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Taitron Components Incorporated (TAIT)

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    nice quarter
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    Pretty good quarter with revenues up nicely at +45%
    I compute book value to be ~$274 and cash+short term investments $101
    EPS was flat at 10 cents the same as last year- it would have been higher except they booked a 5 cent per share loss on short term investments
    The stock was up today to $418 and hopefully it will continue higher
    I am kicking myself for not buying more than I did in May but I did get some at $316 and $321
    The yield decreases as the price increases but I expect another dividend increase in Nov as I mentioned before
    I wish they would put out a press release every quarter
    I think we have a reasonable chance at $5+ later this year if next quarter is good and the dividend increases
    Net sales in the second quarter of 2022 totaled $2,790,000 versus $1,925,000 in the comparable period for 2021, an increase of $865,000 or 44.9% over the same period last year. The increase was primarily driven by an increase of ODM project sales volume.
    Gross profit for the second quarter of 2022 was $1,490,000 versus $930,000 in the comparable period for 2021, and gross margin percentage of net sales was 53.4% in the second quarter of 2022 versus 48.3% in the comparable period for 2021. The approximately 5.1% gross margin percentage increase was driven by selling higher margin products.
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    good value .
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    10 cent special dividend

    Taitron Components Incorporated(TAIT) announced today that its Board of Directors has declared a one-time special cash dividend of $0.10 per share, in addition to its quarterly cash dividend of $0.045 per share of common stock, both payable on May 31, 2022 to stockholders of record as of the close of business on May 13, 2022. The aggregate payment will be $0.145 per share or approximately $852,000.

    Stewart Wang, President, commented: “This one-time special dividend is our reward to shareholders. Our strong balance sheet allows us to pay this one-time special dividend from existing cash balances, while preserving financial and operational flexibility.” Under our current dividend policy, the Company will continue targeting a cash dividend to our stockholders in the amount of $0.18 per share per annum, payable in equal $0.045 per share quarterly installments.
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    Why is this stock doing so well. I bought some shares, but it looked like an ordinary electronics store. didn't think much of it.
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    Q1: FWIW after looking at the Q1 results revenues did fall 20%. Adjustments to come up with "normalized" earnings include adding back the $83,000 on short-term investment losses and, most importantly, removing the $1,875,0000 in using up all of the deferred tax assets. My "adjusted earnings per share" come to $.04 vs. $.06 for Q1-'21. Any ideas on '22 forward earnings? The balance sheet is still strong. The company has been increasing dividends for the past few years. My question is, given the short term (hopefully) pressures now, why did management opt for the $.10 extra dividend. Announcing this on April 29th, before releasing the Q1 numbers resulted in a pop to as high as $4.25. After the release we're back below the $3.42 of April 29th. Maybe you can't read too much into this as the entire market imploded during this timeframe. It doesn't seem like this was done to let management sell into strength as the volume on TAIT is miniscule. From my albeit limited perspective in my Brooklyn basement I still see the company as a long term hold. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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    Bowser Report
    All Bowser Report subscribers should be receiving an email update on TAIT tonight. Congrats to all subscribers who bought at $1.60! The company has consistently reported strong top and bottom-line results over the past year. Combine that with a clear undervaluation and a solid dividend and you have yourself a huge gainer. Personally, I'm blown away by the short-term momentum. Regardless, congratulations!
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    No analyst coverage. From the Brooklyn Basement: How about a price target of 6. : 15x trailing earnings. 3% dividend yield and a raiser. Reasonable for a company with 0 long-term debt, $1.19 in cash, ca/cl 7/1, strong (to say the least) insider ownership
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    This co. is worth at minimum $3 right now just based on their assets. Add to that the value of a business earning at the rate of near $1mil./yr. and $5 or $6 is completely doable. Train is just leaving the station.
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    Earnings: I am confused about trailing earnings. My broker (MSDW) has the last four quarters "diluted EPS excluding extras" @ 3/21 (.12), 6/21 (.24), 9/21 (.13) 12/21 (.25). However, Marketbeat has 3/21 (.06), 6/21 (.10), 9/21 (.11) and nothing for 12/21. Does anybody have a link to the correct information? Thank you.
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    Impressive Q4! Looks like they earned .11/share in Q4 despite a cautious outlook. They did have a bit of other income in Q4. But even without it, Q4 bottom line improved slightly over the great earnings in Q3. They probably would have earned .09/share in Q4.

    And they've turned more bullish. This is what they said in the 10Q from November-

    "The COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on our results of operations and financial performance for the first, second and third quarters of 2020, and we expect it will continue to have a negative impact on our revenue, earnings and cash flows in the fourth quarter of 2020 and possibly into 2021."

    Now this is what they said in today's 10K-

    "In the first quarter of 2021, we do not expect net sales to be impacted significantly by the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 as a result of inventory on hand to fulfill customer orders."

    TAIT has a couple of easy comps coming up. They're sitting on about $1.15/share in cash and pay a healthy dividend just under 4%. If this low floater ever gets pumped as a play on the global component shortage, it could spike to $10+
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    if this is a good stock... where is the trade volume? where is the conversation on this site?
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    Wow surprisingly great Q3 from TAIT. Now we know why they raised the dividend a couple weeks ago!

    TAIT reported Q3 earnings of .08/share on a 20% revenue increase. Earnings flattish vs. last year because the year ago Q3 included a 1-time gain of $160K in other income from a property sale. Without that, looks like earnings would have been .08/share vs. .06/share last year. And the just reported Q3 was a huge improvement over Q1 & Q2. Company still weighed by covid in Q3. Imagine how good the TAIT numbers will get next year when get the vaccines and the economy rebounds. Plus they'd also get a boost from any easing of tensions with China (i.e. lower tariffs) under Biden.

    TAIT balance sheet continues to look excellent. Cash position increased to $1.09/share. They've got the valuable California real estate. The cash and real estate probably worth more than the entire market cap. Like you're getting the business for free.

    I'm surprised this low floater isn't flying today, but I'm happy add more cheap shares. Q3 results were MUCH better than anyone had to be expecting. Only a matter of time before this one shoots higher imo. Get to collect a 6% dividend yield in the meantime.
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    Khun JT
    TAIT may be the real deal...... but it has been pumped constantly by SIMPLY WALL ST. for months. I don't think they do that from the kindness of their heart.
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    What in the world ??? down more than a $1 after hours ?????
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    The dividend bump was nice: and you can’t fake cash flow. There is a little current of underlying strength here this Q. Low float, big inside ownership and low float all help here.
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    This company has some decent growth. I should have bought more shares.
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    Any information on why the stock is gaining?