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    Sorrento is developing COVIDROPS which will be the intranasal formulation of COVI-AMG™. WHY ARE PHASE 2 TRIAL OF COVIDROPS PROCEEDING SO RAPIDLY IN SO MANY JURISDICTIONS? Here's what Sorrento says...

    "A few highlights of the preclinical animal data from the most recent STI-2099 study include:

    Intravenously-dosed animals recovered from the infection with noticeable differences in weight loss between the Control IgG and COVI-AMG-treatment groups reaching a maximum at Day-5 after infection.
    Intranasally-COVIDROPS-treated animals remarkable showed evidence, as early as Day-2 into the experiment, of prevention of disease progression with limited weight loss in the very early stages of infection and reduced duration of disease symptoms as compared to COVI-AMG IV-treated animals.

    Current neutralization antibodies in development(by other companies) are administered in large amounts that require infusions over several hours in a hospital setting.

    Sorrento’s intravenous COVI-AMG nAb (STI-2020) may require only an intravenous slow push(2 minutes) due to the high potency demonstrated in animal models to date.

    Intranasal COVIDDROPS (STI-2099) may be able to be administered as simple intranasal drops, which would avoid the need for IV infusion or injection and a hospital visit for treatment."
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    People who trade get nervous about how the stock moves or doesn’t move. An investor like myself is looking for verification that the science being perused whether for Covid, pain, or cancer is on the right track. If it is I am OK em waiting for proof that the science is understood and that the antibody, or whatever, really does help the human body, because if it does it does not matter what the stock does today, this week, or this month. I set in my mind a two year window to wait. Of course I would like frug approval sooner than later but I will look at my position after two years and see what is there.
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    I’m taking a long look at Mexico. They were the first country to give COVI STIX a EUA. They were mentioned as being part of the P2 Covidrop trials along with UK and US. We should expect a official PR or study in the clinicaltrial website soon. Last but not least, it was mentioned during the Max Gomez interview that Sorrento was in discussions with the government of Mexico around extension of Abivertinib (covid) P2 trials into hard hit regions of the country. Sorrento seems to have a good relationship with Mexico 🤔
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    Trails Sorrento, more than 60 positions, you can’t find a Biotech with more projects for COVID-19, Cancer, Pain and Lymphatic Drug Delivery Device

    Phase 3, close to EUA or close to market (12 programs)
    1. Abivirtinib NSCLC NDA filed China
    2. Abivirtinib NSCLC ph.3 completed US
    3. PD-L1 SCLC partnered
    4. Erbitux biosimilar
    5. Xolair biosimilar
    6. Remicade biosimilar
    7. SP-102 Scilex, fast track design FDA
    8. RTX Osteo Arthritis
    9. RTX cancer pain
    10. Covi-Stix EUA application
    11. Covi-Trace EUA application
    12. Cynviloq (part of PSS lawsuit $1B, settled 22. July 21)

    Phase 2 (13 programs)
    1. Seprehvir Oncolytic virus
    2. Covi-MSC EUA potential
    3. Covi-AMG EUA potential
    4. Covi-Track EUA pre-validation
    5. PD-L1 partnered
    6. Herceptin delivery partnered
    7. Abivirtinib Lymphoma
    8. Abivirtinib Covid 19
    9. Abivirtinib prostate cancer ph.2 IND
    10. Abivirtinib Lupus ph.2 IND
    11. Abivirtinib hairy cell leukemia
    12. CD47 partnered
    13. UK Covid-Drops, ph.2

    Phase 1, IND filed or pre-IND (37+ programs)
    1. Seprehvec Oncolytic Virus
    2. CD 38 CAR-T ph.1
    3. CEA CAR-T ph.1
    4. CD38 DAR-T IND
    5. BCMA DAR-T pre-IND
    6. PD-L1(C/DAR-T) pre-IND
    7. CyCART-19 partnered
    8. Covi-GeneMab pre-IND $34 million DARPA funding, US Army
    9. PD1-GeneMab pre-IND
    10. ERT (Enzyme Replacement Therapy) several pre IND programs
    11. IL2Teff pre-IND
    12. IL2Treg pre-IND
    13. Covi-Drops ph.1
    14. TNF-a (Enbrel) ph.1
    15. CTLA-4 (Yervoy)
    16. CD47 ph.1 basket trial partnered
    17. TROP2 pre-IND partnered
    18. BCMA ADC pre-IND
    19. ROR1 ADC pre-IND
    20. CD25 ADNAB pre-IND
    21. CD20 ADNAB (Rituxan) IIT-ph.1
    22. VEGF(Avastin) ADNAB IIT-ph.1
    23. PD-L1 ADNAB pre-IND
    24. VEGFR2 ADNAB pre-IND
    25. CBD immune diseases pre-IND
    26. CBD insomnia pre-IND
    27. CBD Parkinsons pre-IND
    28. CBD CNS diseases pre-IND
    29. PD-L1 CAR-NK partnered
    30. CD38 CAR-NK to be partnered
    31. CD38 ADC AL Amyloidosis
    32. AC0058 ph.1b lupus
    33. AC0058 pre-IND MS
    34. AC0939 pre-IND CNS indications
    35. 1,000,000+ small molecule library
    36. Ten quadrillion antibody library
    37. STI Sofusa-1003 ph. 1b
    38. Sofusa, Mayo Clinic, Patients with melanoma, ph. 1b


