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Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (TARO)

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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Taro Pharmaceutical is down 5.28% to 75.73
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    Buyout at $37!, as Sun management intended a few years ago when they said " at $37 Taro is overprice." Sun-Taro is doing nothing to expand Taro's business in spite of mountains of cash. Hiding behind "Growth Through Research" - which they have very little to show for in the last few years. I am sure Sun's idea is to to drive Taro's price down and then to buy it with Taro's cash.
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    trading halted ...... buyout from Sun for $102.49 :( ?
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Taro Pharmaceutical is up 5.46% to 74.78
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    Something new: earning report on Monday and CC next day after q3 2018 (or Q2 2019 Taro fiscal calendar) never happened before. CC usually was after Q4 in May ones in year. I guess , possibly some anointment will come. Maybe not, and they decided to be polite.
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    ben zion
    24$ per share is cash in the bank. stock price does not make sense
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    er doc
    If I understand the dividend rule, as a US stockholder, I do nothing about an Israeli tax withholding? Do others read it that way?
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    Scooped at 97. Good buy I think
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    ACADIAN ASSET MANAGEMENT LLC added 66k shares again to 109K after selling ~90% of the stake in previous quarters. Maybe that was the reason in today's SP strengths?
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    someone is suggesting Taro to increase the cap above 92??
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    er doc
    Any live people here? Not much to say I quess. Predictable quarterly earnings drops. The only thing that will bring this up is 1] buying other drugs with their 1.5 billion dollars in cash 2] buyout offer from Sun Pharma.
    Any ideas?
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    For the recent Taro proxy can anyone help me answer this question ?
    Proposal 1A states -
    The undersigned does not have a conflict of interest (a "personal interest" under the Companies Law, as described in the Proxy Statement) (hereinafter, a "conflict of Interest") in the approval of Proposal 1.

    The options are YES and NO.

    I do not have a conflict of interest under companies law and I want the company to know that. What should I answer ? Please let me know .
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    Sun Posts on Aug 12, Taro usually ~ a week earlier - Aug 4 ?
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    they managed $250m buyback without any upward movement of stock price. Unheard off
    So I ask, what is the benefit of this buyback to minority shareholders ? Zilch with zero stock price movement.
    Frequently given excuse will be we have created "long term shareholder value" with this buyback. Don't agree. The irony is for 2.5 years taro is showing stellar results, yet stock stock price decline from $170 to $135 and shareholder cannot monetize the business's stellar gains for last 2.5 years. So IMO shareholders should request for buyback at higher price than trading price like they did in the 1st buyback. If you are a shareholder who needed money in the last 2 years, you couldn't have monetized business stellar gains, and you had to settle for parting your shares at $138.
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    ben zion
    Cash and cash equivalents reflects the impact from the $27.0 million Tender Offer paid in December 2019.
    From taro’s report.
    Anyone knows what it is.?
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    Welcome to the lowest price since intraday Feb 11 and the lowest close in over 26 months!
    What has changed in those 2 years?
    1. Revenue rose over 20%.
    2. Over $1B profit has made
    3. Cash per share increased over $20 (over $30 in cash & long term deposits) even after $250M of buy back.
    4. But Market value of the company dropped by 20% to $5.2B

    Something not right here and I can think on 2 options:
    1. Something terrible happens to Taro and the revenue will drop dramatically which going to half EPS to ~$5 per year. In order to that would happen the revenue should drop by 25-30% to ~160-170M per quarter. I doubt it would happen even if Taro stop selling several drugs.
    2. Manipulation to drug down the SP below $120 and then came with another buyout offer below $140. The pattern is similar what happened in 2012 with $39.5
    SP consistently dropped from $48 in April to $35 in July when the offer has made close the market price.
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    I think we are going to find out that the two executives named in the subpoenaed are Kal Sundaram (CEO) and Michael Kalb (CFO) both of which have exited the buidling. Good riddance!

    This may now be seen as the beginning of a genuine shakeup and hopefully productive shakeup at Taro (one which may be painful from a short term share price perspective - as witnessed) but leads to new and solid management - not just puppets of Sun and Dilip Shanghvi's and his band of thieves.

    New CEO, new independent directors representing minority shareholders & a new beginning for TARO...
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    Does it has a bottom? It trades like it going out of business soon. No news , big volume, drop again while other pharma pretty stable.
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    er doc
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