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Taubman Centers, Inc. (TCO)

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  • R
    $SPG conversation
    Great deal for SPG on $TCO discount. In 5-10 years SPG holders will be laughing. I do not hold SPG or TCO, but do feel the risk/reward for SPG is very good here.
  • s
    That's what I expected.
    10% return to hold TCO for 4 months.

    Not bad return.
    It can be much more.
    But that's ok.
  • k
    Is that mean the price will jump to $43 tomorrow?
  • K
    Anyone else ever check out (http://Pick-stocks.com)? They just sent a tip about TCO
  • s
    I sold my shares because I wanted to redeploy my cash elsewhere.

    But........ The price discount of about 18% is pretty steep. Most people, including me, expected just a 10% discount.

    The fact that today's price is so close to agreed price means that there are some people out there believing that the final price can be higher. The new agreement is subject to shareholders approval, you know.

    I can get 10% more, may be.
    But I think market has bottomed.
    I can make more money elsewhere.
  • B
    Is it common to have this “WeissLaw LLP Investigates Taubman Centers, Inc.” on the matter of m&a
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    TCO-PK is up 6.25% to 25.34
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    TCO-PK is up 5.24% to 22.90
  • M
    Institutions own 107% of float.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Taubman Centers is up 5.67% to 39.53
  • s
    Please read the applicable merger agreement section yourself.

    Don't be like trump and hope.

    Subsection (vi) clearly excludes "PANDEMICS"

    This agreement is AIRTIGHT in my opinion.

    Now, it does not mean that we WILL get FULL price.
    We got lucky!!!! OK by me to lower the price a bit just to earn a bit of goodwill.

    Great time to add.


    “Material Adverse Effect” with respect to any Person means any effect, change, event or occurrence that, individually or in the aggregate, has a material
    adverse effect on the business, assets, liabilities, results of operations or financial condition of such Person and its Subsidiaries (and its unconsolidated joint
    ventures), taken as a whole; provided, however, that none of the following, and no effect, change, event or occurrence arising out of, or resulting from, the
    following, shall constitute or be taken into account, individually or in the aggregate, in determining whether a Material Adverse Effect has occurred or may occur:
    (i) changes generally affecting the economy, credit or financial or capital markets, in the United States or elsewhere in the world, including changes in interest or
    exchange rates; (ii) changes generally affecting the industries in which such Person and its Subsidiaries operate; (iii) changes or prospective changes in Applicable
    Law or GAAP or in accounting standards, or any changes or prospective changes in the interpretation or enforcement of any of the foregoing, or any changes or
    prospective changes in general legal, regulatory or political conditions; (iv) changes caused by the announcement or performance of this Agreement or the
    consummation of the Transactions, including the impact thereof on relationships, contractual or otherwise, with customers, suppliers, distributors, partners,
    employees or Governmental Entities, or any litigation arising from allegations of breach of fiduciary duty or violation of Applicable Law relating to this
    Agreement or the Transactions (provided that this clause (iv) shall not apply to the use of Titanium Material Adverse Effect in any representation or warranty
    explicitly addressing the execution, delivery, announcement or performance of this Agreement or the consummation of the Transactions or non-contravention with
    contractual or legal obligations or any condition to Closing as it relates to such representations and warranties); (v) acts of war (whether or not declared), sabotage
    or terrorism, or any escalation or worsening of any such acts of war (whether or not declared), sabotage or terrorism; (vi) volcanoes, tsunamis, pandemics,
    earthquakes, floods, storms, hurricanes, tornados or other natural disasters; (vii) any action taken by such Person or its Subsidiaries that is required by this
    Agreement or with the prior written consent or at the written direction of another Person in accordance with this Agreement, or the failure to take any action by
    such Person or its Subsidiaries if that action is prohibited by this Agreement; (viii) changes resulting or arising from the identity of, or any facts or circumstances
    specific to, the Silver Parties; (ix) changes or prospective changes in such Person’s or its Subsidiaries’ credit ratings; (x) changes in the price or trading volume of
    the such Person’s common stock; (xi) any failure to meet any internal or public projections, forecasts, guidance, estimates, milestones, budgets or internal or
    published financial or operating predictions of revenue, earnings, cash flow or cash position (it being understood that the exceptions in clauses (ix), (x) and (xi)
    shall not prevent or otherwise affect a determination that the underlying cause of any such change or failure referred to therein (to the extent not otherwise falling
    within any of the exceptions provided by clauses (i) through (xi) hereof) is, may be, contributed to or may contribute to, a Material Adverse Effect); provided
    further, however, that any effect, change, event or occurrence referred to in clauses (i), (ii), (iii), (v) and (vi) may be taken into account in determining whether or
    not there has been or may be a Material Adverse Effect to the extent such effect, change, event or occurrence has a disproportionate adverse effect on such Person
    and its Subsidiaries, taken as a whole, as compared to other participants in the industries in which such Person and its Subsidiaries operate.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Taubman Centers is up 8.28% to 42.75
  • v
    This looks familiar to the Dow Chemical & Rohm & Haas merger. In late December 2008 Dow Chemical terminated the deal due to the economic recession and a failed joint venture agreement with a foreign government. 25 days later Rohm & Haas sued Dow to complete the merger. Finally a deal was struck 3 months later at the original prearranged price of $78 a share. Rohm & Haas two largest shareholders did contribute about $3 billion in equity to Dow Chemical in exchange for preferred stock in Dow. The bottom line is all shareholders received the original agreed purchase price.

    My opinion – This story is to be continued….
  • s
    Let the fun begins.

    The mandatory arbitration conference is scheduled to end by July 31st.

    Not an insider so don't know actual results.

    Next step is a trial by a judge sometime in November.

    I don't think we will go to trial.

    Let see who blinks first.

    Personally, I think SPG has a business reputation to protect.
    How the he'll can they sue their tenents to enforce the lease contracts when they don't respect this contract?
  • p
    Just checked Tanger Factory Outlets... strong buy!
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Taubman Centers is up 9.52% to 36.00
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    TCO-PJ is up 5.06% to 23.15
  • A
    $MAC conversation
    Just checked $TCO and the financials are almost identical to $Mac but this one is trading 85% lower and Taubman is in the 40’s
  • J
    Does anyone feel unusual that Simon said specifically during earning call they do not want to comment out the deal?
  • B
    Brad_the _REIT _Expert
    Brad Thomas said this stock was a 'strong buy' at $60