was between 150-200 I believe. In 1979 we had gasoline rationing, every other day. It’s starting to look like history is going to repeat itself here.
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    As Reuters reports, in an effort to combat the rising price of finished goods at its factories (and pinched profit margins for its producers), China's National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration announced Wednesday that it will "release metal in batches in near future." Copper and aluminum held in government strategic stockpiles were specifically named as targets of the action, and also zinc, which is used for galvanizing steel.  
    It's hard to overstate the significance of this event, which is almost unprecedented in recent memory. Citing analysts, Reuters says this sale of stockpiled metals will be "the first such move in a decade" by China.
    ==> China comes to rescue to reduce metal inflation.”
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Howvere, wage inflation and asset bubbles are still there.
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    Huge demand for silver expected for some time....
    “Perth Mint responds to gold, silver shortage allegations (Pt. 2/2)”
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    all Temporary
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    Born Extreme
    It's fascinating that the precious metals manipulation is so accepted, even governments are openly supporting it. For example, the French are selling Gold (and encourage other G7 to do same).... to support Africa ...yah ok... The back story is it's really a way for EU banks to meet Basil III conditions end of this month because there is not enough of it in open market to meet this demand. All this manipulation and governments are supporting it by providing banks with a way out.... Am I giving too much info away.