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Smith Micro Software, Inc. (SMSI)

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  • Sure, I'll talk about the rise since April 21st. SMSI floated an RDO at $1.05 per share. It's hard to sell that if the stock price is 85 cents, so the stock had to be moved up. They also didn't want the new bagholders to feel completely shafted from the start, so they have pushed through short resistance at low volume to prop it up artificially in the $1.40 range. This balloon will pop when the Q2 results come out showing no increase in revenues, and no guidance by the company.

    Now I will be the first to admit that I have no hard evidence to support this view, but circumstantial evidence is this:

    (1) The move to the $1.05 was accompanied by pretty massive volume for SMSI, around 1 million shares a day. This was accompanied by announcements of non-revenue producing contracts, that is, no revenue was forecast.
    (2) Immediately after this the RDO was announced.
    (3) The move to $1.40 after the RDO was accompanied by very low volume trading - Less than 50,000 shares a day.
    (4) The CFO left the company getting six months severance pay which would indicate he didn't resign for another job, there was some kind of disagreement that ended with him leaving.

    My prediction is that the stock will drop to a price well under $1 after Q2 reporting, and my target is still 65 cents.

    There be_idiot_boy, someone talked about it.
  • Now be_accurate is talking about Billy getting revenue from IoT but as always he is way late to the game. Going by this quote Billy has already missed out on close to 20 billion devices but now thinks he can do better than companies already established in the IoT market.

    "IHS forecasts that the IoT market will grow from an installed base of 15.4 billion devices in 2015 to 30.7 billion devices in 2020 and 75.4 billion in 2025"
  • 55,000 posts of delusional GARBAGE
  • And once again be_idiot boy refuses to address the lack of marketing for Safe Path except to say that everybody is stupid but him. Um, yeah, you realize you are an idiot, right?

    He also explains it by the stock price rising.

    Look moron, I'll be happy to worry about a Tier 1 carrier taking up Safe Path when I see any existing contract for Safe Path actually earning money, not before.

    You're such a maroon.
  • Since be_accurate knows so much about the SMSI software that is preloaded on Comcast phones, perhaps she can tell us how and when the revenue is recognized. Answer here: ____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ .
  • SMSI reported their second quarter results last year on July 25th. Today is the 21st of July, and no announcement has been made of an earnings call. Interesting....
  • Hey be_idiot_boy, we know SMSI can't be bothered to market Safe Path to consumers but tell me, since you are counting on all sorts of revenue from white labeled Safe Path contracts, can you point to ANY Safe Path (under whatever name) marketing by any company that has licensed it? And if not, how the hell do you expect it to sell to consumers? Divine intervention?
  • Of course the problem with be_idiot_boys post below about lowered operating costs is revenues are not anywhere near $7.5 million, and are on a steady downward trend that laying off major portions of the R&D staff is not going to fix. BTW, does SMSI even HAVE a marketing department at this point, or do Smith's "deals" encompass the entire marketing strategy?
  • And what news of contracts will be released at the Q2 CC?? The name of the US tier-1 carrier who was in advanced discussions for Safepath in early May?? The names of any other US carriers who were expressing interest in Safepath??? The name of the tier-1 carrier that was scheduled to launch Safepath in May?? The names of other customers who have signed up for Quicklink IoT??

    I just HOPE the shorts hang on to their short position so that when this news is released, the share price ticks higher by the second as new investors acquire the stock and the shorts desperately try to cover their short position as the share price ticks ever higher.
  • Take a good long look at page 21, Study it. "the opportunity of a Lifetime" yuk,yuk,yuk


  • The Gormless Gherkin also does not seem to appreciate basic trading principles. If an investor buys a relatively small number of shares at a high price but buys a HUGE amount at a low price, and the share price subsequently rises, it wipes out the losses from the shares bought at the higher price. The HUGE amount of shares I acquired in the 80 cent range are now showing a profit of around 70%. Even a life form with a brain the size of a pea should be able to work it out!!!
  • "lack of marketing for the Safe Path product for end users."

    Once again the 100% proven blatant lying ignorant short diogenese crass monumental idiot does not have the first clue how SMSI sells Safepath. This is all explained in the 10-K if only this crass monumental idiot would read and understand that document.

    Or does it just post this crass monumental idiotic drivel because it is SHORT a HUGE amount of shares and is watching those losses grow and grow - the share price is now UP 71% since April 21st when I acquired a HUGE amount in the 80 cents range. meanwhile the 100% proven blatant ignorant short diogenese crass monumental idiot was shorting shares in the belief the price would be 65 cents by the end of May. It wasn't. It is now 118% (YES!!! ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN PER CENT) higher than that!! Those losses from shorting shares are not trivial. And as the share price continues it inexorable rise, those losses will only grow. Some 100% proven blatant lying ignorant shorts will lean the hard way. How long before this 100% proven blatant lying ignorant short covers??? Once thing is for certain......the longer it waits the more it will lose. And with the possibility of news being released any day now - the CEO advised investors at the Q1 CC that there would be much to announce later in the year and nothing has been released so far - the share price could open dramatically higher on the release of that news. the shorts have been warned multiple times. The fortnightly short report has been reporting a decrease in the short position - intelligent shorts are beginning to get the message. But not the 100% proven blatant lying ignorant short diogenese crass monumental idiot. It's losses could be catastrophic.
  • Intel, The Never Event ! It was a complete Fiasco. Billy Lied.
  • I see none of the crass monumental idiotic community want to discuss the circa 70% rise since April 21st. No surprise there. It would highlight the losses they are nursing from shorting shares!!!
  • Read it again:
    Comcast is not currently offering any incentives for customers to switch over to its mobile services, and is limiting this service to consumers who already have, or are ready to subscribe to, its broadband service. This limits the growth potential of the mobile service, but leverages its existing infrastructure effectively. The company’s management is viewing this service as a “relationship building” tool that should effectively reduce churn going forward while also generating some incremental revenues

    And then We have the Idiot's view........delusion.

    Yep! To be one of the worst investors in history, you have buy in HUGE amounts in the 80 cents range and watch the share price climb to $1.42 - a greater than 70% rise!!! That is what the Gormless Gherkin describes as "the worst investors in history". AND all those trades were posted on this board at the time they were executed!!!

    Oh!! My poor, poor, poor aching sides!! Will the crass monumental idiotic community EVER deal in FACTS???
  • Yup, I'm tracking my forecast of 65 cents, and as you have noted, it hasn't gotten there. I'm still incredulous that SMSI could persaude someone to buy $2,000,000 of it's common stock based on the prospectus it released which was frankly hideous. Completely honest which it had to be, but I can't understand somebody plunking money down after reading it, which makes it interesting to conjecture who spent the money and why.

    I still think that left to it's natural devices the stock will drop to 65 cents or less, we are all waiting for that Q2 report which will be extremely interesting.

    As far as your supposed Xfinity income, I just don't see any indication that there is any. I believe you are going to shown totally wrong on that, and it will not surprise anybody.

    I believe Safe Path is going to be a trickle, simply because it is being marketed wrong - that isn't a product you can "white label", all the cost will be in promotion and support, why would anybody give SMSI anything for it? It could be a viable product if Smith Micro were capable of marketing directly to consumers, which is apparently beyond its capablity.

    The software update program, I don't see any activity by the company that licensed it, so I don't see any current revenue.

    As I said, $5.5 million in revenue would be my top end, my low would be a bit under $5 million.

    There, an entire post without insulting language. Think you can manage one in return?
  • And the crass monumental idiotic community seem to struggle with why Arno, a director, would buy 50,000 shares at $1.10 with his own money!!!!