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SolarWinds Corporation (SWI)

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    Wow the financial statement looks legit, turns out cyber incident didn’t cause too much damage to the company, above $20 soon
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    No one is here
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    I'm simply amazed this outfit is still in business. I guess there must be SWI devotees similar to the those that follow Apple. The world is weird.
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    this company is a win win 🙌
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    good company, coming back after bad press
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    cup and handle forming?
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    Can anyone explain to me what
    this Russian hack has to do with SolarWinds?
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    great company coming back after fake news
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    Buy buy buy..
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    SolarWinds Corporation CANNOT play the "victim" card here... they protected their update distribution server with the following password: "solarwinds123"
    This is professional negligence at the highest degree!!
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    Monday predictions?
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    Bill M
    This board is dead
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    Data Guru
    It does not appear investors really understand what happened here. This is much more serious than what is being reflected by the stock price. Hackers not only breached SolarWinds network, but they appear to have been able to breach their source code repository for at least one of their key products. They then appear to have been able to modify the code without detection. Then it appears that code was published into production by SolarWinds themselves and made available to their thousands of customers in the form of updates.

    Government agencies and enterprise level organizations have robust IT departments and information data security policies that adhere to best practices guidelines that are published by various organizations. These best practices always recommend keeping critical applications patched and up to date. Furthermore, companies like SolarWinds who do business with the government and enterprise level entities generally follow best practices associated with releasing software patches and updates. These practices almost always require the software company to publish an MD5 hash that allows the customer to verify that the patch or update they have downloaded and are going to apply/install, is genuine. This is done to prevent a customer from downloading a malicious patch that was produced by a third party hacker. In other words, the MD5 hash allows the customer to verify the patch was generated by their vendor and not by a malicious third party.

    In this case, the vendor appears to be the one that published the malicious patch/update. This goes well beyond negligence and creates enormous liability for SolarWinds. Government agencies, security firms, tech companies and other enterprise level organizations appear to have been impacted. There is potentially untold billions of dollars in liability that SolarWinds faces, much more than any insurance policy is going to cover. This event is not going to just be reflected in a bad quarter. This is going to reverberate at this company for many years to come and could spell their ultimate demise.

    The content of this post are my personal opinion based on my general understanding of software development lifecycles, information data security best practices and public information about the SolarWinds hack.
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    Bill M
    I can imagine another company working any harder than this one moving forward
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    Where have managers and IT guys during the hack? Most likely, they worked from home watching movies and trading stocks rather working on their jobs: monitor the network and logs.
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    Do you think they will have decrease in growth or will lose exiting client?
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    If you don't sell before close you will find yourself -15% pre-market tomorrow on bad news.

    Bad news is almost a given.

    Be smart and close your position, and join the short.
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    $14.93 in after hours trading. wonder who is buying this now
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    There is nothing stopping the fall. This is much bigger than we can think... 9 months of infiltration, super sophisticated attack, that went on and only got caught by #FEME looking/auditing at over 50K records of source code. Imagine the damage! Data leak and business compromised at all levels. You can tell me all you want but this stock is heading south. We can easily see $12-$15 levels in the next few days. Lawsuits will be massive!!!!