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    Down 88% on my investment now. I should sell just to take what little I have left, but at this point I just don't care. All the way to zero. Someone get the violins to start playing cuz I'm going down with this ship.

    Lesson learned. From here on out, I'm only investing in mid/large-cap companies with value investments. No more swinging for the fences. Gonna get singles and doubles. This one really hurts.
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    Daddy Design
    something is brewing!
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    I am a CA licensed cultivation business and have associates with a licensed facility practically within shouting distance of the Cathedral City White Whale. I am told (on reasonably good grounds) that SoCal Edison finally has the pieces in place to provide power to the whale. Since the necessary redesign to add significantly more cooling equipment raised the power needs of the facility, this has been a long sticking point. I'm guessing there is a connection between that info and the rise in stock value.
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    Just got off the phone with Rob Knowles head of IR
    Had a very good 25 minute conversation with him, not a lot of detail was given do to the Q2 report coming out this Wednesday the 29th after the market is closed. Full report will be available the following day, also 9:00am Calgary time will be the conference call. To get in and listen in the number is 1-800-319-4610
    As far as construction at both sites, the live cameras are up and going and updated continuously. At the Cali site it’s tough to see much since a camera may be set up in one of the grow area but they are working in another area. Most of the construction is being done through the nights since the days are hotter than a fire cracker so don’t sweat it (no pun intended) they are still hammering away and it’s been full steam ahead.
    All the scheduling on dates as far as the construction goes will be in the report.
    To all SNN holders have a great weekend, chin up 😎
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    On there earning report, this key takeaway:

    California revenue guidance: Sunniva reiterates the previously stated 2019 revenue forecast of US$55-60 million from Sunniva branded cannabis product sales in California (this revenue forecast does not include revenue from Sunniva California Campus, NHS or Full-Scale Distributors, LLC ("FSD")).
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    Hope everyone has a position in this hidden "gem". have a feeling this company will surprise to the upside come 2019 once the facilities in Canada/California are up and running. cheap shares are "disappearing".
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    People are starting to click on that this stock is going to be a 200,000 kg per year producer that is currently valued at $150 mil.
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    Big news today with Canopy. Hope volume picks up next few days!
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    VANCOUVER, B.C., May 03, 2018-- via NetworkWire-- Sunniva Inc. is pleased to announce that it has selected the 126- acre Okanagan Falls, British.
    VANCOUVER, B.C., May 03, 2018-- via NetworkWire-- Sunniva Inc. is pleased to announce that it has selected the 126- acre Okanagan Falls, British.
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    Jeez. I bought this stock at 4.75. And that was a good price...
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    Bridge Financing
    For Those who need clarification to this Bridge Financing:
    Which is bullish IMO because they are hardly diluting and openly said they are looking to sell the Canadian assets in the next 6 months.
    The $4,300,000 which is 4,300,000 units is repaid/ the original amount is returned to the unit holder bearing 10% interest per year, and it will be returned in 6 months or AFTER the sale of Canadian assets! whichever is sooner. The warrants are like a bonus since its a short term bridge loan but you have to pay that exercise price. so its only worth something if the share price is over 5.27. otherwise you can buy it cheaper on the open market. This is a PREMIUM to the current share price. the term is 6 months or less and interest is 10% per year, giving it 5% interest max
    UNITS is just a way of tracking how many dollars you loaned them and how many warrants you receive.
    For example: you could buy 44,000 units so you loan them $44,000 and then you would be paid back within 6 months a max of $46,200, but get to keep 8346 warrants to purchase shares at $5.27 for up to 24 months

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    Great interview from Friday, April 27 2018, between Ted Ohashi and Sunniva CEO Tony Holler and CFO Dave Negus. Was just released at midnight tonight through Ted’s Let’s Toke Business news letter. “Here are the highlights of what we learned:

    (1) The California campus at Cathedral City is progressing well. Construction is virtually complete and work has commenced in the internal infrastructure. Propagation is expected in June/July with the first harvest in September/October.

