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The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (TGODF)

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    TGOD marketing ramps up: The Canada day Maple Kush story has been re-published in multiple media outlets. Over 1000 stores now carry Maple Kush and the upcoming release of pre-rolls in August will likely be carried by even more stores. Their marketing program is working big time. Their giveaway on Twitter had over 500 likes. Brand awareness is spreading. Their products expand into more stores weekly as stated in the press release.
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    Green Organic Dutchman! Very good AGSM!!

    -Exciting New SKU's

    -EBITDA Positive in June and EBITDA Positive on a quarterly basis thereafter

    -25% Higher Yield than expected from recent Valleyfield harvest

    -TGOD below $1.00 cost per gram

    -Increased national distribution from 5.9% to 21.2% in 2022

    -Distribution points increased 305% in H1 2022

    -Increased retail reach from 23% to 61% of stores

    -Product expansion to include: Gold Butter MAC, Strawberry Jerry, Medellin (Puffing Season in ON)

    -6 month Barrel Aged Black Hash 30%/40%

    -WYLD Real Fruit Pear Soft Chews THC/CBD

    -Exited Q1 2022 with $19M in positive working capital

    -With EBITDA Positivity, TGOD will seek to improve debt rates and longer term. Company currently paying 12% on credit facility

    -Addition $23M under shelf prospectus available for growth opportunities

    -HemPoland sale still pending due to developments in the Ukraine

    -EU GMP expected to be complete in Fall 2022. Inspector will arrive at Ancaster in August

    *Sean touched on the share consolidation and corporate name change topic. Reasons stated were what I expected and makes sense.

    Please feel free to add info that I missed.

    Roll, Dutchman!
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    Ttnt buddy imagine that Tgod is now in June ebitda positive (Sean confirmed today in the AGM) and more then 20 stores was/are closed in Quebec.
  • D
    Can't wait for the RS. My fingers on the short button already. RS or delisting. RS, short to nothing...then delist 😜
  • c
    Maple Kush is making moves. Let’s see what Thursday’s meeting brings.
  • r
    Slowly averaged down to $0.17 with 102,000 shares, looks like things finally coming together
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    TGOD's Organic Maple Kush To Be Featured As Quintessential In Cannabis Dispensaries During Canada Day Celebration
    8:19 am ET June 29, 2022 (Benzinga) Print
    The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. (OTCQX: TGODF) (CSE:TGOD), a sustainable global cannabis company, celebrates entry into the 2nd half of the year with rapid distribution growth of dried flower SKU, Organic Maple Kush.

    Organic Maple Kush is a 3.5g dried flower SKU from The Green Organic Dutchman, and after initial release earlier this year, sales of the SKU have expanded into many provinces. Organic Maple Kush flower is grown under a certified organic process, in living soil, and gets its name from the organic maple syrup used to feed the soil it grows in. It's known for having dense buds with dark purple leaves that bring with it a tropical, fruity, kush-like finish, a result of myrcene and farnesene terpenes that dominate this strains aroma and flavor.

    As a strain, Organic Maple Kush boasts consistent THC of 25%-29% and very high terpene levels between 3.5%-4.5%. Due to popular demand and strong retail feedback, TGOD will now offer Organic Maple Kush in the pre-roll category as a 3 X 0.5g SKU starting this summer.

    To celebrate the growth of Organic Maple Kush as a top dried flower strain, many retailers will be featuring the SKU as "The quintessential Canadian dried flower product" as part of Canada Day celebrations with various promotions and activations. Participating retail chains include True North Cannabis, The Cannabist Shop, Cannabis Xpress, Bud Bar, 420Premium and One Plant locations.

    "There are few things as Canadian as maple syrup, and enjoying this unique product is a great way to celebrate Canada Day. Our proprietary living soil contains natural ingredients sourced from different regions across Canada, including organic maple syrup from the maple forests of Quebec" stated Sean Bovingdon, CEO of TGOD. "Organic maple syrup is food for the beneficial micro-organisms that thrive in our living soil. Rather than synthetic alternatives, a natural approach helps make a stronger, better plant for our customers." Bovingdon added.
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    Did the CEO mention that Q3 forward interest rate payments alone cost around $250K more? Of course it's good that this is not part of Ebitda. In addition did he mention that due leasehold sales rent will increase at minimum by 75K ? Did he talk about the cost impact of inflation in particular the energy costs ?
    I did not listen but I bet: nothing of the above was talked about. They want the reverse split and name change and then issue more shares (cash $ TGOD desperately needs as outlined with e.g. the $17mio accounts payable but only $2mio cash). Imagine you owe someone $17 but only have $2 in your pocket. How embarrassing. Not to mention that they are also sitting on massive loans...
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    I’m back
    Who would like to see TTnT dollar value of his losses.
    I think since he pumps he has 700,000 shares at 10.80cents average shouldn’t we see what the end game is as far as dollar losses. He cherry picks the good even in his terrible investment. If he added his dollar loss it would almost appear like he’s bashing the stock. If he’s going to brag about his 700,000 shares @10.8 cents then we need to see the dollar losses.
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    This is the free cash flow for the company starting 12 quarters ago... oldest to most recent... unmistakable trend is the company is getting better all the time. Sean was named interim CEO in late 2020 and has been executing a turnaround since.

    Q2 19 -102,757
    Q3 19 -60,898
    Q4 19 -67,715
    Q1 20 -38,632
    Q2 20 -19,084
    Q3 20 -16,026
    Q4 20 -12,763
    Q1 21 -9,745
    Q2 21 -7,615
    Q3 21 -6,324
    Q4 21 -3,481
    Q1 22 -4,010
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    Lol @yetanotherinvestor aka the perfect mute dingo
  • N
    Shouldv'e done the reverse split now. No need to wait
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    Boom, Boom, Boom, great news and we are the real deal - There is only one way to do ORGANIC MJ and that is the TGOD way!!!!
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    / N
  • S
    BIG news Thursday!!!
    Tdoggy/GRODF spunco averaging down on hempfuzion stake
    Going all in
  • m
    Looking for advice, I’m down 50%. Should I average down or leave this alone?
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    Aged hash now available in Alberta.
  • V
    I like MK, but my favorite is still SB ❤️
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    Imagine just one supplier waiting for unpaid bills to be paid having a closer look into TGODs books. $17 mio accounts payable but $2mio cash and $35mio debt. What will this supplier do? What if more suppliers wanting their money paid immediately? TGOD Financial Pumper Gurus please explain it.
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    The Price and volume yesterday showed how much the scheme is trusted.
    Further dilution via shelf prospects