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Tellurian Inc. (TELL)

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  • S
    20 million plus shares traded in final minutes. would love to think that's the last of Total's holdings, but never know unless they make an announcement.
    love the risk reward of TELL here and expect this to be a great year for TELL longs.
  • C
    Tell's SP is a couple of announcements away from skyrocking, the timeline of implementation plan approaches completion day by day. The price has gradually increased since like March 2020, take off the daily lense and expand your view. Ladies and gentlemen, this roof is about to be on fire.
  • K
    Been holding for a while and will keep holding long term. Best wishes to everyone in their investments. 🙏🏾
  • A
    The present gyrations with the SP is generating some concern amongst shareholders, and rightly so, IMHO. There is risk to capital here. It must be so because of the risk/return principle of investing. There are many reasons for the SP dropping……normal market fluctuations, algorithms trading the stock, shorts doing their thing, day traders etc…..and also a fear. In my view, the success or failure of this investment, I TELL you solemnly, is whether DW gets built. To do that financing is required and to obtain financing some signed deals supportive of commercial viability is needed. DW capacity will be 27 mtpa and phase 1 is 15 mtpa. Souki needs to secure contracts worth 15 mtpa to proceed and so far he has 2 deals worth 6 mtpa. He needs 3 more at the same size. As an investor, so long as I believe he can do it, this investment is a go. If my confidence in CS wanes then I should head for the door. Being focused on the short term gyrations of the share price is not the deciding factor, IMHO……but deal delivery is. Earlier on in May CS announced that he would deliver in a few weeks, which I estimate to be about 7 weeks and takes us to the end of June. I think I will give him at least another 2 weeks……. then I will reassess. I kinda want to give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe, possibly this time, he conceivably may be able to pull it off.
  • a
    "The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient." - Warren Buffett

    Hold till Jan 2021 :-) You will see the difference
  • C
    Woos, the share price has been trending up man. Seems like the right moves are being made by the company this time around....everything happening from 2020 to 2021 has been a perfect storm for Tell and LNG in general. Tell's Integrated model, LNG global demand and prices, pre-work starting, deal announcements....enjoying the ride.
  • g
    y'all act like a bunch of kids here. enough with the back and forth insults. Everyone here is here to make money. Some are planning to hold for the long term and shouldn't be worried about the short term price movements. Some like to trade and take profits on the short term price movements, neither style make one better then the other. We should be helping each other make money not at each others throats.
  • T
    Anybody else see this New York Times Article? How will this report affect us?

    New York Times Headline
    A landmark United Nations report is expected to declare that reducing emissions of methane, the main component of natural gas, will need to play a far more vital role in warding off the worst effects of climate change.
  • c
    if today it's still gone drop I am forced to buy more even if i am in green up 40%🍀 i will take the risk..not a financial advice!👍✌️🤝😉🤞🚀
  • R
    Fed comments will take a week to wear off. $4 is pretty good after inflation and interest rate comments.
  • i
    Today TELL levels of support am resistance
    At the moment TELL is trading at $4.25 go TELL
  • D
    Market cap 1.6B, stock price should be around $10 dollars, no worries price will go up by month end
  • O
    Good morning longs and shorts. It appears that tell has 4-5 solid counter parties that are willing to sign traditional buy-sell agreements. I am asserting based on one and two that they will each be for 3 million tons of LNG per year. The reason TELL is not saying a definitive number of counter parties is because they are unsure if TOTAL will withdraw despite selling stock, Total's other deals and divorcing indicators, etc. Remember the new floor in Europe is almost $9 and TELL's cross the beach cost at ~$2.00 (does not include ship transportation). This means there is lots of margin for all parties to make money.

    In other words, TOTAL exit of their agreement is built in to the stock price. No one believes they will stay. So, if TOTAL is #5 I don't think that is in the stock price. In addition, TELL has a potential commitment of 2.5 million tons per year to TOTAL. Time for some simple math, but 15+2.5=17.5 which is 1 million tons more in commitment than phase 1 will produce (16.5).

    I further believe we will have another counter party announced tomorrow morning and/or next Thursday in attempt to entice TOTAL to stay. My hypothesis breaksdown if no additional counter parties are announced in the next 8 calendar days. I am extremely long 238k shares and speaking my book. I have been in the stock for two years but more than doubled my position after the first counter party was announced. When the third once is announced expect a 50% pop. It is going to exceed the 2nd one because there will final be more than 50% of phase one sold (9/16.5) (remember everyone is assuming TOTAL is out). This in gas investors minds will take the risk a lot of risk out of the stock.

