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Sequans Communications S.A. (SQNS)

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At close: 4:02PM EDT
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  • good move today
  • end of pull back
  • Didn't expect the buying this morning after the offering announcement.
  • Not so bad, about a 5% dilution, but adding almost $14.8M to cash
    So the new $4 is $3.80 or that $6 price target is now $5.70
  • Snake move by CEO
    Sells 120K shares then a week later announces an offering. Should've known something was up.
    Question now is at what price and how many shares?
    10M at 3.25?
  • 10M shares would be about a 14% dilution
    Mmmmmm shares trading at $4.55 - 14% = aprox 3.80 or so
    This guy should have never sold when he did though. He lost all credibility with me.
    What was he thinking? Let me dump 120K shares THEN announce an offering?
    Guess breakeven is a little further down the road?? Fall of 2018 now? Was Fall of 2015, then 16 ......
  • Karam was upset he sold his shares for aprox 3.09 avg
    So he could care less about the price going back to that point.
  • Keeps leveraging the shareholders for years, you'd think he (they) would go into a little debt to benefit us.
    A company that does this usually is not around for long after their insidious ways become known.
    They already added 15M shares since last year. Cash burn must still be a problem otherwise they'd get a loan.
  • As LTE becomes ubiquitous worldwide, its influence is spreading from mobile phones to many different areas quietly.

    Sequans picked the wrong side between WiMAX and LTE couple of years back and stock price has suffered since. The turnaround plan sequans created back then is to transition into a single mode LTE modem supplier.

    Sequans forsaw that when LTE becomes ubiquitous in the coming years, its use case will be expanded from mobile phones to other areas and the demand for LTE modem will be single mode modem.

    To understand why it will be single mode modem, we need to talk about why mobile phones require a multi-mode modem. It's primarily for 3 reasons: (1) voice is done over 2G/3G (now it can be done via VoLTE). (2) 4G coverage is not great back then. (3) There are lots of existing cusomers who are on 2G/3G networks and not willing to switch to 4G yet. However, to connect other devices starting from year 2017, for example, your car, you can have voice call over LTE, the LTE coverage is not 100% but acceptable for a car, and the cost for a single mode LTE modem is way cheaper than multi-mode.

    Now let's talk about the single mode LTE use cases.

    (1) IOT. It's a hot topic right now. Sequans has the CAT-1, CAT-M/NB chipset. It has partnered with guys like STMicroelectronic, Huawei, Wisol, Nimblelink, Wivity, Link-lab, skyworks and gemalto. some of the companies are quite big for little guy like sequans. Things to notice here is that sequans is a leader & first mover in this area.

    (2) Telematics. Sequans has partnered with Auto-net, Geo-tab and zubie. They will be using CAT-1 & CAT-4 technologies from sequans.

    (3) Planes. Sequans has been working with Thales to bring LTE to the sky.

    (4) mobile hotspots. Currently only has one carrier design win from Verizon.

    (5) eMBMS. This is a broadcasting technology via LTE. Verizon has demonstrate this sometime back. Sequans partnered with Expressway for a eMBMS TV dongle. This technology seems not moving anywhere at least for now because broadcasting is all done via cable as of now.

    (6) laptops/tablets. Sequans has partnered with Nextbooks for LTE laptops and insignia for LTE tablets. Both products did not sell very well though.

    (7) small cells. To understand this businnes, you need to know CBRS. There is a new spectrum (3.5 ~3.7Ghz)opened up by regulaor. It's a free specturm. Small operators can build their private LTE network that can have frequncy pretection similar to what mobile carriers now enjoy in their liscensed specturm. Carriers can use it to expand their LTE coverage. Specific design wins Sequans got on this are from Baicell, ZTE and Verve. Things to notice here is that sequans is a leader & first mover in this area.

    Sequans has a full stack of LTE technology to address the emerging connection needs. The revenue will grow with ever-growing connection demands.
  • In the short-term SQNS does not seem to be like a good trade. Im not sure about you guys but awe_some_stocks has provided me with some pretty good trade ideas. I messed up executing some of them but thats on me.
  • Only way market makers can get in on the cheap. It was on its way over $5 and the train was leaving the station.
    Can't have that now can we?
    Look for nice deal for the bankers and market makers, prolly around $3 or less
  • Riley upgrade pt to $6

  • stock down because..
    1. ceo dumps 120000 shares
    2. if they dont get credit line,a dreaded OFFERING is coming!
    in shareholder proxy for upcoming meeting,there is mention of the offfering
  • did they sell the shares yet?
  • Big down day whats up?
  • SQNS is down -6.86% to 3.92
  • better than i thought if this is it.


    Sequans Communications S.A. American Depositary Shares, each representing one Ordinary Share (NYSE:SQNS): Sequans Communications S.A. American Depositary Shares, each representing one Ordinary Share (SQNS): Stock Offering News | StockNews.com
  • huge volume
  • Hey Yahoo, if you had not purposely DESTROYED your message boards, you wouldn't have to create bots to make posts. Clowns.