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Soligenix, Inc. (SNGX)

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  • H.C.Wainwright initiates coverage this morning of SNGX with a price target of $11.
  • A research report this morning states that there was no reason they can think of for SNGX to soar yesterday. (Other than an a price target by H.C.Wainwright , which they appear to discount)
    I'll tell you this much, when a stock soars 36% on very heavy volume, there's almost always something behind it.
    Think people!
    These guys just don't know and are flapping their jaws mindlessly.
    Had they said there is a possibility that something is in the works, or that someone may be taking a stake based on the huge volume, we'd be in the upper 3's today.
    Sit tight guys.

    "Soligenix, Inc. was one of the biggest gainers on the NASDAQ on Monday, closing up 36.23%. There was no significant news from the company to explain the jump but it was revealed that H.C. Wainwright analyst Joseph Pantginis has initiated coverage on the stock and has given it a "buy" rating and an $11 price target."
  • Lets just hope optimism about Soligenix isn't based on its Orbeshield pill for GastroIntestinal radiation sickness. Radiation and overpressure trump, so to speak, stock market optimism.
  • Flush out day traders, then higher we go!!!!
  • About time......
  • SNGX, looks to be overvalued at this price Yo you should really check out AWE.some.STOCK_S, they seem on point with their stocks.
  • IGXT (MC $46 M) NDA filing for MEGA thin-flim Cialis (better than Viagra) this month =10++ BAGGER Potential ! PLEASE read this guys and then join us to make big money .GLTA

    2 US-NDA submission within 2 months ,lot of Cash and heavily underpriced at a valuation of just $46 million .1 Big drug partnered with Endo Pharma already under review by FDA market launch expected in 1H 2018 .Load up guys before she the MEGA news hit the wire and thank me later .GL

    Intelgenx (IGXT)

    MarketCap $46 Million
    Cash ~$12 Million (including convertible debt) =cash untill 2021+
    Price: 0.70

    NDA submission for tadalafil (erectile dysfunction) thin-film version of Blockbuster drug Cialis in June or July
    NDA resubmission for Rizaport (migraine) in early Q3
    Partnership for Tadalafil in 2H 2017


    IntelGenx previously confirmed the bioequivalence of Tadalafil to Eli Lilly’s Cialis, which had sales of $1.5-billion in 2016 but faces generic competition in 2020. IntelGenx has an exclusive license for oral films from Lilly for its dosing patent, which would allow Tadalafil to enter the ED market in the U.S. free from patent litigation from Lilly. Dr. Matzen explains that Tadalafil, which offers a discrete dosing alternative, could enter the market in 2018, with up to three years of market exclusivity before Cialis is hit with generic competition.

    Tadalafil is an erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment that boasts bioequivalence with Cialis, the current leading brand, and with a successful biostudy in-hand a 505(b)(2) NDA is set to be filed any day now, meaning that a full launch should be expected in mid-2018. Cialis is already winning-out over Viagra in terms of numbers of prescriptions, which is largely down to price and efficacy, but when Tadalafil comes to market with the same product in a more convenient and discreet delivery mechanism, IntelGenX should see a massive number of customers take-up its services.

    IntelGenx has multi-faceted BD approach for its oral films
    With a burgeoning pipeline of pharmaceutical oral films, IntelGenx’s (OTCQX:IGXT; TSXV:IGX) business development strategy is focused on partnering its product pipeline along with actively meeting with potential partners to explore manufacturing
  • $2M is around 17% of the current market capitalization of sngx.
  • I noticed this morning Intelgenx (IGXT), an oral film delivery company, is plugging Oral Mucositis. Are they talking? "The market opportunity for treatments of oral disease and conditions is large and growing. For example, available data indicate that the global market for Sjögren's Syndrome and oral mucositis treatments will reach approximately USD$2 billion in 2017, growing at a compound annual rate of 7.2% through to 2024, while the prevalence of mouth ulcers is already very high, with approximately 15-30% of the global population currently affected. With the issuance of this new patent, IntelGenx intends to seek potential commercialization partners for TOF products in the United States."
  • Who says SNGX isn't poised for potentially massive upward movement? have you guys heard of awesome_stock.s. i started receiving their allerts and so far i am happy.
  • Worth reading over and over.

    What Biotech Offers a Better Risk/Reward Profile than Soligenix (SNGX)? In Our View, None
    AccesswireJune 07, 2017

    Collaborations, China, and Potential takeover.

    What Biotech Offers a Better Risk/Reward Profile than Soligenix (SNGX)? In Our View, None
    BEND, OR / ACCESSWIRE / June 7, 2017 / I have been invested in and following the Soligenix (NASDAQ: SNGX) story for nearly 5 years. In that time period the company has achieved all that it said it would, ...
  • SNGX may be a compelling opportunity. Yo you should really check out aw-esomeSTOCKS, they seem on point with their stocks.
  • That's nice looking SGX42* long term safety data. This product should be first to market easily with three years until the next biologically based OM treatment (and not just a wash) gets submitted to the FDA. Ricin data is good, 301 data interesting. Long holding.
  • If we are to go off the RSI then you could argue that a pull back next day or so could occur on SNGX before rallying up. Im not sure about you guys but awesom-eSTOCKS has provided me with some pretty good trade ideas. I messed up executing some of them but thats on me.
  • More dropping with news
  • Folks - this ALWAYS eventually drops. Sometimes more quickly than other times. The same underlying problem has been following this company for more than 4 years. Nobody of any worth has confidence that this is nothing more than a scam to pay salaries and bonuses. There's a reason why Todd and I say this and that's because the past 4 years has shown this consistent pattern of behavior. If they are really trying to change and become a real company, well they've shot themselves in the foot about 100 times and lost a lot of investors. It will be an uphill climb until I believe they show strong phase III data for 942 or 301 in which case I would still tread cautiously.
  • Todd and Jon are shorts and have been bashing even when the stock was in the 1s. Thanks for brinking it down. I have been significantly accumulating. For those like Jon and Todd not familiar with pharmacology, 942 is in a class of medications that will not only help healing mucous membranes (OM), burns, chronic wounds etc....but it will also reduce bacterial resistance, reduce infections and help improve tumor response. The phase 2 was not a fluke. Lots or real shots on goal here for a huge product with multiple licenses. Then the vaccine division, vaccine stabilization technology, product for T cell lymphoma of skin (no current product is indicated), Pediatric crohn's......all for this tiny market cap. I continue ...and will continue to accumulate. This stock is grossly under priced.
  • Frank, that's a good one. Why don't we just ignore the facts and ignore the history and listen to you? I always say to newcomers if you want to invest just do your homework and look at what this company has done to investors for the past 4 years. If you think there's something magical today that's different than it has been in the past then go for it.
  • Anyone new to SNGX, you can just ignore this entire board. It is full of bitter longs who lost a lot of money on SNGX because they are terrible investors and don't understand science or microcap biotech stocks.

    A shelf is just smart. Any decent company would file a shelf so that they could potentially raise on good data (think SRPT, BMRN). It does not mean they're raising money and Schaber just stated in a 4/24/17 interview that they have no need to raise here.

    I'll be buying this week if it dips based on the S3. Registrational CTCL data in 6 months. Phase 3 OM in 18 months. Risk/reward here is very compelling.
  • Ebola outbreak in remote area of Congo announced today.
    They might try experimental vaccines. But no refrigeration in this area.
    Wonder if they would use our Heat Stabilization process (Thermovax)?
    Makes sense to me.