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Smith Micro Software, Inc. (SMSI)

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  • So now you are saying that Huffmyer sold 50,000 shares at $1.32. After all going by you you never lose any money on all of the buys you made at higher prices because you haven't sold those shares, so it would seem that you would also think that Huffmyer hasn't made a penny until he sells those shares.
    48 seconds ago
    And Huffmyer has just made $8000 on his 50,000 shares. Not too shabby for just one week in the job!!"
  • (1) You haven't proven squat. In fact, every prediction you have made about the future of the company has thus far proven wrong. The only thing you are good at is noticing when the stock price goes up, and basing everything on what has happened since the last low. The stock is still 50% under what it was in August. FACT.
    (2) Nobody but you has any losses, and you only have them if you were actually buying stock all those times you said you were before April 2017. You posted buying in March, January, December, last October, last August, and that's all in the last year. Did you need me to trot out the posts? Plus you keep on saying I have sold short when I have done no such thing. Liar.
    (3) We are posting 8Ks and company announcements. The company has given no guidance during the last two conference calls, and revenue has been steadily dropping as witnessed by reading the financials. That isn't FUD, that's facts. You are the one postulating revenue for which there is no support, and it isn't FUD to say you are wrong, AS YOU HAVE BEEN EVERY TIME IN THE PAST.
    (4) I don't give a damned about the share price. I really don't. This company is heading into the dirt unless it makes a significant about face. I do care about the employees and customers in the graphics division it has shafted.
    (5) That 65 cent call is the only one I have gotten wrong, and that's because of the artificial price level the stock has been boosted to in support of the RDO. I called a 40% drop in September and was correct, I called the drop to 85 cents after the Q4 2016 close correct, and I predicted both the revenue and the loss correct in that call ahead of time, which you are conveniently forgetting. And yes, I still have a call for 65 cents. Unless Q2 contains significant revenue surprises we are going to get there. If there isn't $2.5 million in shareholder equity, and the company still faces delisting, we are going to get there a lot sooner.
    (6) is just utter nonsense. Who has changed their name after disappearing?
  • We have incorporated a Wikipedia (AKA, Encyclopedia for Dummies) reference for revenue recognition. We will let the gentle readers decide for themselves if SMSI can recognize as revenue the proceeds of license sales for those licenses not yet delivered, installed or activated by any known user. I'm sure they will further decide for themselves whether revenue can be recognized once be_accurate delivers her bizarro explanation about why it is permitted:


    Revenue recognition
    Cash can be received in an earlier or later period than obligations are met (when goods or services are delivered) and related revenues are recognized that results in the following two types of accounts:
  • And lest We forget:
    by smsicriminals @ Feb. 4, 2015, 12:17 a.m.

    We don't call her the Village Idiot for nothing. Can you believe anyone can be stupid enough to pretend they bought at 85 cents when she has 25,000 posts here over the last 11 years documenting her purchases and bragging about what a genious she was for buying this at $17 because Stuffit Wireless was gonna make this a $200 stock?

    We laughed our rears off back then and laugh even louder now that the passing decade has proven her a completely delusional imbecile.

    Oh my aching sides!

    Traders note volume has now collapsed to 80K shares. Everybody be careful out there.
  • I wonder if Yaskek's leaving has anything to do with a refusal to loan SMSI money or buy more stock? Note that I don't have any more basis for conjecturing this then be_idiot_boy has for all the garbage he is floating, but there you go.
  • And when the Comcast deal was first announced it was only because their revenue contribution for that quarter was more than 10% of quarterly revenues. At that time SMSI software was only in the Xfinity WiFi app. Now SMSI software is required for the Xfinity Mobile service. So how many licenses have they pre-ordered which will be recognised as revenue as Q2? Remember EVERY 'phone that Comcast sells, and the Xfinity Mobile service requires subscribers to buy a 'phone from Comcast, must have SMSI software pre-installed. That is one of the reasons that new subscribers must buy a 'phone from Comcast and cannot, currently, use their existing 'phone - although they are working on making that option available. Then there is the revenue for the circa 100m addressable market for Safepath. Plus a tier-1 carrier was scheduled to launch safepath by the end of May and a US tier-1 carrier was in advanced discussions in early May - so that deal may already have closed. If that is true, news could be released any day now which will send the share price soaring bringing in new investors and all the shorts desperately trying to cover. The next short report is due after the close on Monday. That should be interesting to see how many have finally recognised the very substantial risks they are taking and have covered. If the short position has increased, I say "bring it on" - the more merrier and the more the desperation to cover when the share price soars!!

    Just can't wait for that day - such top class entertainment watching the share price soar and all the shorts desperately trying to cover at ANY price!!!!
  • Since the post with the link didn't show up here's something for be_accurate to google.

    "Is Smith Micro Software Inc (SMSI) A Financially Sound Company?"
  • SMSI has a market cap of $16 million dollars. That means the company can be bought for under $20 million dollars. That's pocket change to Comcast. If Comcast really had a bill of $10 million or more for licenses of any SMSI product, what do you think it would do? Now, why do you think it isn't doing it be_idiot_boy.

