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ReneSola Ltd (SOL)

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2.64+0.04 (+1.54%)
At close: 4:02PM EDT
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  • What are your thoughts on the movement of taking the company private? Interesting their financial adviser is the one that has a sell rating on the stock.
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    ReneSola Ltd_ NYSE $SOL Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks Sep-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 4,338 NYSE Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.6 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks
  • ReneSola Connects 180 MW of Distributed Generation Projects in China. https://www.zacks.com/research/get_news.php?id=b6lweyoi6w

  • James. Since you are the master of all things "SOL". Please enlighten us all on your % gain/loss from your holdings, so we all can know what to expect if we take your advice.
  • The tried and true method of shaking out retail investors won't work on me. I'm telling you this so you don't waste all our time. Let me go over it again;

    1. No stop-loss
    2. No margin
    3. purchased with 100% discretionary cash

    Sure, you can move the stock to any range you want at any time, but when you drag it down here, i just add more.

    33%, that is what i've added to an already large position in the last 8 months, not the outcome you were hoping for, no? I am not easily shaken, and you've thrown everything you have at retail investors like myself, can you clowns not accept not getting your way 100% of the time? Give up and move on to greener pastures.
  • I also received an alert for $SOL from http://jcharlesassets.com/opiant-pharmaceuticals/?s=SOL , any ideas? "hhse" Trading stocks investing.

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  • What is Shah betting on with SOL and JKS? They now own 11.64% of SOL.
  • Renesola gained $0.05 yesterday on volume of 122,800, and lost $0.08 today on 15,087 volume.

    Any questions?
  • SOL is up 7.41% to 2.61
  • Mr li is not or the company bond to any investor benefits,seen this in A-frame and a few other chinese stocks.
  • You know trading is a fraud on Level II when an offer comes in 5cents below the last traded price. As soon as we hit $2.49, magically an offer comes in at $2.44.

    I dont care if you are legitimately selling or shorting, the goal is to sell at the highest price. Putting in an offer 5 cents below the last traded price is counterintuitive, unless your main goal is to hold down the stock and keep it rangebound.
  • I am terribly disappointed in Mr. Li.'s move. It feels like it goes against everything a founding CEo ought to be doing. He wants to be paid in stock for more shares of a company that I have paid --and lost--many many many thousands of dollars buying. And holding in anticipation of eventual profitability. This is the most insane "buyout" offer I have ever seen. he is being paid to assume debt? Really? Why would nay reasonable or objective shareholder agree to this?

    If this stinky deal goes through it will scuttle any faith that Americans or foreigners have in the integrity of the Chinese "public" company system. I will never invest a dime in China again. sadly I have stuck with this company for years, waiting for profitability. It is indeed a major manufacturer of solar panels and wafer and I thought, inevitably, that this would be worth something. Now we are being told by no less than the CEO and founder that the company that he asked us to invest in and hold and have faith in has a NEGATIVE VALUE??

    This is insane.
  • Someone put in a bid at $2.43 and see how fast that offer at $2.45 is taken out. Just for entertainment value alone it is worth it...
  • Now if only China would announce that they plan to cover the GREAT WALL with solar panels!
  • Offers from a CEO are a good reason to terminate the CEO. If he/she sees value to be exploited in the desired business segments, it should be done for the company and its shareholders.
  • I believe the stock price has held due to hopes of a competing buyout bid from a third party. That hope has merit.