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    Oh how I wish I had more money to buy more! Stocks at these discounted prices. This market is very volatile atm buckle up Hold or even better buy more of your favourite stocks! $CRSP $PACB $TDOC $NIO $TSLA $BFT $IPOE
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    been thinking,tdoc like every tech stock is being re rated,iflation is on its way and that means higher interest rates,valuations are way too high,mkt in general likely neeeds at least another 15 percent and tdc likely needs to traDE IN THE 150S BEFORE IT CAN TURN ON GOOD EARNINGS.rates will really start to move once we get bidens build back better whichwill mean several trillion dollars more in borrowing and taxes.
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    totally hammered, I got in $197 , now regret not selling when we were at $300
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    Raj Raj
    Monday 1st March 2021: TDOC is the only high-flyer not participating in today's huge market really. Given there is no bad news, this means price is being artificially manipulated down. Either to shake weak hands so players can re-load at lower price, or buyout. Either scenario will lead to a higher price mid-term. This is NOT a case of short-seller shorting this stock because it is overvalued. That reasoning would apply to a lot of other stocks that are enjoying a big up day. HANG IN THERE if you are holding. Time to ADD is at $200, and believe it or not $250. But DON'T SELL AT A LOSS !!!
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    I have been long TDOC since May 2017. To be clear, I have traded and booked profit along the way. Looking back, I must have seen this type of correction atleast couple dozen times for it to comeback only stronger the following year. People who are selling today are very short term disappointed investors. If you believed in the story when this traded at $300 then nothing has changed since yesterday. Only it got better. Remember data will be key in this industry and I heard they are collecting over 2 million hypertension and diabetes data every week through livongo merger. I personally also feel, their guidance is ultra conservative. Lets revisit in April & July when they report Q1 & Q2 figures. I think we have positive surprises in store for us then. Good luck to you all!
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    What To Do With TDOC Stock
    To be fair, most analysts covering TDOC stock are still very positive about the new combined company. You can see this quite well on a Barron’s page which shows that more analysts, now up to 18, have written “buy” reports on the stock. In fact, the average target price is now $247.20, or 26% higher than current prices.

    And why not? The company has had nothing but continuous growth, including organically and from acquisitions since its IPO in 2015.

    This quarterly growth is the focus of a recent report in Seeking Alpha. The analyst, DTF Capital, estimates that by 2025 Teladoc will generate $6.4 billion in revenue and about $1.2 billion EBITDA, or a 20% EBITDA margin.

    The analyst concludes that the stock could be valued at 20x sales by 2025, or $128 billion. Its present market cap is $28.5 billion, as I wrote above. That represents a 4.49x gain over five years, or 35% annually.
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    This has killer future. Imagine the future where integrated AR/VR with connected health/fitness devices. TDOC will be redefining how we interact with the healthcare. This will not only save lot of money on doc visits and insurance but it will be also efficient in diagnosis and treatments with all medical records combined with AI.

    Mouth watering stock, for years to come, this is gonna be cash cow 🐮
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    TDOC gets lumped in with ZM and PTON all the time. While they all benefited from Covid shutdowns. Here is the long term difference.

    Most people prefer to interact in person with friends, family, and business associates. ZM useage will decline.

    Most people that exercise enjoy a gym because you can have dozens of exercise options/classes that are impossible at home. PTON sales will fall as gyms open. Especially since gym membership is cheaper.

    Nobody likes going to the doctor. It's expensive, time consuming, and half the time you end up having to come back again in 3 months. TDOC and LVGO make a necessary evil better and cheaper. PTON and ZM are the necessary evil. Both will survive, but neither will experience long term sustained growth like TDOC.

    If you haven't read up on TDOC Primary 360... you should. I used it this summer and will not be going back to a traditional primary care physician.
  • N
    When this non sense will stop ??? Going from 300 to 200 in a few days for almost no reason whereas it’s growing, man... the market is broken
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    I went 67% cash over the last 6 weeks.
  • s
    i think this one will be fine. so many scammy stocks like AI out there that barely make a penny but are “the future”...here at least we have huge revenue growth, this company makes money.
  • D
    Going to grow revenues 50% in 2021 YOY and EBITDA will be $255 M on low end up 100% from 2020. This is going way up past $300 a share. Missing EPS for the fourth quarter...who really cares.
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    A survey of 2,000 Americans has found 98% of the respondents to be using telehealth with a provider since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Study Finds reports. Moreover, nearly eight in 10 surveyed respondents think that telehealth should be universally available as a healthcare option within the next five years.
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    Margins in the 60%, growth in the 90%, full year guidance for 2021 is 2b revenue- a double from 2020. Buying on this dip.
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    Taylor Carmichael: As far as competition, I don't think Zoom is going to take market share from Teladoc. I think Teladoc has some very strong brand advantages, and I don't think Zoom does. I would have to see it to believe it. I mean, just the fact that people use Zoom is not quite the same thing as "I want to talk to a doctor when we go to Zoom." They'd have to set that up and set up that business. They'd have to get a network of doctors. They made noises about it, but I don't see them. Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) might get into this area too. There will be competitors in online healthcare, but I think Teladoc has a very strong position that way. In terms of numbers, they're not profitable yet. I'm not worried about that personally because they're still in a high-growth stage. We're seeing 100% revenue growth. I just think they have a wonderful business and an enviable business. I think this is a great place for investors to be long term. You might get a cheaper price in the next year. We can't predict what the stock is going to do over the next year, but this is a great place for investors to be for the next 10 years, the next 20 years. It's a wonderful company and wonderful space to be in.
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    Just read the Conf Call.
    It was great. This is such a Buy
    They have so many avenues for growth, International, Mental health, new diseases, etc
    I think they are sandbagging their guidance and membership growth. Growth will be great and this company is very fairly valued considering it's growth.
    Back to $300 when this little pullback is over.
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    After results like this you can tell the serious investors from the beginners.

    This was a great quarter with great guidance. $2 B in rev in 2021 would be very good, making this company extremely undervalued.

    Just because the stock drops... who cares. This is an easy win for semi competent investors !!
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    Teladoc Health, Inc. - Teladoc 4Q'20 Earnings Conference Call
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    When I invest in growth stocks, I want to see topline growth only (50-100%) I don’t want to see profits, ramping up revenue is what grows the company, profits are for dividend stocks