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    It's times like these that call for the cross utilization and re-implementation of past schemes, along with greater use and development of Artificial Intelligence,...

    -Infrastructure bill spending to study all of the following:

    -especially shoreline with that has already been heavily studied for no marine or land animal habitats that can be used for modernized WWII Mulberries.

    -Modernized Kaiser ship construction of landing ship, containerized with autonomous handling of semis, rather than all the expense of cranes. Much less height of containers with actual "moment arm" thought put into automated sensors that quickly sense: container weight, scan for contents (if heavy coffee, banana and other loads that disguise drug shipments the use of automated robotics to enter the containers and search out such. The lower/drive off technology to avoid loss of so many containers at sea/pollution/.... due to straps breaking from falsification of weights/high stacks/....

    -Artificial Intelligence is already available just needing to be shifted to slightly different tasks with not safety tests not taking as much time as much work of the same type has been done for autonomous vehicles, only in heavy human traffic areas. These new Mulberries would be heavily autonomous vehicles/quick unload and drive onto railway flatbeds on newly constructed or existing yards.

    -Much more thought to be given to all this, but feasible.

    -A moon landing type, intensive development that already has most components shelf ready, just needing to be configured for: safety: environmental, human, traffic,....
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    Richard, Teekay already sold off TOO. Now it's selling off its crown jewel--the LNG daughter. All that's left will be its ownership of TNK shares, and a few legacy FPSOs that aren't worth bothering with. But, in spite of the low price that Teekay is getting for TGP, there is a silver lining for TK shareholders:

    The main reason that Teekay has been unable to lower its cost of debt by refinancing its huge debt pile is that most of its assets are in the form of common shares of TGP and TNK. Trouble is, when Teekay tries to refinance, the credit rating firms like S&P and Moody's discount the value of Teekay's ownership interest in TGP and TNK when assessing its credit rating. So do all the bankers, which means Teekay is at a severe disadvantage in trying to refinance its debt at better terms. By monetizing its shareholding in TGP, Teekay has obviated that obstacle to refinancing its debt. Post-sale of TGP, Teekay will be on a much better footing when it refinances its debt. It can pay off a huge chunk of high interest debt, and then S&P and Moody's will assign Teekay a more favorable debt rating, allowing it to refinance on better terms. Hvid and the rest of the crew won't liquidate Teekay parent. They don't have big stakes in TK shares, so they don't want to cash out. They want to keep their jobs. It will be interesting to see what their plans for Teekay parent are.
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    TK at it's highest since the TGP anouncment. Day before earnings, slightly above average volume indicates good news. Hope it is. No big sell off. Good luck TK longs.
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    Book value increases to at least $6 a share, not including TNK's value.
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    5 million shares have been sold today that is 10 times the amount on an average day. When the price is up and the volume has increased 10 times that means investors are finding value at this price. $4 a share is definitely not the ceiling price of the stock.
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    if the sale of TGP for 17 was also a great deal as the management claims the price of TK would be somewhere else
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    What's next for TK after the sale of TGP??? If they want to continue to be a diversified company, they would need to do something with all the cash they are going to be receiving.
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    S&P and Moody's will upgrade Teekay parent's credit rating post-sale of TGP.
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    $NAT conversation
    Scorpio Tankers Inc. Announces Purchase of Common Shares by Scorpio Services Holding Limited and Call Options by President of the Company
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    July 14, 2020 18:51 ET | Source: Scorpio Tankers Inc.
    MONACO, July 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Scorpio Tankers Inc. (NYSE:STNG) (“Scorpio Tankers,” or the “Company”) announced that Scorpio Services Holdings Limited (“SSH”), a related party, has purchased 100,000 common shares of the Company in the open market at an average price of $12.83 per share.

    Company buy-back. EURN first, then STNG... just show how firmly they believe in the industry. Who's next? Maybe NAT?

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    The catalysts for further stock prices increases are now in place. TK received downgrades when the sanctions on the daughter company TGP was caught up in sanctions on its joint venture. That is resolved, and I expect upgrades to be coming forth very soon.

    Next comes the previously planned investor day and its planned announcements, which was scuttled by the news of the sanctions. It is now to go forward as soon as arrangements can be made.

    There would seem to be quite a bit of money still on the table with this company. I think it will get back into the seven handle area within a few weeks.

