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  • G
    Where else are you going to get A 10 percent dividend? They run 9,200 sites and are very profitable. Don’t look at stock price girations . With the economy opening up, and people back on the road, this stock will be $50 by the end of the year. Sit back and buy more shares as and if it falls. It’s like a high yielding CD with upside appreciation.
  • s
    ET shareholders are fleeing ET to SUN!! "Kinda" tells you how stable SUN is!! A lot of shorts are "trying" to short SUN, BUT it doesn't work with SUN!
    SUN to "stable" and the shorts can't really control it, the climb above illustrates my point!
    Go SUN!!
  • W
    okay, yes I do know the diff between dividend and disbursement. it's quite evident and can be painful at tax time.

    question: if trading, holding inside 401k, gains, disbursements should still be tax deferred?
  • S
    SUN is going to do very well this year. Increased driving as covid wanes. Higher profits as fuel prices increase (margins). Good entry price created today.
  • s
    Looks like back to below 31 again later this week, pretty stable and non-volatile stock. Always loved SUN good solid foundation and dependable dividends!
  • n
    Right now, I'm bullish with my dividends Ive received, but bearish (and frustrated) that SUN issues a K-1 vs. 1099 to its shareholders.
    I am retired, and use free file option and am struggling to figure out how to file with the K-1 data.
    Can anyone offer me any resources that might help me?
  • T
    Watchlist believe it could see $50 again... but that doesn’t matter as long as they keep a good free cash flow and lower the debt... good solid energy stock paying dividends...
  • K
    So each SUN share I hold, I would get paid $3.30 on each share I bought right? If I were to buy 5 shares I would get paid $16.50 each quarter ?
  • Z
    Looks like all the profits out of the Tech run will be parking it into gas and energy. Some sweet entry level picks and SUN is one of them!
  • S
    Great buy. As gasoline increases, SUN's revenues go up. Recession proof as well with the huge dividend and people will be increasing their driving now that COVID is fading away.
  • A
    For those who have complete taxes while holding Sunoco, do you have to file in multiple states or just the one you live in? Does TurboTax make dealing with the K-1 form easy or is it much of a hassle?
  • C
    CNBC Depumper
    This stock is going to boom like XOM did. Big dividend similar payout ratio.
  • S
    Looking forward to the div disbursement announcement. Then, off to the races.
  • B
    Bruce of Windsor
    SUN will rise again.
  • W
    ET is propping up SUN across the board... read the Moody's actions...

    All SUN debt is rated JUNK...

    How ET allows SUN to pay $3.30 is insanity...

    Distribution should be suspended until debt levels can be addressed to a point where it is no longer an anchor weighing ET down...
  • o
    If I Roth drip this, would that be a loophole to paying yearly income tax and keep it all (federally) come retirement?
  • D
    Most of the citgo stations around here are changing too Sunoco.
  • J
    SUN is a great reliable dividend stock. It has stayed within a steady window of price for a long time now, other than the dip caused by COVID. I think if there are any changes to the business, investors will know it quickly enough to avoid some big drop.
  • a
    Pls help with answer
    I purchased units of SUN at Feb 5, 2021, (Buy 90 SUN 32.27 2,904.30). There was remark on the site that the distribution will be paid on February 19, 2021 to common unit holders of record on February 8, 2021. Should I receive that distribution or I was mislead because of my poor English?
  • d
    SUN is still paying 10.70% distribution at $30.60. Buy the dips & make a great return while you wait for the stock price to go up to $35 to $37 a share.