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    Sinovac Biotech Ltd. NASDAQ : SVA Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks May-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.7 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stock
  • Vaccine maker Protein Sciences is being acquired by Sanofi for around 20X's sales.
    SVA should be, at a minimum, $20 a share.
  • Nice to see a public statement by a major holder in favor of the competing $8 bid. Hope this spurs the Yin group to step up their bid substantially as a counter-offer.

  • "CAGED MONKEY Silent in Mourning the Recent Death of CAGED MONKEY's Family Members"... HOW? Gracias
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  • CDC Weekly --- CAGED MONKEY Come Out Mourning the Recent Death of CAGED MONKEY's Family Members
  • CDC Weekly --- CAGED MONKEY Silent in Mourning the Recent Death of CAGED MONKEY's Family Members
  • Shandong Sinobioway's consortium makes an offer to take Sinovac Biotech private at $8. Let the bidding war begin!
  • I didn't know Sinobioway had such close ties to SVA...

    "Another Chinese biologics drugmaker affiliated with Peking University, Sinobioway entered the bid soon after Yin made his offer. In fact, it was Sinobioway that raised the offer to $7 a share in its first offering. The relationship between the two companies goes way back to 1994 when Sinobioway salvaged a failing biologics company that later became the Sinovac we see today. Sinobioway Group's chairman Aihua Pan, who played a key role in Sinovac's revival, is also Sinovac Beijing's chairman. According to Sinovac’s 2015 annual report filed to the SEC, Sinobioway Biomedicine owns a 26.91% interest in Sinovac Beijing, the company’s principal operating subsidiary and where Yin presides as GM."


    Sinovac to go private as bribery concerns hint at investor class-action lawsuits | FierceBiotech
    A group of buyers is challenging a definitive privatization agreement Nasdaq-listed Chinese vaccine maker Sinovac reached with its chairman and CEO Weidong Yin, while the buyout is further complicated by a bribery case that Yin was involved in.
  • Seems to me we just have to sit tight for a while. I can't see SVA putting the $7 offer to a vote when there is a counteroffer of $8. So Yin and his buddies at the very least will need to up their offer to $8, or maybe even a little better. On the plus side the movement of the stock to close to the $7 offer price means that all these buyers here are not looking for .10-.15 profits but expect to get at least 8. I personally would not sell at 7 and still think shareholders should be compensated at least 10 pershare. That said I might consider a yes vote close to 8+ since the company has done a bang up job of spreading fear and uncertainty to keep the price down for accumulation by their buddies. That game is over for the moment. I've owned this stock for a long time. I can remain patient for now.
  • ZM Daily --- CAGED MONKEY Silent in Mourning the Recent Death of CAGED MONKEY's Family Members
  • How about a conspiracy theory?: Gin up some bribery charges, fail to meet ER deadlines, don't release any info on HFMD sales, drive the stock lower, let your buddies pick up some cheap shares, offer a 30% premium to depressed stock prices so people feel happy, then make some real money after going private. Nah - that wouldn't happen.
  • PRWired --- CAGED MONKEY Silent in Mourning the Recent Death of CAGED MONKEY's Family Members
  • I'm sure everybody here has read this from last year..... I am curious if they will have anything to say.


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  • $7 is better than 4.50 ??? It would of been nict to see the sales numbers. Not sure how to feel about this..LOL
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  • I've been in SVA since 2009 and now getting solicitations to join the lawsuit. Does anyone have experience with this? Which firm is better than the other? ANY advise would be appreciated.