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AT&T Inc. (T)

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  • I've made my decision. Staying in. Going to take my 4.93% annual yield and count it as gain (just as the IRS will). If the price continues to decrease, I will accumulate more and collect the 5.75% yield. There's a reason I bought AT&T. That reason had not changed.
  • You guys complaining about T's performance. Just look at the max(year) chart. 5% yield and never cut it's dividend. I need more companies like this to build my nest egg.
  • TWX/T merger going through!

    DT approves!
  • Of course its the anti- capitalist Democratic Senators , like Bernie Sanders,Al Franken, and Elizabeth Warren,that are pushing against the merger. Shareholders in their states ought to contact them, and hold their feet to the fire- and tell them to worry about more pressing issues in their districts.
    And they wonder why the country voted a Republican in office.
  • The Who's Who of commie pinko Senators just asked Trump to oppose the merger. Deal must go through now. They have no clue what's good for business our the consumer.

  • Okay, I have been very patient for the past month watching the financial markets set new record highs almost every day while AT&T (T) stock evaporated. But I have had it. Its time the shareholders demanded new leadership of this mega corporation. Why is the AT&T / Time Warner taking so long? Will the President even allow the merger? Questions the AT&T CEO should be answering now.
  • Anymore stocks like this one that has a 5% yield and never cut it's dividend?
  • Fact 9 States now bankrupt Dems have turned these states into third world HELL HOLE WELFARE FOR ILLEGALS FAILED RETIREMENT PENSION FUNDS CALIFORNIA RETIREMENT PENTION FUNDS LOST $100,000,000,000 the snowball just getting started $20,000,000,000,000 national debt. Dems are responsible Obama led the way.
  • Where does the stock price go from here. After testing $37.80, it ran back up to close at $37.95. Lucky for me because I purchased 990 shares at $37.93. I want to buy 3600 more before the dividend date but it seems like every time I buy a stock it goes lower. I could have gotten these at $37.85 easily. Hopefully it stays right around here so I can purchase more before the dividend date comes July 6-7.
  • Thank goodness I only have 150 shares
  • if AT&T cannot can I stop Time Warner support for this stupid play about the Trump assassination I will vote against the merger and I will sell my AT&T stock and I have a lot of it so AT&T should stop the play or back out of the merger
  • adding to my position
  • T is the worst run company in the world next to Direct TV. What did you say? Direct TV is owned and controlled by T.

    The CEO should be covered with tar and dropped on Mexico.
  • An impressive stock. the DOW hits record highs, and T flounders once again.
  • DirecTV will go down in history as the dumbest acquisition ever. It's like they just bought a horse and buggy business just when the combustion engine was invented. A bunch of M&A schmucks!
  • Which company has worse service between ATT and Verizon? I use them both and it is hard to decide. They are both so bad it seems to be a toss up. Whenever I contact one of them I always state that if it was not for the other being equally as bad they would be out of business.
  • getting ready to buy 1250 shares
  • What is the dividend date?
    Is it July 5th or 6th?
  • This is such a badly managed company. The CEO should have been fired years ago.
  • Check out the parachutes that execs at Sprint and T-Mobile get if they merge it's mind boggling. I would give AT&T's CEO a similar package to exit.