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  • Sarha has been taking it up the ##% with Target lol. sad!
  • Funny that the RWNJs here are all so concerned about Target restrooms, while they worship a "Doctor" who encourages fathers to expose themselves to their children! RWNJs have some really disturbing issues.


    James Dobson and showering with boys
    Every time I hear the name James Dobson, this utterly repellent quote unfortunately leaps to mind:
  • Hey sahra/Sean/Local Perv, how is your protest against Amazon going? Did you cancel your Prime membership yet, and tell them why? What was their response? Just as a reminder, here is an excerpt from their website and you can scroll down to see their support for trans people:
    Oh man, that has just got to burn you so bad coming from the company you "love", so much more drastic than what Target did. Let us know how many signatures the petition to boycott them gets!

  • Sarha freaking out that Target welcomes business from the LGBT COMMUNITY that is strong professionally!
  • A nice open, intraday and close above the 50 day SMA. Looking Good !
  • The short is creamed
  • This board is nauseating. You guys are still so hung up on the bathroom that you can't see the forest for the trees. THE PROBLEM IS AMAZON. BOYCOTT AMAZON, or take your lumps owning TGT stock. You just can't fix stupid.
  • Can't wait for all these old nuts to die out so target can go up up up!
  • wow, up just shy of 10% in a week since buy, with almost a 5% dividend locked down! You perv hunters must have cleared out the boogey mans.
  • Four very sick, batsh1t crazy individuals on this board are Dave, nutjobs, c, and Ark. These people need some serious counseling. I'm guessing they're all from California. Those people are all looney tunes out there.
  • Face it, fascist pervert cult members. So long as you fail to address the issue of womens' rights honestly, myself and others will continue to post here. Get used to it. Not everyone in America is a brainwashed sheep.
  • the shorts are getting screwed by the LGBT community. Lol
  • Why does the fascist pervert cult running Target and on this board want to force women and young girls to share ladies' rooms with men, including sex offenders? Do they hate womens' rights that much?
  • It's been over a year, but still we have no answer to the question: "Why does the fascist pervert cult have no respect for the rights of women to they beliefs, their privacy, and their safety?" Still waiting for an answer.
  • Meet another of the people that Target management has invited to share ladies' rooms with your wife or young daughter. This "transgender woman" is a guy who likes to wear dresses, makeup, and a wig and bring his cell phone into the ladies' rooms, where he likes to tape women and young girls undressing. The cops asked him why he did that if he was a "transgender woman", he said he got off on it, sexually. When they caught him, he had many, many women on his cell phone so apparently he had been getting away with this for quite awhile. How many more of these "transgender women" are out there? Who knows, but one thing's for sure: Target management doesn't care. neither does Dave or nutjob.


    Target voyeur sentenced, victim says she felt 'emotional mutilation' following incident - East Idaho News
    Sean Smith appears for sentencing hearing Thursday in Bonneville County. | Nate Eaton, EastIdahoNews.com IDAHO FALLS — An 18-year-old woman who was videotaped changing inside a Target dressing room said she felt scared, dirty, humiliated and “emotion
  • Liberal woman resigns from perverted, fascist cult. But only after HER OWN children were assaulted. What did you expect? For her to worry about OTHER PEOPLES' CHILDREN?


    Georgia ACLU director resigns over transgender fight | Political Insider blog
    The head of Georgia’s ACLU chapter opened a new rift in the debate over restroom rights this week when she stepped down in protest of the civil rights group’s support for controversial efforts to let transgender people use the restroom that matches t
  • Still no answer from the fascist cult of perverts. What about the rights of women who do not want to share ladies' rooms with abnormal, mentally ill men who like to dress up as women? Do they have rights? Oh, I know the answer....but...but.. Amazon!

  • Your kid is safer in a TGT store than a church. Kids get touched ALL the time in church. Do I need to bring up the facts?
  • WOW...in July 2015 Target stock hit $85.....what could have happened ?
  • Deceptive Amazon


    FTC Reviewing Complaints of Amazon's Discounts
    The FTC is reviewing several complaints made by Consumer Watchdog related discounted prices on Amazon.