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AT&T Inc. (T)

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  • J
    JOE D
    Gotta buy a stock yielding 7.5% that is trading near its 5 year low and generates massive Cash Flow. Massive. So what if AT&T isn't a juggernaut - this telecom is not going away anytime soon.

    Accumulate here and spread out your buys in case the market tanks again. Amazing to think that if T touched $20 per share, the yield would go over 10%. Doubt that really happens, though. Its a good "gamble" at these levels.
  • m
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  • d
    Well, I'm done buying ATT as of yesterday. Holding 6k shares and now will wait as long as it takes for share price appreciation while collecting 12.5k in dividends per year.
  • A
    I love the yield. Will buy today and every month for the next four months. We will see.
  • w
    The company has the ability to pay the dividend comfortably, while still paying down deb at the rate of 8-10B a year. The question is whether the board feels debt reduction trumps dividend payments. As a matter of finance the dividend is extremely safe. As for company policy, that is anyone's guess. Any significant cut in the dividend will bring shareholder revolt and likely a board fight.
  • S
    AT&T needs to stop chocking and instead it must unlock its value by simply breaking up into 4 different companies (with or without a matching deal with Comcast) as follows:

    1) Spin off DirecTV to merge it with Dish, which could then be potentially merged with a Comcast spin off of their Cable TV and ISP.

    2) Spin off AT&T wireline/landline/tv business (except a few key states containing wireless backbone) or sell either as part of the deal (item 1) or to another company such as CenturyLink or Charter Communications, etc.

    3) Spin off Warner Media back on its own or even better merge it with Comcast's, a perfect combination to compete with Disney

    4) Keep AT&T as pure wireless for 5G, 6G... and become a technology company, offering advanced wireless services/solutions
  • K
    The last time I looked at my interest on my bank statement it was .02% ATT has a dividend of over 7% am I missing something?
  • P
    When you look at T, the only thing it resembles is GE, it's a brand new GE in the 2020s.
  • '
    I once owned Royal dutch shell and made a small profit. Got out in the 60's. Never wanted to own an oil stock but at the time i thought the divi was safe. With THE DEBT OF T imo a dividend cut could be on the table.
  • A
    TONS of stocks are up big today. But this is still SO EXPENSIVE and has a failed business model. It WILL fade because even divvy chasers aren't chasing this.
  • t
    great time to add shares I know I'm solid buy
  • P
    I thought the low interest rates and home office are good for ATT.
  • A
    Write it down. T is much more likely to see $20 than ever seeing $30 again. When even impatient retail Dividend chasers aren’t buying dips you know this stock has major issues.
  • B
    I'm new to T. Was here a long time ago but this seems like a great price. I hope they maintain the dividend.
  • g
    g K
    Dare I buy more? I first bought T in 2009 at a price just below the current! This year I have been adding 100 shares almost weekly. I now hold 6986 shares. So tempting
  • c
    Boy I'm sure glad I sold those Oct 30 $28 Puts when I did this morning. I got $1.26 each for them. So here#$%$ can happen. If the stock closes below $28 on Oct 30, I have to buy it for $28 per share and I keep the $1.26 per share Premium. If it closes about $28, I get to keep the $1.26 per share Premium and I don't have to do anything else. Not a bad deal anyway you look at it. The Premium alone is worth a lot more than one quarter's dividend and it will only take 5 weeks rather than 3 months.
  • T
    Source: Macrotrends
    “As one of the market's most reliable long-term dividend raisers, AT&T provides a $2.08 annual payout and the company is one of the few that has maintained multi-decade growth in its dividend payments. With interest rates expected to hold at historic lows for an extended period of time, we think income investors might consider the stability of a 7.14% dividend yield to be a blessing in what could be a very difficult market environment over the next several quarters.”
  • G
    Towards the end of next week, when they announce the dividend, "T" will climb to the $30 + range. Purchasing shares under $28.50 is a bargain IMHO.
  • J
    The sector rotation from growth into value will happen in October, once all the Mutual Funds and Hedge funds have closed their books for this fiscal year which ends in September.
  • J
    Be patient. Load the boat with T shares at $25. We have a constitutional crisis brewing that will shake America to the core and the stock market. The rioting you saw in the streets this summer will be child's play compared to what happens when Biden wins by 7 million votes, and Trump tries to steal the election using a rigged U.S. Supreme Court.