    Other predictions?
  • J
    Before the Covid panic, Tell was an $8 stock. When everything began spiraling downward, the shorts really piled on and tried driving the company to bankruptcy. If not for Souki, this company would have gone bankrupt. Now, it is on solid ground and in my opinion it should now be an $8 to $10 stock minimum. I’ve held Tell for 4 years and have added shares every time it dips. I have no doubt this company will see great success.
  • D
    A good read.... Europe is so short of natural gas that the continent -- usually seen as the poster child for the global fight against emissions -- is turning to coal to meet electricity demand that is now back to pre-pandemic levels.

    Coal usage in the continent jumped 10% to 15% this year after a colder- and longer-than-usual winter left gas storage sites depleted, said Andy Sommer, team leader of fundamental analysis and modeling at Swiss trader Axpo Solutions AG. As economies reopen and people go back to the office, countries like Germany, the Netherlands and Poland turned to coal to keep the lights on.

    Europe has long been at the forefront of the battle to reduce global warming. The continent has the world’s largest carbon market, charging the likes of utilities, steel producers and cement makers for polluting the environment. But even with record carbon prices this year, low gas reserves mean burning coal -- the dirties of fossil fuels -- has become more widespread again.

    “Energy demand has been pretty strong in Europe and we have seen a recovery from the pandemic,” Sommer said in an interview. “Gas storage is so low now that Europe cannot afford to run extra power generation with the fuel.”

    The return of coal is a setback for Europe ahead of the climate talks in Glasgow later this year. Leaders of the world’s biggest economies failed to set a firm date to end coal burning at the meeting of the Group of Seven at the weekend in Cornwall, U.K.

    Europe faced freezing temperatures earlier this year, boosting demand for heating at a time liquefied natural gas cargoes were being sent to Asia instead. Russia sent less gas to the continent via Ukraine ahead of the start of the Nord Stream 2 link to Germany, expected later this year.

    All of that mean that European storage is currently 25% below the five-year average and benchmark Dutch gas surged more than 50% this year. Futures are currently trading near their highest level for this time of the year since 2008.

    “People thought Russia was going to book more capacity via Ukraine and that just hasn’t happened in a meaningful way,” said Trevor Sikorski, head of natural gas and energy transition at consultants Energy Aspects in London. “The market is super tight, it’s trying to get less gas into power.”

    Electricity demand, which crashed as the coronavirus locked down cities from Frankfurt to London, is now back. Usage in countries including Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic are above the five-year average, while demand is flat in Italy and France, Morgan Stanley said in a report Monday.

    With gas supplies already tight amid heavy maintenance cutting flows from Norway, utilities have turned to coal to keep the lights on. While the price of carbon is trading near a record, many have hedged it years in advance. That means burning coal could still be profitable.

    Generators with “highly efficient” new plants can probably manage to produce power from coal until 2023, even with high carbon prices, Axpo’s Sommer said.

    The G-7 recognized that coal is the single biggest cause of greenhouse gas emissions in its final communique. But the group promised only to “rapidly scale-up technologies and policies that further accelerate the transition away from unabated coal capacity.”

    “It’s not a great a message to be sending,” said Ursula Tonkin, portfolio manager of the Whitehelm Capital Low Carbon Core Infrastructure Fund, the Australia-based company that has $4.4 billion of assets under management in all of its funds.
  • K
    Personally, I believe TELL hovering around $4 is extremely positive considering we didn’t get anything “new” from Souki in what… 2 weeks now.
  • j
    Souki laid out a business model several years ago and he has not deviated. His model is very unique to the industry and that is what makes TELL potentially very successful. I think we all agree the FID is extremely important. Carl Ican said 3+ yrs ago if TELL follows through with their business model it was a $55 dollar stock when TELL opens its doors for production. I haven’t heard any changes to the BP and now the economics for LNG are improving dramatically. And we have a global movement towards cleaner and renewable energy. In my opinion this all points to a very successful venture for TELL if the FID is announced. (I think Chienere hit $84+ a share before they produced a pound of LNG). Please correct me on anything here. Trying to be positive but also recognize the importance of the FID.
  • R
    New article on Seeking Alpha: “Tellurian is close to breaking ground at its Driftwood facility.
    The increasing liquefied natural gas demand from overseas combined with an operational Driftwood facility could generate a windfall of cash for Tellurian.
    Sometimes revenge is the ultimate motivation and Charif Souki is out for blood looking to build another energy powerhouse in Tellurian.”
  • R
    Hold strong my little tellurians
    This will recover and move to 5 again soon. You will see. Don’t be the one selling low and buying high. That is such a rookie mistake and over the years I’ve learned that patience is the Key to financial success with all stocks.
  • D
    More new coming up, with institutes having contract w the company and multiple contract under negotiation, once all have finalized, the company will have tons of cash flow and start construction, by then the price target is around $15, analyst predict price to price to $50