    "Falling rates" is hitting the headlines, but that is somewhat misleading. They were astronomically high, and now are just generationally high, and have very little chance of dropping back to the depressed rates seen recently even if COSCO sanctions are lifted, which is not expected. The joint venture getting out from sanctions has only six ships carrying natural gas on specialized ice breaker tankers , and has nothing to do with oil tankers.

    The force is strong with this one! Go forth and make some coin!
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    $GLOP conversation
    The LNG industry is the future despite growth in renewables. Looks pretty positive overall and there are some good shipping companies that can capitalize on this growing trend. TGP and GLOP have their financials analyzed in the article.

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    $NAT conversation
    Relevant for the whole industry

    "Nikolas Tsakos expects tanker recovery for second half of 2020

    Greek owner Nikolas Tsakos predicts VLCC earnings could rise to as much as $60,000 per day by the fourth quarter"

    Greek owner Nikolas Tsakos predicts VLCC earnings could rise to as much as $60,000 per day by the fourth quarter
    Greek owner Nikolas Tsakos predicts VLCC earnings could rise to as much as $60,000 per day by the fourth quarter
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    $SHIP conversation
    Good morning fellow shipping magnates. Another good day for dry bulkers. Capesize index +9% to $33k a day. Brazil China route +9% to $33k a day. July FFA +5% to $43k a day
    August FFA +3% to $43k a day.

    $SHIP is the only USA listed pure Capesize play. Now SHIP owns 16 vessels up by 5 from Q1.

    Quick check what is the short volume ratio
    $SHIP 20.34
    $EGLE 13.04
    $DSX 13.33
    $SBLK 10.23
    $GNK 8.05
    $GOGL 6.40

    SHIP has the highest short volume and the higher the volume the more likely for the price to move violently up due to short sellers scrambling to cover their losing positions once the price goes higher (feedback loop).... and since we are seeing very strong shipping rates the stocks are well positioned to go higher. Also there is more and more interest in shipping. Recently M. Burry (Big Short 2008), George Soros and others invested in shipping.

    Feel free to share, copy paste on other channels.

    Dry bulk is the place to be.

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    AP: It was just announced that TK will be converting one of their older tankers into the world's first floating Brewery. The brand will be Tanker Ale. There will be several restaurants. The business unit will be called Beer. There will also be an adult entertainment center! They will also have a casino and a docking port for 200 yachts. You will be able to boat right up, get a brewsky, food a little tail and play blackjack on the high seas.
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    Just their stake in TGP should have shares much at 52-wk lows. How much lower can TK shares slide?
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    TK share price will benefit from the recent spurt in oil price resulting from increased tensions in the Middle East. TK still owns three FPSOs with tariffs linked to oil price. Also, tax-loss selling has abated, which should allow the share price to regain some ground. I am optimistic that with TK's ownership of roughly one third of outstanding TGP shares, combined with TK's general partner interest and IDRs, TK is in a position to benefit from strong and rising cash flow its daughter, TGP. With its LNG ships fully contracted with average contract duration of 12 years, TGP should be able to refinance debt on favorable terms, which should further grow free cash flow in coming months and years.
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    $DHT conversation
    Tanker stocks suffering from concerns over future inventory drawdown and the oil rises = sell tankers algorithm. New report from Webber Research highlights a longer-term investment thesis: tankers stocks as coronavirus relapse hedge. See new FW article on the report. $FRO $EURN $DHT $INSW $NAT $STNG $ASC $TNK $TK $TNP $XOM
    Shipping analyst Michael Webber sees tanker-stock upside if coronavirus recovery falters.
    Shipping analyst Michael Webber sees tanker-stock upside if coronavirus recovery falters.
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    this stock should be at $5 to $5.50 a share today, after these great earnings. I don't care how these short analysts try to spin it with year-over-year revenues, but this was a great quarter. Bottom line they earned 30 cents a share. They beat expected revenues. they beat expected earnings.
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    Dividends are coming soon, Two very profitable companies are contributing to revenue. Again loss sale of TOO hurt, along with too much debt. Both issues are almost in the rear view mirror. Once dividend is restored, back up to $8-$10 with institutions buying back in. Tomorrow will tell us how fat they have progressed. Seems like the market thinks a upward surprise is coming.
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    Why does management think they can sell shares for $9.75? If they go ahead with the offer, why would anyone pay $9.75/share when they can buy all the shares they want for only $8.20 today? Maybe I'm missing something, but it seems that TK will have to lower the price to $8.20...which will create another price drop. I don't know what these people are up to at TK, but it seems that this stock is gone have to drop some more to compensate for the risk that this share offering is causing.