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TearLab Corporation (TEAR)

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  • does anyone remember the successive revamping of a sales force from independent to captive to territorial managers to local to regional to semi exclusive carrying other lines of "enhancing products". Any word on the cross sell, card re-ordering, what colors they painted the walls, Where the executive team really lives.........Anybody.
  • well this just proves the lord givith and taketh away the next day.....not a dry eye in the house.
  • It will start gradually climbing now
  • from 142.53 to 1.80 (counting the reverse)...Just how would you grade this.....SuB ZERO F as in we *uck U.
  • Is TEAR undervalued? This sort of setup suggests potential upside... I started receiving notifications from awe.some.stocks the other week and so far they have presented interesting new trade ideas.
  • The only question is..... Can this company who has failed repeatedly in execution (running the business) successfully pull off being acquired. the addressable consumer market of eye drops/wash is extremely lucrative i.e. Selling the dream! But can this company demonstrate their ability to manage a sales force, territorial coverage, servicing, education, proper compensation. IN fact really needing the visibility of a major Pharma company (J&J) for marketing, If, J&J felt that this is a cross sell do you think the price isn't already cheap enough, the market cap is down >90% from the high. There has to be something that's preventing a marriage or perhaps this is just not that important in the bigger picture.....Just askin!
  • https://www.dovepress.com/randomized-comparison-of-in-vivo-performance-of-two-point-of-care-tear-peer-reviewed-article-OPTH

    Randomized comparison of in vivo performance of two point-of-care tear | OPTH
    Randomized comparison of in vivo performance of two point-of-care tear film osmometers Jerry Nolfi, Barbara Caffery Toronto Eye Care Optometric Clinic, Toronto, ON, Canada Purpose: To compare the in vivo precision of two commercially available poin
  • when was it that Jim Cramer brought TEAR to my ears? He touted it and it went up to 10+. What's his latest position?
  • well the MO MO people come and go, and if not gone are in the process. The sales force was a problem on day one, not because they weren't placing units, buttgheir compensation was tied to placement with no follow-up regarding education and servicing. Who's fault answer Elias, then began the travesty. With no history, relevant structure in place, Selling at industry functions, internal external sub dividing placements by usage and coverage, new hires with no real existing structure or sales culture, nothing but a series of knee jerk reactions as recent as first if not the last six weeks (admitted such).. All the while talking about the second assay(4 yrs) and it won't be ready until when (just a date in the future late this early that) by the way does the new assay mean that new readers will be needed????? why nobody asks any more but they did once ask, The technology will survive the company and it's shareholders won't.... And since I'm talking did the company roll off the intelectual property into a subsidiary.
  • Killer clown, you sure got it right on the length of the conference call. I read the transcript - they sounded out of energy. If people were clamoring for the product sales shouldn't have fallen off so badly in Q1 when they transitioned sales strategy. They have cash flow very tightly controlled to still have $13M - not a good sign for growth. Gross margin actually decreased in Q1 (55.1%) over FY 2016 (56.0%). G&A expenses are down - how can they afford paying anyone but the flailing world class management team? What's happening the with CNG covenants - to stay within them TEAR had to grow at 20%/year. The SEC delisting hearings will be interesting. I can't see any way TEAR can get to a $35M market cap this year. Also, take a look at end Q1 cash ($13.032 M) and quarterly loss (4.421M) and see how long they will last - do you think anyone would actually put $ into TEAR?
  • What is causing this spike? I'm loving it.
  • what price is the consensus for averaging down here? $1.75?
  • Up big for ten seconds, then poof!
  • Cancer is everywhere! Chemo is a $100 Billion dollar industry and one tiny little company threatens to replace it with a product that appear to really work well and even with very minimal side effects. In fact, at the end of a phase III ten year brain cancer trial where the average patient with chemo lives only 14 months, this new immune therapy has been responsible for more than 100 BRAIN CANCER PATIENTS STILL LIVING AFTER TEN YEARS. OVER 100!

    Fortunate investors will discover this tiny company before final phase III results are released soon.

    Home - Northwest Biotherapeutics
  • elisting is imminent. From the 2016-11-14 8K: In accordance with Nasdaq Listing Rule 5810(c)(3)(C), the Company was granted a 180-calendar day grace period within which to regain compliance with the MVLS requirement, through May 8, 2017. To evidence compliance with the MVLS requirement, the Company’s MVLS must close at $35 million or more for a minimum of 10 consecutive business days during the 180-calendar day compliance period.

    Thanks to shawn who perhaps has been the most lucid poster on this board.........................................
  • scary scary crashcrashbelow 1.50 is coming could get downgraded anytime now get out out run run to the exit exit door get out befreveryonestart to sell and dump dump their share below 1.50 bevery very afraid to loss alotlot more money
  • couldget dopwngrade danytime crashingbelow 1.70 you been wearned
  • yelena lopareva who bottom fishes be warned, so many have been in your shoes and are now shoeless, but I'm sure the mega catalyst coming soon (well one day) but in the meantime will lower head count, cut expenses to the bone (still pay 18% of market cap in just 4 salaries) and will deem it too important to take a question in our 22 minute cc.(don't you pay for 30minutes)
    but hey it's not your money................and we have been hoping for a BO for 3 yrs. Lastly short interest is up you see it as a squeeze they see it on fundamentals. Lastly if the research arm is considered a subsidiary of the company explain how that structure enhances book value this after ocuhub. Lastly does anyone remember the successive revamping of a sales force from independent to captive to territorial managers to local to regional to semi exclusive carrying other lines of "enhancing products".
  • Nice uptrend before Earnings... beautiful chart...spike took much longer than I anticipated...
  • I want to #$%$ punt this bear and get a raging bull