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Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile S.A. (SQM)

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89.84+6.45 (+7.73%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
89.50 -0.34 (-0.38%)
After hours: 07:39PM EDT
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    Why did the stock give up all gains for the day? Is there a problem with the earning announcement soon?
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    Chile constitutional assembly does not okay expanded state mining rights.This is GOOD NEWS
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    $GLNCY conversation
    Regarding our limited sanctions on Russia, we are being lied to by our government and our complicit and/or incompetent media. Americans have been taught over and over again, until they finally just believed it, that Russia is no more than "a gas station masquerading as a country" (John McCain). Over and over again, we are fed that lie. We are incessantly told that all Russia produces is oil and gas.

    In the current environment where governments all over the world are being pressured to sanction Russia, this old lie has become very convenient here in the United States. It allows the administration and Congress to act as if they are already doing everything they possibly can with the energy sanctions. Our government and the complicit and/or incompetent media conveniently don't tell the public that Russia is a commodity powerhouse producing many, many commodities other than oil that make the world go around and even feed people. When you add up all the non-energy commodities Russia exports, they all add up to a massive amount (if not quite as large as the energy exports, they are not all that far behind). But our government doesn't want us to know about that. They would prefer that we believe they are already doing everything they possibly can. Well guess what? They aren't. What they could certainly be doing is sanctioning all Russian commodities, not just energy.

    Of course, our government doesn't want to do that because of the horrible economic shock it would have on our country, perhaps making the re-election of many currently in power seem a little less likely. The only reason the U.S. could so easily sanction Russian energy is because we hardly ever imported much of the stuff. It was a drop in the bucket. But the fact is that Russia is also a major global exporter of wheat, fertilizer, nickel, aluminum, copper, steel, platinum group metals (especially palladium -- 40% comes from Russia), cobalt, vanadium, and many, many other things necessary for industry (including U.S. industry). If and when the media ever become more informed and/or less complicit, perhaps they will finally tell a largely uninformed public that there is a whole whole lot more we could be sanctioning. And considering the recent atrocities displayed all over our television channels, perhaps once Americans find out that our government has hardly done anything sanctions so far compared to what they could or should be doing... perhaps then they might just pressure our government to do a whole lot more.

    Below are just a few of the many stocks that would rally hard if sanctions on Russian commodities ever expand from just oil and gas:

    $GLNCY (copper, nickel, cobalt, zinc, lead, coal) $NHYDY (low-carbon, hydropower-produced aluminum) $SQM (fertilizer, iodine, lithium) $PALL (physical palladium ETF) $SMMYY (nickel, cobalt) $AA (aluminum) $FCX (copper) $MOS (fertilizer)
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    The news for lithium mining companies keeps getting better and better, folks.

    BYD, China's largest EV maker and second largest globally (behind Tesla) just announced overnight that they have completely stopped all production of full ICE vehicles as of last month and will now focus all production on EVs and highly electrified PHEVs. Historically, BYD has produced EVs, PHEVs, HEVs (conventional hybrids), and full ICEs. As if the global demand for lithium wasn't already through the roof, it just got a little more intense.

    And by the way, just as Tesla this morning announced record quarterly EV sales in the first quarter, BYD overnight announced record monthly EV sales for March as well as record monthly PHEV sales.

    We are on our way to $100,000 USD / tonne for spot lithium carbonate, folks. It's just a matter of time. Last quote in Shanghai was about $78,000 / tonne.

    Now I can tell you one thing: as an investor, I can sleep much better at night owning a premier lithium mining producer (or two) knowing full well that just about every single automaker in the world will be knocking on my company's door begging for whatever amount of lithium they can possibly spare -- and at whatever price.

