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The Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD)

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    The one area where TD is lacking is in its brand ETF's. For the most part, they are without distinguishing features, very low volumes, and MER's higher than most. It would be interesting were they to take a more aggressive approach -- especially in Canada -- to compete with the Blackrocks, Bank of Montreal and Vanguards. Otherwise, they should look at perhaps getting together with a strong brand (Vanguard, Horizons) a la Blackrock and RBC
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    CM or TD?
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    If you look at other financials this is holding firm like a true champ!
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    2023 sounds like a long way away but those rate hikes are coming.. part of the Great Reset are ideas about having more goods and services rented - limited ownership - allowing banks to further capitalize on interest rate revenue from inflationary fiscal policies
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    If this baby can ride over 100 we might be looking at a stock split. Its not 'that' far away given the circumstances. With the right rate hikes and some crafty management from TD the EPS could go really to the moon here in the next 12 months.
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    I'm new at this, gotta say I'm a little disappointed in the performance through that last week. I thought the future was bright for this bank.

    What are your thoughts?
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    Think there will be a one time lump some dividend payout once the increase ban is lifted? Maybe 5-10 a share
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    The reason for the revenue miss according to the Earnings Report was simple.
    The US Dollar is making big drops. This means when they convert to Canadian to calculate the revenue in Canadian its just less Canadian. TD is a Canadian company with US holdings so it reports in Canadian.

    Makes a lot of sense. What the market is not accounting for is how awesome the equity ownership to shareholders. Market cap is 160B, equity is 94.5B. This is a great ratio. Not many stocks you can buy on the market with that kind of actual raw equity ownership per unit. Ratio was good now, it was even better 6 months ago. The kicker? it pays just under 4%/y on dividends and makes a pretty solid appreciation growth while doing it.

    As the PLC continues to drop the earnings reports will continue to beat earnings estimates at highest likelihood. The TD bank set aside a heck of a lot for safety and it still remains very safe given the scenario.

    I think the biggest thing the market is being short sighted about is that while earnings are down in the USA at the present moment because of the fact the US dollar is getting beaten up pretty bad against the Canadian dollar, its the simple fact that this is a great expansionary environment into the USA for TD. The lower that exchange rate gets the easier it is for TD to buy up whatever assets, companies, and other things to generate more US revenue before the US dollar does eventually rebound.

    Buy the stock. Wait 20 years. Win a lot of money. The growth is just getting started I think.
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    The slow lead up to the BoC interest rate decision.
    Higher rates are coming as Treasury Secretary Yellen in the US hinted yesterday.
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    It’s cute watching all the rookies cry about buying the top. It ran hard for an entire month. Gonna cry because it doesn’t fly every week 😂
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    Elon's Dad
    Dividend will increase soon. Maybe even am acquisition. Future is bright for TD
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    I’m a new investor. I got TD for the long haul.
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    Given what has been happening lately I’m going with the buy the rumour sell the news bit. I predict it will drop at opening and stay down through mid-day while the selling gets wrapped up with a modest recovery by the end of the day. The earnings release is good news in that there were no negative surprises. Everyone knew they would report good numbers and beat estimates. The next step up will happen when the gov. allows dividend increases and buy backs. With Covid cooling down somewhat, we could see that happen later this year. Fingers crossed.
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    This did nothing from mid March to mid April, we're just in one of those phases.. I think $90 by July 31st is possible, but definitely after ER. If inflation fears are evidently not a concern to the policy makers (I think that is bull, considering where lumber/housing/food/gas prices have been tracking) then the interest rates SHOULD be raised at the next BOC meeting.
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    Debating of selling some shares and putting my money into BNS.
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    what is going on with TD? no movement at all.
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    Aside from the great financials, current and future share holders have a lot to look forward to 1). Increased dividends 2) potential acquisition(s) 3) increased interest rates.

    ‘We are in a stupidly good position’ - Bharat Masrani (probably)
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    Hoping the sell off continues on Monday so I can dip my toes into a little TD! 😎
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    Should I buy some TD before the earnings call or after? What do you guys think.