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Target Corporation (TGT)

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At close: 4:01PM EDT
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  • I don't mind admitting that I was wrong in shorting TGT. Initial target was to short it through to mid 40s, then I started trading and it worked out but now I have covered my last trade which ended up being a loss. I continue to remain of the opinion that gain in stock price is going to be limited.
  • It is totally surprising how much better this board becomes once I "Mute" a few of the nonsense posters. They become as ghosts and no longer exist to me. It's just wonderful. Try it.
  • this store caters to a higher class of people verses walmart. people with spendable income.
  • Target was full of families filling their carts at Eden Prairie Mall today!!!! Go Target😎
  • For all of you brain dead, brain washed individuals who automatically call everyone who disagrees with your opinions "hateful bigot" I've got a defnition for you:

    noun: bigotry; plural noun: bigotries

    intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself.
  • Keep mentally ill men out of the little girls room.
  • The troll patrol on this board have weak and empty lives. I am bearish on their mental faculties. Guess what? No one is forcing you to do business with Target. Are you really so arrogant and dumb that you believe your 1 post out only 2900 is going to tank the company? People are aware of the news. How about letting people vote with their feet and wallets?
  • new investor here.....is this a good time to buy up some shares???
  • Sean, You Think and Demented Idiot are the same person. What a nut job.
  • Oh, and perhaps you could also explain to "Gopher", and people like nutjobs, that allowing men into lockers rooms and showers with women and young girls also just might be a teensy bit of a problem as well. Be nice to them, even when they start screaming "bigot", because they have the minds of children. Liberalism kinda does that to ya.
  • Oh, and there have been many recent incidents of violations of womens' privacy and safety rights occurring at Target stores, chiefly by men taking advantage of Target's dangerous, reckless, and politically motivated policies. You can read all about them at www.afa.net/target. Don't expect the news media to inform you of this, they are mostly fake news in the hands of the Democratic Party, covering up these incidents.

  • can Target buy another grocery chain? to compete....... with the loss in value of almost $30 Billion last year, TarGet could have bought 2x the value of wholes food..but no they have to stick to their guns and let the perverts in the women's bathroom..

    great play to give the middle finger to your investors


    Can Target Buy a Grocery Chain?
    Can Target counter Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods? Does it have to? Who are the likely prospects?
  • For all you dolts on this board, forget the damn bathroom thing. The problem is AMAZON. BOYCOTT AMAZON OR SHUT UP.
  • Well.... shorting TGT is a strategy that has worked.... IF you shorted because of the transgender bathroom policy you made some good money...

    Thats just the FACTS....

    Continuing to be short TGT appears to remain a good strategy.... whether you do it because of the bathrooms or other reasons....

    However its foolish for TGT to have offended so many to placate such a small special interest group such as transgendered
  • So what exactly are you saying shep? Should we boycott Amazon?
  • Sean, You Think, and Demented Ding Bat are all the same person. Sad looser.
  • One more piece of bad news and TGT will drop well into the 40's. I can't wait.
  • LOL, AnuttyMess! :-)
  • Was watching an episode of Star Trek the next generation and guess who was in it? Quark! I'd never seen this episode. Quark was a tranny and demanded to use whichever bathroom it wanted. Worf used his phaser to end Quark. Women and little girls were no longer afraid. All lived happily ever after.
  • Target getting bought by Amazon, smartest move in industry. Distribution outlets also.