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Target Corporation (TGT)

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56.05+1.09 (+1.98%)
At close: 4:03PM EDT

55.76 -0.29 (-0.52%)
Pre-Market: 8:37AM EDT

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  • Still not a single person here shorting TGT... even at 55+? How about a sub-human libertarian? The fact that no one in this board is shorting TGT says everything that needs to be said.
  • It is no secret that Target's biggest weakness is in groceries. Guess who does most grocery shopping? Women, with children. Guess why groceries are Target's biggest fiasco at the moment. Guess why major management people are quitting in droves.
  • Same store sales are going up this qtr!!!
  • How many times have we seen this stock climb three or four dollars or even more only to dive to a new low? On the day of the transgender friendly announcement it was at about $84 after that it dropped to around $67 in June. It climbed back to about $78 in August followed by a drop to $66 in November. It had another jump to $78 in late November followed by a drop to $63 by early February and slow climb back to $66 by the end of February. By the end of March the stock plunged $53. By Early June the stock crept back to $57ish and then fell to $50 by late June.

    The cycle has been almost predictable. Slow steady gains to a point not quite as high as it was and then a drop to a new low followed by more of the same. I see nothing to indicate this will change.
  • GOP has taken the proposed Border Tax Adjustment off the table. This is great for Target, as it will help keep their costs down.

    Also good to see this stock surging again today even when the rest of the market is struggling.
  • Sarha, how many years are you going to be hung up on the bathroom thing? Good grief!! The problem is Target doesn't do groceries and AMAZON IS THE PROBLEM.
  • whole food EARNINGS good, SO TARGET and WMT sure be good too, because they are same kind STORE.
  • Man I just had to run out and I came back to another 30 cents on top of the buck before I left. THIS STOCK IS ON FIRE!
  • BOYCOTT AMAZON. If you are still hung up on the bathroom, you are way past stupid and you can't fix stupid. Uneducated, you can fix that, but not stupid. BOYCOTT AMAZON.
  • Yep. Ark says I'm "less than human" because I won't agree with the insane belief that men should be allowed into ladies rooms. c says I should be jailed or dead. "Doug", strangely, says I'm a gay man who loathes himself. Weirdness abounds.
  • Target is a prime target for sex predators, being allowed to just walk into the bathrooms and changing rooms and not be stopped.
    June 12, 2017

    Peeping Tom charged after more than 20 previous arrests
    The female victim told police she was in a stall in the women's restroom when she noticed a man looking at her from over the top of the divider in the next stall with a cell phone in his hand.
  • I think it's quite evident that "c" and the rest of the fascist pervert cult are barking mad.
  • sarah AKA LO AKA Tim is such an angry little man. Enjoy this 4 year old video with a whopping 698 views of the little troll. Thats right 698 views in FOUR years (less than a view a day). This mans power is epic LMAO!! I once made a video of dirt and had more views. How emasculating hahahahahaha
  • Please dont let your daughter or sons near a church. Its not a 100% chance they get touched but it is like 10000X more likely than in a tgt bathroom. Why do so many christians pray on little kids?
  • Welp, according to c, all kid touching should be reserved exclusively for Homosexuals, Transgenders, and NAMBLA members, right ?
  • I don't mute ANYONE on this board. I leave that to the poor little #$%$ snowflakes like Ryan the Fake Republican and RussellW.
  • Food and Furniture are the key. Most people do not want to buy food and furniture online.

    Target needs to concentrate on furniture (IKEA style) or food (Walmart style).

    But unfortunately Target management is too busy with their idiotic bathroom policies and other lib-taded social issues.
  • This stock is on fire!
  • The fascist pervert LGBTQXYZ cult running Target, and those who support them. want your wife or daughter to be forced to share dressing rooms, bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers with this man, and many like him. Sad!


    Meet the 52 Year-Old Father Who Identifies As a 6 Year-Old Girl
    In an interview with gay news site The Daily Xtra, a 52 year-old Canadian father of seven explains how he now identifies as a 6 year-old girl.