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  • j
    Snowflake will be a long-term winner at the epicenter of the emerging Intelligence Economy. Indeed, the company seeks to build the infrastructure foundation upon which enterprises will store data. This data will then drive business decisions.

    Their business lies at the very core of “business,” so the growth potential of Snowflake is enormous. One day, this will be an enterprise ubiquity. In order for a company to survive in the increasingly data-driven world of the 2020s, they’ll need Snowflake.

    Two, the team’s financial targets don’t reflect what will actually come to pass. So, yes, considering the huge potential here, the long-term targets look conservative, as previously mentioned. But that’s totally normal for Snowflake, whose management team likes to underpromise and overdeliver.

    They are targeting $10 billion in revenue by the end of 2029’s fiscal year. We were sitting around $11 billion, so we think their target is a good baseline, but that numbers will likely come in above when all is said and done.

    The real shocker was the operating margin guide — fiscal year 2029 targets of 75% gross margins and only 10% operating margins. That’s a 65% operating expense rate, which seems way too big.

    We were sitting at 75% gross margins as well, but 20% operating margins. We reaffirm the belief that 20%, not 10%, is the most likely destination for operating margins by the end of the decade.

    And three, SNOW stock’s valuation is fine. If our targets are right, the company’s stock is fairly valued. If their conservative targets are right, the stock is undervalued. We believe Snowflake will overperform their knowingly-conservative projections, meaning the stock is undervalued.
  • M
    hold well. please go up more by June 30
  • j
    Just bought 15 shares!
  • S
    "Snowflake (NYSE: SNOW) revealed its plans Thursday to grow its product revenue from $500 million last year to $10 billion in fiscal year 2029." HOLD longs, and be grateful when you retire.
  • D
    What's pe ratio ?
  • V
    OK, so 10 B revenue in 8 years with a 10% operating margin (1 B) and the mkt cap is only 73 Billion, jajajaja.

    What a joke this is!!!

    This company should be worth no more than 30 bucks.
  • B
    I did my due diligence before investing in this company. In the big scheme of things I’m not concerned with the daily ups and downs of this stock. They are growing and now diversifying and I’m in it for the long haul. Sky’s the limit imho.
  • k
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  • R
    To achieve the 10 b goal in 2029, you just need the annual revenue growth rate of 40, 35, 30, 25, 25, and 20% respectively in each year following 2023. Based on this projection, in 2029 its growth rate will be similar to what CRM has today. If you apply the same P/S to CRM today, the share price now has priced in the growth in next 10 years.
  • A
    what's happened?
  • G
  • A
    Company long term projections are usually very conservative - ie they feel very confident on hitting those numbers.

    Look at NVDA MSFT SHOP AMZN CRM - quarter after quarter, year after year, they blowout their own and everyone else's estimates. Keep reading how overvalued their stocks are until it reaches a point where the critics are all silenced. The same story will play out here. Product and services are top notch and the demand and need for them will only increase from here on out.

    There's the one side that thinks people are crazy for buying stocks at such valuations. The stock has held this valuation for a year despite all the naysayers saying it's worth $40. So the other side is you've got a lot of people who have much more skin in the game than you, that are more knowledgeable about the space than you, that have had more investing experience and success than you - all holding this stock at high valuation - maybe just maybe there is something to it? I've been investing in stocks for 20 years - I will just say historically the stocks most likely to succeed and dominate a market segment always trade for seemingly insane multiples throughout all their high growth periods. You have those who just sit on the sidelines and complain about it, and you have those who take the risk and profit from it.

    There is a reason why such companies trade for "higher "valuations and why some stocks are "value" stocks. When's the last time you heard someone make life changing gains from a "value" stock?
  • C
    Good to see board calm down from those annoying background noise!
    Good to see SNOW consolidation for the next leg up. Good luck to the serious investors in this great company!
  • H
    Oh no!!
  • C
    Unfortunately SNOW has lately become a favorite target for so called high PE growth stock that needs to be revalued! The bears were just waiting for a different interpretation of todays events to bring the stock down. Nothing has changed.
  • r
    Opens red closes green.
  • L
    Is it a good time to get in since investor day is on 10th June?
  • M
    460 today?
  • N
    WiMi Hologram Cloud Inc.
    $WIMI $BB $SNOW We can dream, but we need to be realistic!🛸🛸🛸
  • G
    AMZN was thought to be overbought for most of its history, it never earned a penny during most of its existence. Right now the pullback is a headline, the media always needs something to hype. Give it a day or two and they will move on to the next shiny thing; and SNOW goes back to growth..