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Smith Micro Software, Inc. (SMSI)

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1.0867-0.1433 (-11.6504%)
At close: 3:59PM EDT
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  • We know too, they are watching the value of their investment go down. Just like be_accurate!!!

    15 minutes ago
    And all those smart investors who acquired shares at higher prices than the current trading price know EXACTLY what they doing. "
  • Same old be_accurate talking about the future but the future never tuns out the way he predicts. Looks like he needs to go back to Fortune Telling School!!!

    16 seconds ago
    What a buying opportunity with a view to holding for six months to make mega profits."

    "Re: Re: Question
    by be_accurate . Feb 11, 2013 8:34 AM . Permalink Go to topic
    On June 13th 2004 the share price was exacrly the same as the closing price on Friday - $1.63.
    By December 15th 2004 the share price had climbed to $10.30.
    I am expecting similiar gains in the next six months. Why?"

    "Re: Considering yesterday's report
    By be_accurate . May 4, 2012 9:44 AM . Permalink
    I have done my reserch and concluded that they stand an excellent chance of success with the share price returning to the same level as around late 2010. This is an opportunity to buy more at sub $2 prices. It will be seen as a bargain in around 12 - 18 moinths time."

    Currently trading at $2.18 with much, much more to come!!! Just wait until the wider investor community understands what is going on......"
  • Why would anyone be long here? Give me one good reason. And no be accurate i dont want to see possibilities that may remotely happen. I want to see REAL reasons why someone would invest here? And because a company officer did is rhe dumbest reason ever.
  • I am, yet again acquiring a HUGE number of shares at prices under $1.10. Now don't all you crass monumental idiots forget to remind me now.
  • And somehow the technically and commercially incompetent M mental Mango crass monumental idiot thinks lies have been posted by me, I assume. Lies CERTAINLY HAVE been posted on this board ad proven to be so. But that would be the 100% proven blatant lying ignorant short diogenese crass monumental idiot.
  • The crass monumental idiotic community have been posting f a few years now about

    bankruptcy - hasn't happened

    running out of cash - hasn't happened

    delisting - hasn't happened

    no contracts - at least SIX contracts for Safepath and Kona S announced.

    But on and on and on and on goes the relentless vacant vacuous mindless drivel!!!
  • Now here be_accurate is inferring that the books are cooked as the reason Billy is waiting on filing the 10 Q !!!

    10 hours ago
    Now the 100% proven blatant lying ignorant short diogenese crass monumental idiot appears to have forgotten already that a new CFO has recently joined the company. Any mature investor would recognise that the Q2 CC may be a little delayed as the new CFO gets up to speed. It is clear he has already found some clerical errors so it is perfectly understandable that he will want to get a solid understanding of the finances before scheduling the CC. Do grow up. Being infantile as well as a 100% proven blatant lying ignorant short are not qualities to be proud of."
  • I am getting ready for the inevitable surge in the share price as the date of the Q2 CC approaches and PRs are released announcing the new contracts. Have Verizon contracted for Safepath? Or AT&T or Sprint??? What new contracts have been signed for the Quicklink IoT product?? How much revenues have Comcast contributed due to the launch of the Xfinity Mobile contract? How is this likely to scale throughout the rest of 2017???
  • Just look at the way Roger the Ridiculous Radish can retrieve my historial posts. It's no surprise it hangs on my every word!!!
  • Raid over - the weak hands have been shaken out. Now the market makers hold on to that stock and wait for the inevitable surge in the share price when the PRs are released.
  • Paint that Tape ! And they missed again, They can't even get that right:
    After Hours Time (ET) After Hours Price After Hours Share Volume
    16:01:50 $ 1.34 High 98
  • 1000 shares just went through at $1.25. Now I wonder who that could be??? Now don't all you crass monumental idiots forget to remind me now.
  • I would not expect the crass monumental idiotic community who mostly populate this board to have the vaguest clue what is going on. But I suspect Arno, a Director, has VERY DETAILED knowledge and he has just bought 50,000 shares at $1.10!!! Tricky stuff for the crass monumental idiotic community to grasp!!
  • This is a reminder that no, no evidence has ever been posted to this board that would show there is SMSI software pre-loaded on XFINITY phones. There has been plenty of evidence posted that there is no XFINITY software preloaded on the phones period including links to Comcasts site. be_idiot_boy is a continuous liar on this point.
  • Well on its way to 65 cents.
  • Why didnt the all knowing be accurate dump it all at 1.80 a few weeks ago? you'll never see that price again
  • Hey, Idiot ; ooops Certified Liar, Prove You have made one penny ! You cannot and ALL of Us know Your a
    blatant liar who cannot be believed, ever. Sorry ..................We will never BELIEVE YOU.

  • be accurate is buying thousands today, THOUSANDS I TELL YA!
  • And now Gator The Gormless Gherkin blows yet another fuse!!! SEVEN consecutive posts of pure vacant vacuous mindless drivel!!
  • be_idiot_boy suggested " So the BIG question is what there is a significant purchase of licenses or are Comcast drip feeding orders to SMSI???"

    Actually no, it really doesn't make a difference if there are many small purchases or one big one.

    The big question is if SMSI is going to get revenues AT ALL from XFINITY Mobile. If they are the stock price will go up. If they aren't, and you have ABSOLUTELY ZERO real evidence there is any SMSI programs in XFINITY mobile, then the bottom will probably drop out since SMSI is likely going to fail listing requirements. So yeah, the Q2 report is very important. If revenues continue to deteriorate, cost cutting is not going to close the gap.

    And yes, that report will be overdue in LESS THAN THREE WEEKS.