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SpartanNash Company (SPTN)

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  • K
    SpartonNash (SPTN) is UNFI's only publicly traded competitor just released earnings/forecast: "expects fiscal 2020 adjusted EBITDA to range from $237.0 million to $242.0 million"
    = ABOUT 1/3 of UNFI's forecasted EBITDA
    = IF you multiply SPTN EV by 3 = about $4.5 Billion.... then subtract out UNFI debt = about $2 Billion
    DIVIDED by shares outstanding = OVER $30/share
    = UNFI is EXTREMELY UNDERVALUED compared SPTN, its only publicly traded competitor, which itself is UNDERVALUED
  • B
    SPTN and UNFI are the only stocks that did not respond to the whole markets rally today.
    Their competitor PFGC, SYY, USFD etc....are all UP big today. Since the COVID 19 infections are skyrocketing
    right now toward the long winter ahead, everyone is loading up nature healthy foods supply for their families.
    In addition, the BIDEN 's COVID 19 group has just announced that in order to conquer the COVID 19 from spreading, they want to shut down the whole country for 6 weeks. This is the sad news but it is good news
    for the food distribution sector such as UNFI, SPTN, PFGC, SYY ......
    I will take this great opportunity to accumulate more UNFI and SPTN shares due to today's price drop....
  • B
    UNFI: There are sectors rolation from Large Cap - Technologies sector, Health Care sector, onto Russell - Small cap sector; specially Consumer Staples (Foods, Staples Retailing) ie: SYY, USFD, PFGC...
    both UNFI and SPTN are oversold and have not been participated in the markets rallied last week and today.
    Prices are at deep discounts right now. It is perfect timing to accumulate UNFI and SPTN at this pricing level. Your ROI is HUGH by the end of November and YE2020.
  • P
    Whole foods/Amazon could take over both SPTN and UNFI combined to satisfy Jeff Bezos's ambition without denting its pocket book.
  • t
    SpartanNash doles out share warrants to Amazon:

  • B
    Whole foods/Amazon will buy SPTN. Just see it coming...
  • e
    eljo saique
    why the big drop?
  • J
    is amzn paying 17 ?
  • e
    eljo saique
    sold at 21.35!!
  • m
    Looks like the afternoon dump is on its way now that we are in the final hour. It hit its peak this morning at $23.45 and has been slowly sinking since. Probably has another $2 of downside into the close.
  • t
    Amen in at $17/share
  • H
    Why would anyone sell SPTN in the $16's? I think it's a great buy down here. Stock was over $20 recently. SPTN has plenty of defensive appeal with a 4.6% dividend yield. They posted an excellent Q2 last month. Should have another strong Q3 earnings comp coming up...probably earnings of .60+/share vs. .30/share last year. Numbers down next year after the sharp increase this year. But SPTN still supposed to earn $2+/share in 2021. I think this one gets another pop up near $20 into the Q3 report.
  • T
    2nd quarter ended 7/20/19. Schwab states: The anticipated report date for SPTN is not available. Gains previous quarter were $0.21. Okay, why isn’t it available. What’s going on at the company?
  • D

    I am now back into SPTN. I used to own years ago before they merged with Nash-Finch. I live in MI, and have shopped at their stores for a LONG time.

    Unless I am mistaken, I think today's drop in price was largely people/traders taking profits. SPTN has run up a TREMENDOUS amount in the last week or so. I think SPTN was mis-priced, that is why I bought back in...but to go up 6 points and 70% in a week is perhaps too much.

    I think this quarter, they will do well. I have not really noticed too much in terms of prices being raised. What i HAVE OBSERVED is that sales are less numerous and less generous than before. Every grocery stores is also selling out of almost anything they can get their hands on.

    SPTN also is somewhat blessed with their geography. A lot of their business is in the Midwest of the USA. This area has generally not been hit as hard as the coasts have.

    After this quarter, it is hard to see what will happen. Remember, SPTN has to fix some problems. Their acquisition of Fresh Kitchen is no good. I strongly suspect they will take a charge when they sell the shut down division. SPTN also needs to get a new permanent CEO. They also need to work on reducing debt and fixing up their capital structure.

    All of these problems can be addressed and fixed, but it will take hard work, time and a little luck.

    At $9/share, SPTN is too cheap. At $16/share, SPTN is too expensive (for now).

    Be patient, I think over time we will be rewarded.
  • R
    I'm in, Boys. Seems like a mellow safe stock. Groceries. Dollar General. The Military. Good financials. I am a mellow retiree living off the dividend income.
  • J
    In this market anybody in the grocery business will make money. As a rising tide lifts all ships (Warren Buffet). But, when the tide goes out ….. you get the picture. This little covid thing is benefiting SPTN and all others but they still have issues. Watch them down the road. There is some pain coming. Mainly, this management group is a little suspect with their decision making.. They lean toward using Spartan processes rather than Nash Finch when the Nash ones are better. The interim CEO is not the one to lead this company. So the CEO choice will be huge. I said why not go to Hyvee and see who they have that needs a big raise. ???
  • c
    I follow SPTN ,but I own a ton of UNFI. Very similar companies. Look what it do today when they made a pre-announcement of earnings.
  • J
    Made it to 22.80 and then of course the earnings call where they said they couldn't promise this kind of results every quarter or something like this. Maybe it was the CEOs phantom shares that threw people off. SPTN is not a darling of the stock market so it doesn't surprise me is back down again. Probably drop some more before it settles down. Got a good dividend coming up so that helps. A really good CEO coming in would jump this stock.
  • E
    Very nice dividend increase. We will always have corrections in the market and black swan events like we are experiencing at present, but this stock is a keeper for the long term
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