    I'll give you a hint: No, it's not required for Xfinity Mobile service.
  • You have been PROVEN a BLATANT LIAR. ALL doubt has been removed. Everything YOU post is GARBAGE.
  • From the be_accurate dictionary this translates into
    "be_accurate 2 minutes ago
    There is simply no hope for Roger the Ridiculous Radish. Even the simplest of messages confuses this undisputed leader of the crass monumental idiotic community."
    He won't drink the koolaid so there is no way we will ever be able to fool him with our lies.
  • Wow, be_idiot_boy can read a stock chart! The problem is he's still predicting revenue for which there is no verifiable support except for unicorns and fairies.
  • Certified Liar ! Proven GUILTY by Your own Posts. NOTHING You post has any credibility because it
    is GARBAGE. Losses and Lies. You have been proven a Certified Liar. You cannot prove that You have made
    a single dime because Your word is totally worthless. Go ahead try and prove it; We will ALL have a good Laugh !

    Just more worthless GARBAGE.
  • Explain this in Detail: C'mon Liar


    Lies, Lies and MORE LIES ! be_accurate stated He had not arrived here till August 2011 and did not own shares prior
    to His arrival. His own statement proves He is and always will be a BLATANT LIAR ! Who is NEVER to be believed !
    SEVERAL YEARS is not 10 or 11 Months. Eat some more Burger Boy ! Losses and LIES !

    QUOTE:By be_accurate . May 4, 2012 9:44 AM . Permalink

    "Had you been in this stock for the last several years, you'd have the same attitude as many of us do."

    "I have been and my investment is down substantialy"
  • Actually I am puzzled about what happened with that RDO. There usually is a closing announcement on them, I don't know if it is required though, I assumed it was. In any case, I can't prove one way or another if it closed or not, it looks to me like it did simply because if it hadn't, SMSI would be out of cash. I assume we will get a definitive answer when Q2 financials are released, and since the quarter ends in 5 days, it will not be all that long to wait.
  • "I don't give a damned about the share price. I really don't."

    Of course you don't. What could possibly be the reason you post so many blatant lies about the company?? Because you don't "give a damn"!!!!! Just for once in your wretched evil life admit you are short and are using a tactic of posting 100% blatant lies to recover some of your huge losses from trading short. Why else forecast a share price of 65 cents by the end of May which was SO WRONG?? And then to RE_ITERATE it????

    Also admit you are evil. Pure evil. And best ignored.
  • FACT be_idiot_boy has been posting he has been buying in HUGE amounts every time, not just at the 80 cent range. He was boasting about an "eye-watering" amount of shares he owned back in March for example. He only wants you to think the majority of his purchases were in the 80 cent range because of all the times he has claimed to have bought, those are the only ones that are not underwater. Don't take my word for it. Look back through his posts.
  • "(3) We are posting 8Ks and company announcements"

    Well post the 8-K about the company advising shareholders the share price would drop to 65 cents by the end of May!!!!! Or if you can't do that, post the company announcement that the revenues would be poor in Q2 and that the share price is likely to fall to 65 cents!!!

    And then post the 8-K that a PR is need to close the RDO or even post the 8-K advising shareholders the published share capital was wrong!!!

    Yet AGAIN. 100% pure blatant lies. This life form even lies when it is trying to prove it doesn't!!!! Evil. Pure evil. Best ignored.
  • "Nobody but you has any losses"

    FACT - I posted I was buying in HUGE amounts when the share price in the 80 cents range. Since then the share price has risen over 50%. FACT
    FACT - The 100% proven blatant lying short diogenese crass monumental idiot was forecasting a share price of 65 cents by the end of May. yet another blatant attempt to instil fear in the minds of longs.

    Have no doubt. This life form is evil and will post any blatant lie to instil fear in the minds of longs as I have proven 100%. It is evil. Pure evil and best ignored.
  • "1) You haven't proven squat"

    This is AGAIN EXACTLY what I am posting about. I will recall yet again what the 100% blatant lying short diogenese idiot posted. It posted the RDO had not closed because no PR had been issued. I did research and found that no PR is necessary for registered shares. Then the 100% proven blatant lying short diogenese crass monumental idiot posted that the share capital had NOT increased. I posted evidence to prove it had. Only at this point did the 100% proven blatant lying short diogenese crass monumental idiot admit it was wrong. So much effort to prove just how this evil life form will post ANYTHING even if it is a 100% blatant lie, to try and instil fear in the minds of longs. Evil. Pure evil. Everything this evil life form is best ignored.
  • I wonder if be_accurate will ever be able to convince himself of all of the BS he posts on here. He should have learned by now that the rest of us on here aren't stupid enough to believe anything he says. It always wah wah wah nobody believes me or my daddy ( aka Billy)!!!