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Toyota Motor Corporation (TM)

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  • I own a 2008 Lexus 460, the dashboard keeps melting and I am getting sick with the allergies that it produces. This Company is a let down to its Customers. Toyota and Lexus needs to fix the melting dash and start taking responsibility as a Business that produces good vehicles. Especially when we pay out the eyeballs for their cars. I hope that Lexus gives a recall or else they would be sued for harming people lives with this melting dashboard which itches when you touch it. Sneezing all the time inside their vehicles. It sucks.
  • I suggest a law suit for LEXUS / TOYOTA their sticky melting dashboards. people are getting sick and are starting to develop allergies to these melting dash boards especially in the heat. Their dashboards stick and cracks. You cannot touch it, it gives you allergies. It is sickening for this expensive car.
  • Where toyoDUH fails as a company it doesn't support the LGBT community like GM and the UAW does. The UAW is recruiting the LGBT community to sign cards to strengthen the UAW hold on American workers. Most UAW workers are either gay, leaning , curious or closet gay anyways, while myself I was fired from the local toyoDUH dealerships for the shop dog incident.
  • toyoDUH shares for the year are DOWN 10.43%

    Nice going there longs - way to support a loser , should have bought GM and been down 20% and be underwater for 10 years after a government bailout. But at least you would be supporting UAW communist stooges that fake injuries to avoid work and drive up GM's costs.
  • Only if toyotDUH gets infected with the UAW will I stop mocking/bashing here. The UAW defended my rights to be with men and to marry my life partner Robert Eickholt.
  • toyoDUH shares for the year are DOWN 10.43%

    Nice going there longs - way to support a loser...
  • call 906 586 3941 and speak to my father in law the legendary Jeye and learn to love the UAW and GM.
  • Appeals court upholds $11M jury award in toyoDUH crash.

    This is the crash in Minnesota that killed three.

    toyoDUH LOSES in so many ways!!!
  • Going up to the cabin for some action with my bride Robert and his 350 pound sister Amanda Lynn, I don't like girls but Robert and his sister have several children together and I am allowed to play with the kiddies.
  • You can call the Jeye at 906 586 3941 and ask why he holds onto underwater stocks for ten years yet pumps the stock on a message board to me and his other son in law Allen.
  • Good CH R commerical ... Silver
  • How's the toyoDUH share price so far this year?

    Oh, I see. DOWN nearly 10%.

    Too bad.
    So sad.
  • Hey GM pumpers whats it like being underwater for ten years?

    Oh I see, lost opportunity to make ten times your initial investment if you had bought TSLA...so now you have to bash toyoDUH because Jeye is your father in law.
  • I lost $33,000 on the first of GM's bankruptcies
  • Down $1.55 today.
  • I've lost my shirt owning GM shares and only mock toyoDUH because my father in law John Eickholt ( 906 586 3941) encourages me to . I married John's son also named John who is my bride.
  • Working at GM has it's perks, so many gay men go to the washroom at lunch its a smorgasbord.
  • GM underwater for ten years....beautiful
  • Down $1.60.
  • I wear women's underwear while bashing toyoDUH.