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StarTek, Inc. (SRT)

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  • SRT reached a new 52 Week High at 12.28
  • What is different from now to the past?

    I've followed StarkTek from the days as a startup in 1989.
    In those days the company served as a outsource package
    vendor for Microsoft, Broderbund, and others.
    As time passed it became apparent that the customer service
    jobs at America's corporations would rather out source the
    customer interaction, than keep it in house.
    Startek has been a flounder over its history. The inside
    ownership is over 25%. Insiders know more than the little
    people that do analysis.
    Here is a number that portendS the turnaround in
    SRT. The company is currently hiring over 800 people
    in its home state of Colorado. These new hires are being
    incentivized to produce. 800 hires nearly doubles the
    existing workforce of 1100 in the home state of Colorado.
    SRT is not a one quarter story. Turnarounds produce the
    maximum leverage for gains. SRT is only beginning its turnaround
    story. You can be a witness or a participant.
  • Doubled earnings' est. Wow.
  • Time to shine?

    Cory White's hire a year ago excited me.
    He has added key sales and marketing in
    the development of the healthcare vertical.
    This is helping to diversify Startek.
    The new business should start to show in 2017.
    Margins are higher than the telecom sector
    and hopefully we will see progress
    in the May earnings report.
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    StarTek NYSE $SRT Correlation Histogram
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  • Matte, Still here. Unhappy with the format on yahoo.
    I continue to be bullish on SRT and HSKA.
    Will take a look at your value recommendation if you
    want to share the symbol.
  • tom-are you still on this board? if so i would like your thought on SRT at the PRESENT TIME. also- i have a particular company you might be interested in that looks very-very good! i'm like you interested in cos. that are undervalued & starting to gain alot of momentum this yr.! last 50 i researched-i only came up with one (now i like srt-also) & will probably invest in it but would appreciate your thoughts! thanks
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  • Nice job Omar

    You made a very good effort to encourage Mr. Carlson to issue forward guidance.

    The financials show $825,000 of share based compensation in the past six months.
    It seems like an awful lot to pay out to people that are running the Company at
    roughly breakeven.

    Perhaps you might consider asking Mr. Carlson what these people are doing to earn
    their share based compensation.
  • Insiders awarded share options:. Form 4'S filed July 6th show directors

    awarded shares @ $4.32.

    Ed Zschau 7549 shares

    Ben Rosenzweig 7549 shares

    Robert Sheft 7549 shares

    Jack Plating 7549 shares

    Arnaud Ajdler 5208 shares.
  • Any other thoughts?. I am excited about Cory White's appointment to

    sales and marketing. His history of developing

    the medical vertical as VP of Sales with Convergys

    should spur growth at SRT.
  • massive breaking news. time to load up i think. For such a cheap stock PRHL just announced some monster projections. No one has really noticed yet so it could be the perfect hidden gem.
  • 1st qtr. is green. Not a bad start for 2016.
  • My Take on earnings. I 've not been a big fan of Chad Carlson or

    the directors and insiders at Startek.

    Last year was a fiasco IMO.

    However, most people pay little attention

    to this company. (see the avg volume)

    SRT has one thing going for it that it didn't

    in 2015. Year over year comps will improve

    as a result of the Accent acquisition.

    This will show in coming quarterly reports

    as accretion adds to revenue totals. Margins

    should also improve. There is about a week

    until the earnings announcement.

    Pay attention.
  • Interesting?. I've followed this company since the date it was founded

    as a packaging vendor for Microsoft and Broderbund.

    StarPak was the name.

    I've seen it evolve into the call center business and

    didn't care for the business model. No moat, low margins,

    concentrated in one vertical with telecom.

    That being said. I understand SRT's business model

    and like to follow undervalued companies in my backyard

    of Colorado. SRT has literally whipsawed investors over

    the years. The shares trade daily in very low volume

    and it can be very volatile on news.

    Because of the low volume. I thought I would point

    out something that its likely positive for SRT?

    OPTIONS activity? SRT normally reports earnings

    May 10-11. Someone has taken an in the money

    CALL of 118 contracts on the May 20th expiration.

    I have never seen any option OPEN interest in SRT

    over the years because, quite frankly,there is very little

    interest in SRT. So it is interesting that someone is

    playing the earnings report long.