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    why the 7.5 % drop today?
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    quite a jump yesterday but not too much today. LG is expanding battery operations.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile is up 7.32% to 80.38
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    SQM is an excellent investment and should do well in 2022. It's 3 revenue drivers are all positive: Lithium, Potash and Iodine. The one Negative is the political climate. What impact is the government going to exact on the company? Dare we use the "N word". Nationalization.
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    $LAC conversation
    Why do you guys continue to pull your hair out every time this thing goes up and down like a yo-yo from the 20s to the 30s and back? Sure today it is on that big upswing. Yipee. Congrats to all. But everyone knows eventually down the road, long before any revenues are on the horizon, there will be another capital raise. That $500 million on the balance sheet, while it may sound like a lot, won't be enough when all is said and done. That and the fact there is so much uncertainty with many factors that I won't even bother to get into are reasons this stock is no more than a yo-yo. Why not take some of your investment and just put it into SQM and forget about it? It's the premier and most profitable lithium producer (key word: producer) in the world and is raking in cash hand over fist while its long term contracts at lower lithium prices continue to expire and get repriced at today's high prices. Not only that, it is also raking in cash hand over fist from its world-class fertilizer business, a business that has also been going up like a rocket. And then there is the iodine business which is also in a raging bull market. Wouldn't you like to have some of your investment in a company like that?? Guess what? You can. It's spelled SQM.

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    Don't know down again today pre-mkt..Thinking of buying more.
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    Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile GAAP EPADR of $1.13 beats by $0.21, revenue of $1.08B beats by $109.87M
    Mar. 03, 2022 12:18 AMSociedad Química y Minera de Chile S.A. (SQM)By: Meghavi Singh, SA News Editor
    Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile press release (NYSE:SQM): Q4 GAAP EPADR of $1.13 beats by $0.21.

    Revenue of $1.08B (+110.2% Y/Y) beats by $109.87M.

    Gross profit for the fourth quarter of 2021 reached $542.8M; approximately 309.6% higher than the $132.5M recorded for the fourth quarter of 2020.

    SQM's Chief Executive Officer, Ricardo Ramos, stated: "We want to continue growing in the lithium market. The Board has just approved an additional lithium capacity plan in Chile, which will allow us to reach 210,000 metric tons of lithium carbonate and 40,000 metric tons of lithium hydroxide. We expect this new capacity to be ready next year with a total CAPEX of US$250 million.

    Demand keeps on growing strongly, and we believe that the total demand will reach 1 million tons sooner than previously anticipated. Our current estimates for 2022 demand growth are over 30%."
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    I am not one to gloat, especially during difficult times for people around the world and difficult times even for some investors here at home. But I believe it is finally my time now to say a few words again considering all the negativity and countless dozens of dislikes I received over the past six months whenever I (along with my alias, "Value Investor") made the bullish case for SQM vs. other lithium stocks. I made that case for SQM on numerous occasions to my fellow U.S. and Canadian lithium investors, but many of them seemed to not like what I had to say and seemed to prefer to only read positive things about whatever particular lithium stocks they happened to already be invested in. Of course, the investors I am talking about are the ones who seem to like to pile into the same overcrowded tickers such as $LAC $SLI $ALB $PLL and $LTHM. All those tickers and most other lithium stocks have (or at least had) either high valuations or else zero earnings or zero revenues. Whenever I, along with my alias "Value Finder," made the case for SQM, I always received a mountain of negativity even though my posts were never meant to be antagonizing in any way. Indeed, they were only meant to be informative for any fellow investors out there in the lithium space. Well, all those folks out there who disliked my posts so much, I am wondering how they are feeling right about now as they read SQM's stellar earnings report just released over the past 24 hours. I hope they are enjoying it.
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    why the drop
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    2/3 of the world's fertilizer is produced in Russia. Is SQM's fertilizer business still bigger than its lithium business? I would think that SQM should benefit from the fertilizer shortage during this spring's planting season.
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    cristian martinez
    Great results!
    Incredible outlook, the stock will rally past $70++ today

    Old cheap contracts keep expiring, capacity keeps expanding at a record pace for SqM and market prices will make the earnings explode on 2022.

    Expecting EBIT over $3B
    Albemarle must be feeling a little rusty after Sqm latest management accomplishments
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    Just imagine where the stock price would be if it was not a Chilean Co.
    The worst from both sides of the political theater.
    They have the best non hydrocarbon nitrogen fertilizers above and beyond Lithium.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile reached an all time high at 80.10
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    This Company should be $100.00 if we go by their numbers.
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    Is that it ? Buy time again ?
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    commy chile government will soon come for SQM ....too much profit ....government wants it all