    -8.2 million shares of ImmunityBio

    -20 million shares of Celularity

    -35% of Immune Oncia
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    Expecting share price to move much higher during July as we begin to anticipate positive earnings report!!!
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    Who here agrees with me that we got a pretty solid, diamond hard hold on the 8.50’s. Sure we aren’t making the big bucks, but man, the shorts ain’t making anything either!
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    Imagine getting EUA today… where the stock could end on such a positive day!!
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    The funniest thing about coming to the board is reading the similarities between this stock and every other stock that shorts own. The typically target biotech, but if you go and read some of the conversation its rings almost identical.1. Scam2. CEO is a #$%$3. CEO needs to quit4. Dilution5. No approvalIt's like all of them have 5 script to read from. It's very funny, but also sad.Test my theory for yourself and see...
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    Dear Shorts, you lost again today. T.S. A long-term, long-holding investor.
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    deep blue needs to get out more, should apply for work release.
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    SRNE will be awarded 1 billion end of July after the arbitration decision. Next
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    Nio Man
    Nobody is selling except shorts and HF. Buy and hold, we are getting close for the EUA!
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    Repost. Brazil’s ANIVISA receives ambassador from UK. At the meeting themes of cooperation between Brazilian and British health regulatory agencies were discussed. This was last Wednesday folks. Of course they didn’t sit down to talk exclusively about everything Sorrento, but I’m sure liking any exchange of information on MSC, Covidrop, and Abivertinib going forward and possible EUA’s.

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    It’s been a while since we’ve had news after the close
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    Epidural phase 3 primary data any day now ! Ji one good pr on this data will pop price to 80-120$ waiting ….
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    Guys hold tight add more. We should have some news in next few weeks. Maybe months this be big news. That will rocket this great stock Srne. I’m so excited to be apart of the history of great company. As well great investors.
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    the impressive Dr. Ji-

    Primary Job Title Co-Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

    Investor Type Investment Partner
    Dr. Ji’s extensive knowledge of the industry in which we operate, as well as his unique role in our day-to-day operations as our Chief Executive Officer and President, allows him to bring to our board of directors a broad understanding of the operational and strategic issues we face. Dr. Ji also served as Sorrento’s Secretary from September 2009 toJune 2011, Chief Scientific Officer from November 2008 to September 2012, and as its Interim Chief Executive Officer from April 2011 to September 2012. In 2002, Dr. Ji founded BioVintage, Inc., a research and development company focusing on innovative life science technology and product development, and has served as its President since 2002. From 2001 to 2002, Dr. Ji served as Vice President of CombiMatrix Corporation, a publicly traded biotechnology company that develops proprietary technologies, including products and services in the areas of drug development, genetic analysis, molecular diagnostics and nanotechnology. During his tenure at CombiMatrix, Dr. Ji was responsible for strategic technology alliances with biopharmaceutical companies. From 1999 to 2001, Dr. Ji served as Director of Business Development, and in 2001 as Vice President, of Stratagene Corporation (later acquired by Agilent Technologies, Inc.) where he was responsible for novel technology and product licensing and development. In 1997, Dr. Ji co-founded Stratagene Genomics, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Stratagene Corporation, and served as its President and Chief Executive Officer from its founding until 1999.
    Dr. Ji is the holder of several issued and pending patents in the life science field and is the sole inventor of Sorrento Inc.’s intellectual property covering the G-MAB® library technology. Dr. Ji obtained his Ph.D. in Animal Physiology from the University of Minnesota and a B.S. in Biochemistry from Fudan University.
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    It should be green like grass for the rest of the day!
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    Many people wonder why Sorrento is meeting delays from the FDA. The FDA has the important job of seeing that drugs are both safe and effective. But why do big companies like Abbott get rapid approval on very inaccurate test kits while Sorrento seems to struggle to advance superior tests? And the recent approval of Biogen's questionable Alzheimer drug against the advice of a panel of experts has shaken the confidence in the FDA's fairness.
    Meanwhile Sorrento is providing more and more advanced technologies and will progress in Latin America, Europe and perhaps India...to meet the ongoing worldwide Covid crisis. Hopefully the FDA will catch up soon.
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    Tried to buy some shares today but I am out of dry powder. This is now my biggest holding for the next few months. Never buy on margin as the big order flow tutes can see it and that is just part of the way they manipulate to get you to sell low. KNOW WHAT YOU OWN and hold strong. This will be an amazing story over the next few months/years or they will be bought out for 50B.........