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Sierra Wireless, Inc. (SWIR)

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    Wizard Trader
    $GTXO conversation
    News: GTX Corp 4G LTE SmartSoles Gaining Interest as Pre-Order Sales and Testing Begins

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    What is the point of guidance if meeting your numbers, which this latest report more or less did, if a neutral report gets crushed by the market
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    Up thus far circa 14K on 3305 shares. Not selling a single share before mid double digits sorry shorts you are going to have to borrow them elsewhere to cover ;)
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    Thinking about jumping into SW - Seems like it could be a good option for long term growth especially with 5G on the forefront.

    What makes SW a better option over wireless providers such as Telus or Rogers? On one hand I feel like the growth for SW and upside is much higher but the massive customer base and guaranteed income with Telus/ Rogers/ Bell etc.. is pretty appealing albeit less upside - more of a dividend play in my eyes - what do you guys think?
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    Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ:SWIR): Q2 Non-GAAP EPS of -$0.30 beats by $0.05; GAAP EPS of -$0.43 beats by $0.12.Revenue of $144.1M (-24.7% Y/Y) beats by $0.89M.Q2 gross margin was 31.8% compared to 30.8% in the Q219.Press Release
    Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ:SWIR): Q2 Non-GAAP EPS of -$0.30 beats by $0.05; GAAP EPS of -$0.43 beats by $0.12.Revenue of $144.1M (-24.7% Y/Y) beats by $0.89M.Q2 gross margin was 31.8% compared to 30.8% in the Q219.Press Release
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    It was a good quarter and things are looking better in the near future. Add 200 million on the balance sheet and this stock is not only a great potential but also very secure.
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    I know Q2 wasn't that great but it looks like company is headed in the right direction.
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    Wow, going to just totally fill that gap. Might as well wait to buy this thing. Can't even hold this breakout.
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    A (ss wipen) IS MY ONLY ONE, "Still waiting for you to post SOMETHING about the stock instead of constantly bashing the posters here" Yup, we all are waiting for you to do that, freak. LMAO sooooooo BIG TIME!
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    Great Momentum Building and if you do look at the upcoming breakout level it is around $14.15
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    This deal makes the current market cap beyond absurd. They will have cash (net) of almost $200mm — and the current market cap is $345mm??? If you subtract out the lost sales of $166mm, that leaves current sales in the annualized range of probably around $500mm (give or take). That means the effective equity value of the business is $145mm on $500mm in sales. But the remaining sales — if I understand the strategy correctly — will be higher margin with more recurring revenue. If you can sell that part of the business for 1x sales, and the current valuation is not even 0.3x sales on the better part that remains, should the business be worth at least 3x what it is today — without even factoring a higher multiple plus growth prospects. I am probably missing something, this just seems so obvious now. Perhaps investors don’t think the company can execute on the recurring revenue IOT model, but given the valuation the risk/reward calculus makes this a screaming buy at under $10.
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    TYLER id created 2 hrs ago, has 3 posts total. Another mutliple alias created to pump.
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    John id, 9 posts total and 3 years old. The little embedded troll is pulling old id off the shelf to pump.
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    Oh goodness, CONTRARY IS DUMB has now brought back his "Pa" and is having his "T Mack" talk to it to diss me and others. He's so upset I'm still here and he can't infect the board with his good cop bad cop aliases to entice the newbies to buy so his bosses can sell on this roller coaster stock. LMAO sooooooooooo BIG TIME, this after being outed months ago. Uh, coupla things freak, A. contrary to your spew, I'm still here,...posted a couple days ago....pay attention freak. B. Did you forget? I outed you with your "Pa" when you used it to post as, I believe it was your "k" id. And, that's when both went away! LMAO.

    Heads up folks, this current pump, which is a good overall due to the news of SWIR selling their automotive division, has brought out the bottom feeders for a quick buck i.e. attempt to sukkkkr in newbies and get a quick rise and then they sell and scare off the weak hands and then start the process all over again. A very old and typical tactic used by boylier rooom skuuum on low volume easily manipulated stocks.
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    1x revs puts us up another 200m in market cap. What is that another 30% somewhere between $17-$19. Correct me if thats not right. :)
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    CONTRARY IS SMART is working this dead board hard with his semi-new "k" id. Even brought back his "FLANKER" at the exact same time and now is using it to ask set up questions to bait the newbies. And, check this and ask yourself, why a person comes out of nowhere and does this:

    k 35 minutes ago
    Going up!!

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    Watch this thing go way up :)

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    This is going much higher. Mark my post
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    Even at current price of ~$11, mcap is showing 400mn, of which 160mn + 70mn is cash, so effectively 230mn of 400mn is cash.
    After sale, we'll have 475-500mn of recurring high margin revenue left, that should be worth more than 170mn! Isn't it?

    230mn cash means 230mn cash/32 mn shares = $7 is just cash out of $11 share price
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    Alot of stocks are making a run. Why not this one?
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    "A" alias spews he bought at $28....that was 2017. His alias is 2 months old, with 22 posts total. LOL, sure you did fraud, sure ya did.