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Summit Materials, Inc. (SUM)

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    $NLNK conversation
    sitting on a long position based on recent ebola vaccine/merk $$ development and likely approval connection...rather surprised by this morning's transformation of the company. A buy-off/cash grab of current retirement aged Nicholas Vahanian, M.D. (co-founder of NLNK) and upper management of NLNK as Vahanian exits the field and want's a nice little $$ parachute to dignify his path to a tombstone.

    NLNK is being turned over to the development of Oratrope, the brainchild/longtime pipe dream of Dr Michael Thorner, the Head of Endocrine Sciences of Lumos Pharma. Thorner used to work at Merck, where, @1995/1996 he stumbled upon MK-0677, a spiroindoline sulfonamide, is a novel, orally active GH secretagogue, now known as Oratrope and owned by Lumos/NLNK (as of today's merger). Thorner founded a company called Ammonett Pharma ( https://www.biospace.com/employer/549466/ammonett-pharma-llc/ ) after Merck dropped development of MK-0677 as a treatment for fibromyalgia ( https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT00116129 )

    Ammonett https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/ammonett-pharma#section-overview failed to get funding to develop the drug and the drug was sold to Lumos last year: https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/lumos-pharma-acquires-candidate-for-oral-treatment-of-growth-hormone-deficiency-2018-09-24 (Thorner joined Lumos as Head of Endocrine Sciences of Lumos Pharma. Lumos had scheduled phase IIb for 2019, but also failed to find a financial backing: https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/lumos-pharma-acquires-candidate-for-oral-treatment-of-growth-hormone-deficiency-2018-09-24 ... so ... now a drug that has failed to find backing within the industry is valued at 50% of the market cap of this merged company that has $80 million in cash ... the co-founder of which, Vahanian, escapes to his tomb with a tidy $sum, while the newly enriched Lumos (which had no money and no financial backing for it's dubious oral growth hormone) can now fund the continuing pipe dream of it's Head of Endocrinology, the rapidly aging Michael Thorner, MB, BS, DSc who. like Vahanian, wants a legacy to cushion his rest in the tomb...long live Oratrope! ... By the way, there are significant concerns about the safety of Oratrope: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibutamoren Perhaps Sly Stallone will be appointed to the Board of the new reverse merger company the will be now known as Newlink (after two-thirds of the old-Newlink have been fired, or have absconded with $$: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2007/may/21/australia.film
    Efficacy and Safety of an Oral Growth Hormone Drug in the Treatment of Fibromyalgia - Full Text View.
    Efficacy and Safety of an Oral Growth Hormone Drug in the Treatment of Fibromyalgia - Full Text View.
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    Upgrade today
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    Look like we have to keep track of the weather for Summit 2019 outlook. If the weather is doing good, their doing good.
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    is this now a buy?
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    expected. 27
    actual .50 very good job
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    Insiders sell practicly All their shares..
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    Selling Overdone at $14.25. Expect close even for day at $14.80 with bullish hammer.
    Confirmation tomorrow-Friday. And upward continuation through next week.
    Markets to close near highs for year on 12.31.18. 2019 infrastructure spending
    to top 2017-2018 combined. A solid Buy (not bye) here.
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    Gregory, I agree. Had a call with investors relations today as I have taken on a large position, and dollar cost averaged down today. I live in British Columbia, Canada where they are doing a lot of business through information from my construction contacts.
    I don’t know much of the U.S. business and my only concern was if there was material impact due to the hurricanes down south. Only one of their companies of many was affected with Florence, but all else is good. The VP for investors relations is off right now for a family issue, but they are going to book a call with the CFO with me after earnings in November.
    i asked about upcoming PR, but they are in the quite period right now due to the earnings release which is standard knowledge for investors.

    This is a class act (answered call immediately and very professional as expected, although I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at just how well they handled my enquiry). We should be back north of $25 in q1 2019 if not sooner IMO. Construction on roads and buildings is going nuts in Western Canada. There is no “China factor” or anything else at play for that matter here. So glad the sell-off provided this opportunity in my portfolio. Sellers will regret themselves, but goodbye to weak hands and thank you for stop loss orders!
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Summit Materials is up 7.40% to 22.05
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    The CEO Thomas Hill has being selling allot of his shares from Mar-Jul. Not sure if that a good sign. Usually when a CEO buys shares they has faith in the company, when they sell their shares they don't.
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    Get ready to make some $$$$$...On Pa Senator Bob Casey's facebook page he said he wants to see an Infrastructure , the new democratic chairman of the transportation department wants a new highway spending bill, President Trump wants a spending bill..If we get one in 2019 the rock and cement companies could be the market leaders of 2019.....jmho
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    Someone is hammering this stock down after a positive earnings call I am starting a position
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    whats up with the stock today
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    Sold while at the high this morning, score.
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    Energy Saver
    seen this before. Stock falls after earnings report only to recover after the earnings call. Nice opportunity to buy SUM below 16. Long term outlook unchanged. Upside to 23-25. Downside minimal.
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    The Sale of Grand Junction Pipe & Supply to Ferguson Waterworks should improve the balance sheet and cash flow statement for Q3.
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    This might be wish full thinking but how great would it be to wake up one day and find out someone offered to buy SUM at a huge premium......
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    Confused Wannabe Day Trader
    Anybody know why this stock isn't higher? I mean, I know there are trade wars going on, and on the down days it went down further than average (which makes sense since it's a high beta stock), but on an up day like today it's not going up much (if at all). Although there shorts, there aren't tons of those either.
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    Cruz Ramirez
    Undervalued and ready to boom?