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  • After watching Richard continue to deny fact after fact without being able to refute them with a single fact of his own, I'm convinced that he's suffering from mental retardation.
  • Proof that the pigs are criminals and the entire judicial system is a sham.


    Cops Sent Warrant To Facebook To Dig Up Dirt On Woman Whose Boyfriend They Had Just Killed
    Everything anyone has ever said about staying safe while interacting with the police is wrong. That citizens are told to comport themselves in complete obeisance just to avoid being beaten or shot by officers is itself bizarre -- an insane inversion.
  • Why would anyone trust Richard or the government when they are such liars? Never believe anything Richard says.


    Police killed more than twice as many people as reported by US government
    As Obama calls for better data and Justice Department exposes Ferguson, trusted FBI count of ‘justifiable homicides’ omits 545 people per year in study
  • Never trust a cop. Protect yourselves from these gangsters.


    When Should You Shoot a Cop?
    UPDATE: This narration was written in 2011. In 2012 the legislation mentioned changed course. Instead of “law” that claimed that an individual could not use ...
  • Why does Richard deny that cops are murdering thugs when the evidence and facts clearly prove it? Cops make a big deal when one of them is killed but don't care that they murder 30 times as many citizens.
    Richard doesn't care about innocent lives when it comes to citizens, he wants to look at percentages.
    So I must agree with a previous poster who confirmed that Richard suffers from mental retardation.


    Police Kill Too Many People—White and Black
    It’s unclear whether bigotry plays a role
  • Richard, why do you keep lying about the FBI and DOJ having research on killings of civilians by cops? Why are you such a liar Richard? Did you learn that from Trump?


    FBI director calls lack of data on police shootings ‘ridiculous,’ ‘embarrassing’
    His complaints come as the federal government and several states are taking steps to improve transparency.
  • If you want to shut Richard up, just call him out on his lies with facts. He's a pathological liar.
  • Look at pathological liar Ritchie trying to backtrack after being called out. This creep has ZERO credibility and everyone on this board is laughing at the delusional clown.
  • Richard, the DOJ tracks shark attacks but not cops killing citizens. Why do you lie and say they track it Richard? Richard is a liar.


    How many police shootings a year? No one knows
    There is no reliable national data on how many people are shot by police officers each year.
  • Why are you sticking up for pedophiles so much Richard? How long have you been a member of NAMBLA? I hope that Yahoo turns you into law enforcement.
  • Why is Richard sticking up for pedophiles so much? He says that a person is not guilty of child rape until he rapes a large part of the population. Richard the pedophile is very dangerous. Don't let your children near this nut.
  • Kremlin's Investment in Trump Is Paying Off
    Fifty-four years ago this month, former President John F. Kennedy delivered the “Strategy of Peace,” a powerful address that captured America’s indispensable leadership at the height of the Cold War. Kennedy knew that our country could not guard against the Soviet Union alone, for he believed that “genuine peace must be the product of many nations, the sum of many acts.”

    Incredibly, the man who now leads the United States seems to find himself locked in an alarming and perilous embrace with the Russian government. These ties threaten to weaken a system of alliances that have held Russia—and countless other threats to the international community—at bay since the conclusion of the Second World War.
  • Is Sean Hannity Ok? His Obsession With Conspiracy Theories Leaves Critics Troubled
    I just always assumed he was a C0NMAN supporting !d!0T and ill in his head.
  • IVANKA to be DEPOSED !!! LMAO !!!! .... Poor woman would have been selling her shoes if her dum daddy didn't become such an a. H0LE !!....... Ivanka Trump ordered to testify in dispute with shoe company!! What is wrong with YOU GRINGOS ??!!! LMAO !!!Bill Cosby should have ran for President, he would have won!!! ....... LMAO !!!!#$%$ PLACE !!!!
  • https://vittana.org/42-shocking-police-brutality-statistics

    42 Shocking Police Brutality Statistics
    In the United States, only a small fraction of the over 17,000 law enforcement agencies actually track officers misconduct reports. The reason for this is unknown, but it may not be being tracked b…
  • https://www.dailykos.com/story/2015/5/15/1384993/-Let-s-stop-saying-bad-police-officers-are-rare-Fact-is-they-re-plentiful-from-coast-to-coast

    Let's stop saying bad police officers are rare. Fact is they're plentiful from coast to coast.
    Mugshots of the Baltimore Police Officers who killed Freddie Gray. A regular refrain from politicians who speak on the issue of police brutality is that bad police officers, be they ...
  • It would cost taxpayers so much less to hire qualified private security.


    APD officer found guilty of excessive force
    APD officer found guilty of excessive force
  • Just happened again!!! They shoot their own if they're black. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


    Black off-duty cop shot by colleague while responding to car crash
    A complex situation involving a car crash and three sets of police led to the shooting of a black officer by a white one in St. Louis.
  • https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/jun/09/the-counted-police-killings-us-vs-other-countries

    By the numbers: US police kill more in days than other countries do in years
    The Guardian has built the most comprehensive database of US police killing ever published. Compare our findings to those from the UK, Australia, Iceland and beyond
  • Cops are nothing more than criminal gangsters....and yet the media makes heroes of police...ya ever wonder why? Because the real job of the police is to help collect revenue, provide work for the judicial/prison cartel, and protect the assets of the wealthy and corporations.