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Tiziana Life Sciences Ltd (TLSA)

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    $NIO conversation
    $TLSA is going DOWN MOSK is selling
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    When it comes to the world of trade and investments, most people don't know where to start. Fortunately, great investors of the past and present can provide us with guidance. You might want to ask, who are the great investors to guide us?
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    With great progress being observed from its multiple pipeline therapies, Tiziana (TLSA) may be approaching its critical mass as it were. The market for its drugs has become ripe with opportunities and latest trends in the biotech sector and could lead the way for new ground swell to begin before 2019 ends.
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    $NIO conversation
    $NIO Convertible Bond - While i think the CB is positive, It may be dilutive to shareholders. For those who say it is NOT dilutive, you are wrong unless the shares dont perform to the strike price which the CB terms. were set at. If the common shares do NOT convert, then it is correct there will be no dilution but the company will need to repay the value of the bond which is @ US$1.3 bn. If the shares are higher than the CB strike price, then it would be natural for the CB holders to convert their CBs to common shares thus diluting the current common shareholders BUT the company does not need to pay back the value of the bond.

    That said, the CB is a bullish statement by the mgmt of NIO that they believe the CB will convert and issuing CB is cheaper than issuing more equity. However, if i was a shareholder that just participated in the December 2020 capital raising via placement, i might not be so happy the company came back to the equity / CB markets so fast. BTW, the investors of the CB are a combination of equity and CB institutional investors and are BOTH long only and hedge funds. Shorting activity will increase because some investors (mainly the hedge funds) may want to hedge their positions quickly.

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    Typical. 1 green day followed by a week of RED.. what does this company have to do to raise their stock?!
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    Gimme My Money
    $NIO conversation
    I said this couple weeks ago. You will begin to see a divergence between $TLSA and $NIO. I own both so not biased one vs the other but I do believe that $NIO has tremendous upside potential considering they are still in their infancy stage while still delivering quarter on quarter & sequential improvements on their balance sheets and sales. Like some others say, if you believe, don't stress out about daily price moves, the chart should tell you what you need to know. I love $TSLA and $NIO. Can't wait for #BatteryDay & Q3 numbers for both!
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    I do not understand what a split is...I have TLSA shares, will I receive automatically shares of another company at the end of October or should I do something?
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    There will be no additional offering - they are applying for grant money from the U.K. They will get it as the UL still has the most contagious variant.
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    Tiziana Life Sciences to Present at J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference 2021
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    11 March 2020

    Tiziana Life Sciences plc To Expedite Development of its Fully Human Anti-Interleukin-6-Receptor Monoclonal Antibody, a Potential Treatment of Certain Patients Infected with Coronavirus COVID-19.
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    2499 for 1000 split took place on July 31, 2020. I own less than 1000 shares... can I still take advantage of the split?
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    Last day to secure you’re shares in TILS / TLSA and benefit from 1-1 shares in spin off company AccuStem.

    Huuuuuuuuge opportunity
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    1-1 share offering on the 29th of October - the Accustem Sciences has a technology for diagnosing breast cancer which is 40% more accurate than its competitor which was sold for $2.8bn earlier this year
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    $XPEV conversation
    $NIO (up 9.75% $LI (up 12.59%) $NPEV (up 2.97%) $TLSA (up 3.42%) Congrats on December Numbers and all 4 stocks were up on first trading day. Nio and Li were especially impressive stock performance. NPEV was held down but 3 pieces of news but should make up. Note USA markets down across DJIA (-1.25%) S&P500 (-1.48%) and Nasdaq (-1.47%) and a lot of Chinese listed stocks down as well like BABA, PDD, JD, etc
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    Great news! If we are patient, we might have a big winner in TLSA. This board is not usually very active...we should change that and exchange information more often.
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    It's 2 for 1 in the latest article.
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    john :)
    I have never seen a demerger before. They said Tiziana Shareholders to receive 1:1 share dividend in Accustem Sciences. I take that as for every share you have of TLSA you receive a share in Accustem Sciences. Does anybody know what the opening share price of Accustem Sciences will be?