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  • Democratic party is DOOOMED!! They focus on the Dead end Russian/Trump collusion Instead of focusing on the issues as per Assange. I guess it will be another Slam dunk for Trump 2020
  • I am "Totally" confused. I was under the impression that this board was initially started back some time ago, dealing basically with news,information, & opinions on the SPY. ? Why does all this other noise keep showing up here ? There are boards for that also. I have been in the market since 1998 & i just Really don't understand. People,,, PLEASE help me,,, & also think before you post,, PLEASE ? GOD BLESS
  • If markets are controlled by software that is measuring price and volume volatility in real time, then market logic above the molecular level no longer exists.
  • dumbrinnin wants to know what freedoms we've lost so allow me to educate this brainwashed sheeple.

    Warrantless Wiretapping
    Torture, Kidnapping, and Detention
    The Growing Surveillance Society
    Abuse of the Patriot Act...now know as The Freedom Act (Notice how they name it opposite of what it is)
    Government Secrecy
    The 2005 Real ID Act
    No Fly and Selectee Lists
    Political Spying
    Abuse of Material Witness Statute
    Attacks on Academic Freedom
    .....There's more but I don't want to overwhelm his little government issued brain.
  • These political wars we're having in America have basically shattered all the confidence built up over a lifetime as an ordinary citizen. I don''t trust either political party, I don't trust the mainstream media at all, I don't trust American business, I have no confidence we will ultimately make a multi-cultural society work, I don't trust universities, I don't have much hope for the young, I don't trust elite power or wealthy people, I don't trust the healthcare system to work in my best interests, I don't have any respect for public education at secondary school level, I don't have any respect for Hollywood, or reality television, I don't trust US foreign policy or any aspect of our federal government management of finances or regulatory functions. I think we have a broken Justice and penal system, I find it hard to have the same respect for law as I did when I was younger, because it doesn't seem to apply to so many people, I don't trust asset markets, I think most bankers should be in prison, I resent usury laws being repealed, and I wish the world had 75% fewer people in it.
  • The idiot dumbrunnin thinks that our rights come from the government. How insane is this old coot? The fool doesn't even understand that The Bill of Rights is only and affirmation of god given rights bestowed on every human being. LMAO

    "@mavrick Nobody has trampled on the Constitution.
    Your rights come from the government; not you creator."


    Transcription of the Publius Huldah video
    Notes on/transcription of videos by Publius Huldah website | video part 1 | video part 2 Rights Do our rights come from: God the Constitution the Supreme Court, or the government? Our future depend…
  • The growing percentage of Americans drawn to Marxism, largely because of receiving a university education (of sorts), should have spent as much time understanding the selfish realities of human nature at the free buffet.
  • WHAT happened WhatADumb, All red.
    Did someone get shot?
  • Craziest Bankster markets yet-3AM dumping Gold for collateral? LOL.
  • Has any one of the politicians supported getting lawyers out of healthcare ? No, because most of these useless parasites are lawyers !
  • Gold is a worthless relic.

    Tech stocks are real values here.

    Buy with both hands, another 9% rally yet this year.

  • Odds of only two -.70% days occurring in the first 6 months of the year are about 7 standard deviations and would happen only once in about 1 billion years, but yah, there's no PPT here-LOL.
  • For example: The BOJ owns more than 66% of all outstanding ETF shares. They are the number 1 shareholder in most ETF's in Japan. And they buy these because ?
  • Benny The Helicopter Man-Still Has To Be In The 'Game'-No Retirement For That Little Weasel-LOL.
  • Pretty soon everyone in the White House will be wearing white hoods.
    Donald Trump Becomes First President In Two Decades To Not Host A Ramadan Dinner
  • Seems I told you all yesterday that 242.70s still needed more work. What do I know, I'm delusional.
  • When the Collapse Comes soon…..who wants to Hunt Janet and the Fed. down with me.?….i have several nice trees in the back yard , bring the rope.!!!
  • why wouldn't this be a inside day?
  • I can only think of what a great dis-service it has been to America by teaching people the rules of good investing, and then operating markets in direct contradiction to those rules.
  • Gays and fat people should suck all the coc and Big Macs down their throats they want.
    Excuse me if I don't want to share your unspeakably expensive lifestyle healthcare costs.