    (2) Recent receipt of California temporary licenses validates SNN’s business model and their expectation that the differences between this model and 100% ownership and operation in the first five years will be insignificant.

    (3) Test production of oils has commenced and the early results are excellent. This has stimulated interest among third party growers who are considering using Sunniva to produce oils for them.

    (4) Due to delays in processing paperwork in Oliver, SNN has been forced to consider alternative sites. A site at Okanagan Falls, B.C. is being considered. SNN is ready to break ground immediately.

    (5) Natural Health Services continues to grow. Patient requests exceed NHS doctor’s ability to provide assessments. NHS has captured approximately 25% to 30% market share based on Health Canada numbers for total patients.

    (6) Recent political developments in the U.S. have made SNN even more optimistic and aggressive growth will be pursued including an acquisition strategy."
    From Let’s Toke Business newsletter. We have been and remain exceedingly optimistic about the prospects for Sunniva shareholders. We have...
    From Let’s Toke Business newsletter. We have been and remain exceedingly optimistic about the prospects for Sunniva shareholders. We have...
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    Sunniva Secures Additional USD $5.0 Million in Purchase Orders for Sunniva Branded Cannabis Products and Announces $10 Million Financing to Support Near Term Growth
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    Stock chart is showing good accumulation starting in mid April that is very divergent with the price action to now, which is indicative of a strong reversal.

    Translation: we will start going up very soon.
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    Gregory on central coast farmland costs:
    // "...where real estate fetches 10 times the price"//

    You got the 10X backwards.

    Here is 16 acres of land similar to the Sunniva site and only 1 mile away. It's listed for close to a quarter of a million dollars per acre.

    Here is 40 acres of Ag land near Lompoc listed for less than 20K per acre.

    This operating facility just a few miles away from that listing (with an approved and legal canopy already 4 times the size of the Sunniva campus) was purchased less than 2 years ago for ~forty thousand bucks per acre.

    AG land is MUCH cheaper than the land Sunniva chose.

    // "they have the ability to grid tie solar for at least 50 percent of the power for this thing as soon as the cashflow gets going."//

    So can the central coast growers (only more). You think it's cheaper to put a solar farm on land that is $200K per acre than it is on land that costs one tenth that?

    Since land prices are WAY higher in town (and roof mounting solar is 3x the cost of ground mounting), Sunniva is again at a solar cost disadvantage compared to central coast Ag producers.

    What Sunniva can do in town with solar, farmland can do cheaper, because ... well ... because it's cheaper.
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    I'm pleased to have got into this on the ground floor. California and Canada are the two largest cannabis markets in the whole world...
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    Jeff Sessions just resigned. This is great news for US based pot companies.
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    Green Growth Brands revenues $5.1 million = market cap $532 million.
    Sunniva revenues $14.2 million = market cap $116 million.
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    P P
    According to the plan that was approved and voted for favorably in the CCAA Sunniva must comply with getting full year Q statements for 2019 for CTO to be partially revoked and 2020 to be fully revoked. Then there will be 759 million shares issued at .085 to satisfy 64m$ to creditors of All indebtness liabilities andobligatoins. Sunniva must comply with its Financial disclosures (statements) by07-31-21 for this Monitors plan to stay in effect. Then the monitor will pay the claims to the debtors. Phase 2 will consist of Arbitration & Path to Public Trading. Dates: Mid February 21 to June 22 expected to take 12 months over the facility to advance construction and production start up. Phase 3 is APRiL 22 to December 22 reengaging sub contractors and licenses, permits, staffing. To cover these op expenses promissary notes issued, AR cash collections and sale of Sunniva Medical Corp. assets. Previous auditors have been retained and additional equity raises will be needed and or partnerships. All of these later phases are intended to be on a lean operating expense budget (ha ha). Good luck and good night fellow holders.
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    2019 predicted revenue $55 million!